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Saturday, November 14, 2015

modi news

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks to the media following a joint media statement by the Prime Minister of the UK

India to visit UK, President of UK to visit India and Government committed to citizens

It is true that, after a long period of 10 years, again during my tenure today, 11 ministers have visited the UK from India and 11 from the UK over the last year, and so the relations between India and the UK are collective efforts to reach new heights of development, which are continuous. I too had the opportunity to discuss the Prime Minister twice. Our relationship grew stronger.

You have questioned yet another subject, India - the land of intelligence. India is the land of Gandhi. And that is why one of the things in our culture is that India does not accept anything against the basic values ​​of society and therefore no matter what happens in any corner of the country, whether it be one or two or three, the importance of the incident in hundreds of millions of countries. Not every event is serious for us. We do not accept unpleasant events in any case. The law strictly acts and will continue to do so. India is a developed democracy and under the constitution we are committed to safeguarding and protecting every kind of security for the lives of ordinary citizens.

India UK Cooperation Against Terrorism


The concern we expressed on terrorism will be the concern of everyone who believes in humanity, and I want to say with great satisfaction that India and Britain have worked shoulder to shoulder with the United Nations in countering terrorism. Britain gives life to many soldiers in Afghanistan India has lost many good soldiers too. We are troubled by the terrorism between the two countries. For this, the fight against terrorism is not just a matter of one, two, or three nations but it is the responsibility of everyone with a humanitarian perspective. Today, terrorism has expanded in such a way that it has no boundaries. He has no land. Each day the name of the new organization is born. Each day new tools were in their hands. Now terrorists are not some makers of disease. First of all, according to Mahatma Gandhi, justice comes when you know what is called injustice. We tell someone who is a terrorist who helps terrorists The UN has proposed to define terrorism on this topic. But so far no decision has been made on this. It is a similar draw. Both India and the UK are convinced that terrorism should be defined and that is why it is important for humanitarian forces to come together. Those who are terrorists, the forces that help the terrorists should be eliminated. And all should work together to protect humanity.

Invitation to visit UN, if UK separates from European Union, India stresses on enhancing UK future relations

I will tell you one thing about keeping records in the past. Even when I came here in 2003, I was greatly welcomed and honored. I attended many events. The UK has never restricted my visit to the UK. The fact that I could not come up because of my time constraint is different and that is because of the eclipse. This requires repair.

The other thing is that after two years there will be a general directive, I think the citizens here are very sensible. They do not need to give any tip. But here is a question mark for India: If there is a gateway to the European Union, it is right with Britain. We are passing through the same gateway to the rest of Europe. Our goodness lies in this.

Increase trade and financial cooperation

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