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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nirma Success Story

Hello !!!

Nirma Success Story

The story of Nirma that brought face to face to the competition
Nirma everyone likes!
A rural area in Mehsana, Gujarat. Especially famous for the milk-weaners. A Karsanbhai farmer from this area was born to the couple. He graduated from Chemistry at the age of 21. Began working as a laboratory technician in the state's geological and mineralogical departments. He made phosphate free synthetic detergent powder, or phosphate laundry detergent, around 1961. He used to grow this powder from house to house in that area. At that time, if anyone had predicted that this powder was going to make Karson a billionaire, it would have gone crazy. But because of this powder, Karson came into disrepute. This powder is the most commonly used nirma powder from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Assam. Due to this nirma powder, karsanbhai, which has reached up to Rs.4000 crore, KK Patel is known in the professional world.

Initially, Karshanbhai would go and develop this yellow crust at a rate of 3.5 paise per kg. At this time, the surf powder of Hindustan liver was available at Rs.15 Make karsanbhai powder in your room of 10 by 10. Put 15 to 20 kg of powder on a bicycle and sell it in a range of 17 kilometers. In the last three years, he has earned the trust of the customer due to his excellent quality. He named this powder after the name of his daughter, Nirupama. Unfortunately, Nirupama died in an accident. Karshanbhai quit his government job after being convinced that his product was well integrated into the market. Absolutely they put themselves in business. Gradually, he planted his feet in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

By 1985, Nirma had become a trusted home brand in various parts of the country. After 18 years, Nirman introduced the blue Nirma super detergent powder. They also aggressively promoted it. Nirma was registered in the stock market in 1994. By the 1999th, nirma in the field of detergent powder as well as bath soap, cosmetics and so on began to be named. Since these products were made without the use of phosphate, they also came to be known as environmental supplements.

The company, which started with one person in 1969, has more than 14,000 employees. The company has a turnover of over Rs4000 crore. In the year 2004,  Nirman manufactured 8 lakh tonnes of powder. It is considered to be one of the highest producers of powder production. Today, Nirma Company manufactures not only pure powder but also bath soap, airtight container food, factory products, salt and fertilizers. In 2002 Nirma was ranked 9th in the 'fast changing consumer goods' group in India. Nirma was selected as the Superbrand of the country in the last 2003-04.

If there was another entrepreneur, he would have given up. But they will give up. Karshanbhai, who recognized the power of publicity, created an ad. And through the radio, the cinema hall, the television hit Nirma's ads for almost a month. The promotion was so effective that shoppers were upset with Nirma's demands. The ad has raked in silver for almost two decades. The longest advertised ad is 'Nirma, Nirma, Washing Powder Nirma, Milk C Safedi ...'

Shopkeepers were upset by the huge demand from the people. He asked for powder from the company. In return, Karshanbhai called for a staff meeting. The shopkeeper was asked to give the powder but on one condition, 'first money, then goods'. However, the fact that this advertisement of Nirma brought face to face with the competing companies. The market was literally tilted by Karsanbhai.

Karsanbhai Patel is also known as a social worker entrepreneur. He has created many educational and research institutes. Nirma Education Research Foundation (NERF) runs various educational institutions. Nirma Labs provides entrepreneurial guidance to talented young entrepreneurs who face problems. Various social activities are conducted through Nirma Memorial Trust, Nirma Foundation, Rupur Rural Development Trust in Chanasam. Karshanbhai has also established Nirma University. He was honored with the Padma Shri by the then President Pratibha Patil for his outstanding contribution in the industry and social sector of Karsanbhai.

As a kid, Ramayana, watching the Mahabharata, caught a glimpse of Nirma, a little girl wearing a yellow frock called Nirma. Every girl in the house seemed to represent something. But her father, who brought this girl to fame, was always behind the scenes. This journey of Karshanbhai from zero to crore is exciting for every young person

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