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Sunday, December 20, 2015

mobile is heating?

mobile is heating ? 
Here are 7 solutions for Android phones without heating ...

Most of the time playing mobile games, browsing, charging, and mobile charging. If the mobile is heating up a bit, it is okay but if it is too hot even with the slightest use then it is important to pay attention. There are a few simple ways to solve this problem.

१. If your phone is heating up during charging, try another charger. Not only that, change the power circuit in which you are installing the charger. Often the battery may be old enough to cause the phone to overheat

२. If the phone is old and it gets hot while using any features, take a look at the software update. Often, the software can be heated by not updating the software.

३. Suppose a mobile phone is overloaded while playing a game. Of course, mobile has many functions at the same time. So turn off the unwanted application in Settings

४. If the phone is still hot even after being prescribed, the cause may be overload. You can optimize the battery. This option is available in the setting. This lets you see which application is using the battery more.

५. If the phone is heating during browsing, go to the browser settings and activate compress data. This will not only reduce your data costs but will also reduce the heat of the phone.

६. If your phone is hot during the call, please reset the phone's factory data. Factory data can be reset in the Backup & Reset option by going to Settings.

७. Internal memory of the phone sometimes causes the phone to overheat. So reduce the memory by deleting unwanted files.

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