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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Four idiot business friends

Four idiots business friends

Rupesh Shenoy and Vinayak Palankar, the two young men, first met each other. He turned around from Hyderabad schools to launch Wagonsons, an ERP solution for schools. At that point , he realized that his work was not a major problem in education. Abhishek Vinayak, who holds an MBA in ISB, and Deep Shah in the late nineties, were joined by Rupesh in his campaign. Initially, they started analyzing various games in the market. According to him, today's education system around the world is disrupted in many ways. According to him, teachers, students and parents are confused as to what the subject means, how it will be obtained and its source. Since students are evaluated only during the exam, the rawness of their subject matter is not taken into account. Also, recent years do not have enough time for our feet.

If there is an appropriate mix of sports and educational experiences, this will help the students engage in education and make learning a meaning. The educational app can be effective when it covers the entire curriculum. Abhishek, Rupesh, Deep and Vinayak's youth 'Makajai' ( company has now developed an app for all maths from KG to Fifth, followed by apps for other subjects.

Abhishek says our app downloaded over one million downloads over the course of the year as we emphasize fame. We paid close attention to its natural download without paying for the app. On November 9th, their company launched the first game 'Monster Math'.

Kids can develop forty mathematical skills using 'Monster Math'. Kids love telling stories. It is used in this app and through the development of concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even basic numbers. It also sends you an email stating how much your child has progressed. When its second episode came out on December 5, it received a million downloads in the first month. Users of this app are growing at an average rate of 5 to 5 percent. Revenue is increasing at 5% per month. Mekine Maheshwari, who is one of Flipkart's chief executives, has invested heavily in the company. "

A parent of a girl who corrected herself using 'Monster Math' said that my daughter's progress in writing and oral exams was good. But she was frustrated that she couldn't answer for three seconds at the time of the computer test. But since she started using this app, she found mathematics to be fun and her depression disappeared.

1 thousand to 2 crore ...

With the intention of having fun in Goa, known as India's 'Party Capital', those four college friends collected Rs. But suddenly their discussions changed. Gupta, Paritosh Ajmera, Suvir Bajaj and Harsil Kariya decided to use the money collected by canceling Goa as the seed capital of their new business. At that time, he was only 19 years old. Today, at the age of twenty-five, Foxy Moron (, a wholly digital digital company, has a business of over Rs 5 crore a year, and has created an independent position as one of the leading digital companies in the country.

From the data entry to the creation of the content of the website to all kinds of digital works, this company had a great time doing its job. Since all four of these colleges are in South Mumbai, he started his business in a room in Harsil's house in the same area. With the acquaintance of a friend, he received a large order to print a logo on a thousand and a half thousand t-shirts. But for some reason the party rejected the printed t-shirt. In this transaction, he suffered a loss of 1.5 lakh. But this quartet did not wane. 'No matter what you do, you do not want to do 2 to 5 jobs like other siblings. Since they were determined to do business outside the box, they decided to raise Rs 5,000 each again. Since all four are from a business family and these children are not going to spend money here and there, they are confident that they will carry on their business.

This success story took a similar turn in a movie. Rajan Singh, proprietor of PVR Pictures, learned about the work of the thief on a website. He asked about posters of the film. 'Sure, why not!', He said with great confidence. The success of this work led to them getting waterfall. Baby Lips Kiss Song for Maybelline with actress Aaliya Bhat. Foxy Moron, the recipient of the award at the New York Festival, became the only Asian agency to date. Jude Se Jude campaigned with Mohit Chauhan for Laurier Paris. He also undertook the ambitious project of 'Project Chirag' to give Garnier Maine electricity to a village. They intend to light a hundred more villages in the same way.

In 'Foxy Moron', someone performs as CEO-SEO while someone designs a graphic.

Someone answers an email. Faxi Moron, which has a business worth Rs 3 crore a year, has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Nashik. They have a video production team. In digital, they can do any kind of work. Foxy Morton is trying to reach a target of Rs 1 crore by the end of this year.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates tomorrow ..

Today, the head office of many young startups are their college buddies and close friends who are business partners; Laptops are the back office of their company and mobile is the marketing division. The only bad experiences they have are their guides and mentors. Today, they seem to be engrossed in their own selves.

They have a great mix of ideas and energy! If these young men are determined, then the two examples here are sufficiently worded to show how their zap can benefit the entire community. The question is how their family and society believe in them and stand firmly behind them and say 'let's fight'!

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