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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

shaheed bhagat singh

Bhagat Singh

Nickname: bhaganwala

Born: September 5, 1969
Lalpur, Punjab, British India

Death: March 1, 1949
Lahore, Punjab, British India

Movement: Indian independence

Organization: Young India House
Kirti Kisan Party
Hindustan Socialist Republican Association

 Letter / writing: premature, translation 'My Irish Freedom Struggle'

Impact: Socialism, Communism

Fathers: Sardar Kishan Singh Sandhu

II: Vidyavati

Their thoughts and writings conveyed the message that slavery and poverty are the most grave sins in the world, rather than bringing God to Him, enabling Himself to be saved and abandoned and without courage.
 He was a supernatural personality who, despite the reproach of his esteemed leaders, was not distracted or upset or even kept his integrity without any contamination.

The revolution in freedom struggle

On September 7, 1949, with the initiative and insistence of Bhagat Singh, the secret organization of the revolutionaries was renamed as 'Hindustan Socialist Republican Association'.

The Association was divided into sections for social awareness, information leaflets, the gathering of literature, shelter for the landless people, and the 'Army' for real revolution.

Ahutmatma Chandrasekhar Azad was the chief coordinator and the 'chief army commander of the army' while Bhagat Singh was appointed the coordinator of the organization and the members and controllers of both.

The dream and the only goal of this organization was to overthrow the English Government through armed revolution and establish Indian Union.

Although he was ridiculed or condemned for having no freedom by killing, robbing, or killing four Englishmen, his task was, in fact, a planned freedom to overthrow the monarchy.

Thoughts of Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh, who spent his childhood in the Aryas Samaj rituals and practiced daily routine in school life, became completely atheist during the revolution. As a result, they were raised as "obstacles to self-esteem and pride."

Only in October 1979 did he write "Why am I an atheist?".  Upon reading this revelation, he recognizes  great personality in India .

Social should be advanced; Every event, myth or tradition should be accepted only if it is rubbed against the surface of the thought, and nothing should be accepted without being put to the test for the sake of superstition or one's worship.

Socialism should be equitable and free from exploitation, religion, caste and caste should not be obstructed in society and in the composition of the country. Not

Their attempt was to make the whole progress of the society, sin-virtue, heaven-hell, birth-rebirth, revival and liberation from it, the life of the dead, the creation of a solid society without superstitious belief in things that are irrational.

Bhagat Singh's insistence that corporation should be the main constituent of the state, that it should not be exploited by the capitalists and that it should have a place in the government.

When confronted with a life that is very hostile and difficult, one who believes in attaining heaven after death or being born in this life is saved, or who believes that the next life is very happy as a result of the actions done in this life, the death in front of him can be felt by the desire for further attainment.

Only those who do not believe in these things but who understand the first and last goal of their lives are to liberate the homeland from foreign and liberate society from exploitation.

His theory was that his life was more difficult but meaningful.

If the worst sin in the world is poverty and what is the biggest curse, then that slave is the one. And instead of being ready to sacrifice this slave as a godly wrath, instead of being ready to sacrifice, it is a sign of foolishness and outrage, and blaming it on a mere soul without a concerted effort for salvation is a sign of cowardice.

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