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Monday, November 28, 2016

success story of Girl who own Restaurant chain

 success story of Girl who own Restaurant chain 
'The Table' ... The restaurant owners who are chartered accountants till today are today!

The co-founder of 'The Table' is Gauri Deveyal. General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge The Mumbai table has 'The Table'. General Chat Chat Lounge The 'Table' marks the start of community dining. General Chat Chat Lounge

He didn't want to fall into the liability enterprise, but he did one thing that made him a successful entrepreneur today. Gauri Deidyal completed her degree education from London University and is a Chartered Accountant, but today she has become the owner of the famous 'The Table', which is operated in Colaba, Mumbai.

Gauri says that when he started thinking about the work in the year 1, there was a great need for a new restaurant in the area. In fact, at that time he was handling many legal and financial matters which he had studied. But once you enter the area, there is no question of looking back. In fact, Gauri's career at that time was enormous, as she worked for KPMG after working as a tax adviser at Price Water House Coopers in London. She lived in London for about eight years. At that time she and J Yusuf, now her husband, decided to return to Mumbai. Gauri then returned from London and J Yusuf returned to San Francisco from India at the beginning of the year. Upon arriving here, the two decided to try their luck in the restaurant business. Gauri admits that the decision was difficult for him at that time. Because they had nothing to do with the hospitality sector. Yet with the help of 'J' he had to step into entrepreneurship.

Finally, the thoughts and efforts of the two began with 'The Table'. Jay, who spent about six years in the United States, spent two years in San Francisco. They wanted to bring American food culture to India. They had a special experience with various interesting dishes and dishes found in different restaurants. Recalling the moments before Gauri opened the restaurant, he says that they got married on December 5 and had started 'The Table' three weeks before the wedding. According to Gauri, who wanted J to become an entrepreneur, he had the attitude and belief in the work. Moreover, in financial terms the 'J' was able to take risks. So they were able to do this task successfully.

The idea behind launching 'The Table' should be to have a restaurant in the city where there should be a lot of freedom in the atmosphere, not only to have a nice meal. According to Gauri, he did not intend to use the table only at certain times, but he also thought that people would come here and enjoy the comfort. They began to grow their food in front of people in a different way. He encouraged people to enjoy a meal as they sit down with the family.

In addition, it was the first of a select few restaurants to start community dining. The idea behind it was that even strangers would sit next to each other at a large table and get acquainted while sharing a meal. Initially there was a little hesitation among the customers who came here but soon people liked this.

Gauri had bought an acre of land in Alibaug about a year ago so he could go there for a weekend. One day they saw a large number of parents growing up there, but they did not know what to do with it. He then distributed these parents to his friends and family. Still there was plenty of vegetable left, at that time they thought if they would send this vegetable to the surrounding restaurants? 'Many of the vegetables on the table come from this farm. At present Gauri's farm produces many kinds of vegetables like spinach, chutawat, radish, cauliflower, tomato. The farm is considered exactly the same as San Francisco for The Table. Restaurant owners also cultivate their own from the vegetable farms in need.

Today Gauri is very satisfied that she is proud of her decision. They believe that having their own business is the freedom to live anyway. Gauri believes that by doing entrepreneurship there are some things that have to be acknowledged but there are some that can never be accepted. During the time when she was working as a Chartered Accountant under Gauri, she was an expert in the field of taxation. It was a nice area in which they had gained proficiency. Gauri says that everything has changed a lot since then. In the past, she was only an employee and now she is in the role of owner, crossing a long road. They work for the management of the employees who work for them today.

Gauri still remembers that when he decided to leave London and return to the country, his family suffered. But today those people are proud of their success. Gauri's father was an entrepreneur, and mother artist. One of his sisters is a graphic designer and the other is a writer. These guys understood for a long time that Gauri should change this decision but Gauri persisted on her resolve. Today, Gauri sees double responsibility. 
On the one hand, the responsibility of raising and caring for their two and a half year old daughter! Even so, they also know how to coordinate the two. In particular, their husbands are also involved in the business, and together they take care that one of the two will definitely live near their chimkali.

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