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Sunday, July 10, 2016

marathi vyapar ani udyog

Businesses and Trades of the Marathi Man
The society in which we live and live has certain needs. Some are daily, continuous, some are sudden or sudden. For this, everyone has to rely on somebody. Providing such continuous or continual service facilities is also part of the industry. What is it? So a skill or preparation to provide these services, a means of easy communication or a place where needed. Whatever it is, any small business can do it. Such industries are always in need of the industry. The business starts from where the need is and the person who provides it.

Damn it
The fear in the north is like a clay ball. It changes its shape as you want, but it never leaves its clay. Fear is the most flexible, restrained animal on earth. He sleeps in a rickshaw-cab, working all day, doing all the rituals in public meetings or in the open. In time, bananas or crumbles, vada pav eats, if there is a roof, dal-rice is cooked by itself. Not resisting, trying to escape. He admits his mistake, he doesn't care about the bath, the sweat, the clothes. He not only gives milk but also on occasion, sells fish, sells vegetables, sells Chana-peanuts, makes panipuri, runs leaflets, makes necklaces, sells garments, sells clothes, lays clothes, irons, runs flour mills, Cut, become a carpenter, runs a medical shop, become a lawyer. Fear is everywhere. Because he just works and works. He is not ashamed of work. He is not ashamed of what people will say. And most importantly, every fear of leaving our region is poor. There is poverty. He is not very learned.

Marathi man's business
Marathi people have some understanding regarding the industry. That is, the Marathi man is not a businessman (and the person who is not a businessman is salsa, cultured!) Doing business is a lie, robbing the customer, he does not fit into his culture (he just wants to be robbed). Keep panicking. Or those who are unsuccessful continue to teach them how to do business. Some of them continue to form associations doing Marathi (this is good business!) The rest of Farde becomes a speaker. Integrity keeps on talking about honesty (which may not be related to business). Some of the favorite industries of the stock market are sewing, spitting on money, kicking on the business. Except for a few honorable exceptions, the Marathi businessman lives a few feet taller than others, without having to open a branch anywhere else and boasting a fair amount of money, spreading hand-to-foot with a sheet (in fact, spreading the sheet directly or folding a sheet).

Businesses of the Marathi Man
Marathi man is the Bhumiputra of Maharashtra, hence his first honor. He missed his neck as his mercury climbed. It is understandable, but who has lost his honor? It's time to think about it. Leave behind a time of responsibility and hard work, even if it seems overwhelming. In fact, if the Marathi people decide and they dare to act in vain, Brahma's father will not be able to stop him from doing so. But Marathi man does not. The Marathi man takes out the loan for the festival, spends the year with Satyanarayana, hears Shravana, but he also spends most of his time on the road, goes to Ganapati-Shimgayala village, watches TV serials on the evening, and sits on the unpaid chicken on Sunday. At that time it is Rabat, Gujarati, and Marwadi, and Rabat is twelve-fifteen hours a day for the South Indian.
He is never as active as the Marathi man in the business of Ganeshotsav, Holi (Dhulwad), Bhandara, Deva-Dharma and Asmit related to Jayanti-Punya Tithya, Maghi Ganeshotsav, marriage work, Durgotsav (i.e. in short Garba). If you look at all the favorite occupations of establishing new boards, becoming president and vice-president, taking part, it seems that there is more to die than hard work.

Business thing
Don't you know that? That you don't have the certification or skills to do any business in Mumbai today, or even just because you are mortal. Business does not provide just integrity or capital. You have to adapt to the situation you are in and move on. Flexibility needs to be covered in the limbs. Today, it is a common experience that any government employee has to pay to get a license for the business, without which the file is not forwarded. It seems that the police, the municipal authorities are eating the money from the businessman on the street. There are a lot of things that aren't visible. Ask a local councilor what kind of protection money is. Don't think your job will be just because you speak in Marathi with the government/paper system ( maybe more than likely it won't work). Continue to provide fuel for that system for five-fifty rupees. (If this sentence here seems to mean bribery, explain it that way!) Think about the things we cannot change today. I know a 90-year-old young man named Bablu. Which is frightening in the north. So far, three major cities in the country - Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai - have done different trades. He is no longer afraid of embarrassment about having a career on the road. He knows a total of six wholesale businesses in Mumbai. (You know?)

If the Marathi man decides to put aside his Marathi wares and eardrums only to work, it will help him to stop the begging which is happening today. Now, he should not wait for someone to become an avatar. Simply put into the business. Otherwise, the Marathi man will not have the time to start the business!

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