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Saturday, December 26, 2015

oath for teachers

 oath for teachers.

Are you a teacher?
Want to become a teacher?
Then Dr. With art
Remember this oath given to the teachers.

On the occasion of  the Teacher's Day ! Here are some guidelines for the ideal way for young teachers!

Former President, who is saying that people should know me as a good teacher, not as a president, not as a scientist. Abdul Kalam Azad is no longer with us.
But it is indispensable for them to miss the background of tomorrow's education day. The beautiful work of interacting with the children, inspiring their minds, giving them a renewed dream of hope. Kalama did.
If you think of how to be your teacher, many would call it Dr. Sounds like art. And if we become teachers, they are a perfect example of how we can dream of being like them!
Teacher's Day tomorrow.
Young children will talk about their teachers. They may or may not want to be like them. And even those who accept themselves as teachers by profession will see how this business is a matter of debate.
But the diagnosis should have some ideals in front of both.
We know what the path under our feet should be, we know how to choose the path, but tomorrow's teacher should have something solid and bold in front of us.
If you are ever lazy, you should always have that guideline in front of you.
So again Dr. Sources told by Kalam should be in front of our eyes.
Especially for young teachers.
In rural areas, primary school teachers, middle schoolers in high school, struggling to make their fortune in bigotry, income, employment and part-time. Which are your own struggles. You make your life out of a difficult phase. Sometimes you are frustrated. And sometimes many experiments are taking place in the same system.
They are: These formulas are very important for young teachers.
It should be our pride to be our teacher. And we also need to realize that we are creating the future of our country.
So remember that formula today.
Dr. This is an oath of 11 issues for teachers to choose from!

1) First and foremost, I will love teaching! Teaching will be my soul!
2) It is not just my job to create students, it is my responsibility to motivate them and to inspire them! It is my responsibility to tell young children that I am the most important and powerful force on earth. I will accept this as a mission forever!
3) I will not be a simple teacher but I will guide and guide the average child as best he can!
4) I would love to be a demanding student, mother's mother would teach them. Sister, brother, to be a father on occasion and teach them with affection!
5) I will not just give the message of the book, but I will shape my own life so that my life will be a message for the children, a great example!
6) If I do not call Mangaia Vidyatriya silent, I will allow and encourage them to ask questions. Will drive their curiosity so that they become aware, thinking citizens!
7) Manga For Manga All students will be equal. I will not discriminate against Mangya Vidyathriya according to religion, language or class.
8) I will continue to improve my education level, improve myself so that the students of Mangaia will get good quality education forever!
9) I will celebrate the success of Mangaia Vidyalaya with greater excitement than ever!
10) As a teacher, I am aware that I am making a significant contribution to the nation-building initiative.
11) I will think good of myself. I will always preach the good things while keeping the positives in my mind. Just like that! I will always keep my goodness in asking and behaving!

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