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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to write daily Paripath

3 * How to write  daily Paripath  *
2 * Primary education is the focus of all education sector. The future life of the students starts with primary education. It is necessary to start a good and quality examination hall for the students to conduct proper rituals at appropriate age. Because the daily routine of school starts with exam. If the background is taken in the right way and with the right issues in mind, it will not be long for the school students of today to become the pillar of tomorrow's India. *
  3 * Every day, students from elementary school to 8th to 8th grade should be able to take equal number of boys and girls in groups according to the following outline.
* * Careful - Relaxation: - The ordering student should inform other students. *
3 * National anthem: - Try to say how the national anthem can be played in 2 seconds in alert state. *
1 * Pledge: - School is filled 3 days a week. One day in Hindi, the next day in Hindi and the third day in English language, then pledge in Marathi, Hindi, English language for the next 3 days.
2 * Constitution of India: - To ask one student in the exam to say Constitution and the rest will say back. *
2 * Prayer - Students should ask to say different prayers daily according to the 3 times prescribed.
The 3 students (boys and girls) who have a problem should follow the pattern as follows. *
* The student giving the order will read the following sentence. *
“Flying birds do not have to be returned
There should always be a new direction in sight
What to build a nest at any time
But be determined to leap beyond the horizon "
5 * Almanac - When a day rises, when is the day changed, what time is it and what date is it? It is understood through the Panchang. So today's coming. (Name of concerned student.) *
3 * Day specials - Every day on the rise has some events, and every day that arises has something of significance and therefore today is bringing the day to light the events that have happened. *
3 * Good Thought - Good Thought - Beautiful Thought A good idea destroys many bad thoughts and brings today's good thinking. *
2 * Storytelling - A story is a story or a story. But the parable is from which to learn good things. It feels good and has the right meaning. So today's parable is coming along. *
2 * Newsletters - Every day something is happening in the corners of the globe, we understand that through the media (newspapers, radio, television). That's why newsletters are coming out today. *
3 * Questioning - There is an explosion of knowledge in the world. The knowledge we have now is slowly fading. Competition is on the rise and if you want to survive in the age of competition, it is important that you have a wealth of knowledge. Today's question is coming up for this. *
(Simple, common sense students should ask.)
 * English Synonyms - English is the international language spoken all over the world. It is important to have a stock of English vocabulary to strengthen its foundation. So today's English words are coming along. *
(Easy ाव Ask English vocabulary students.)
2 * Read - A difficult subject like mathematics is a backward topic. In mathematics, there is a need for position majors. Then it is important to have a shift. So today's lesson is coming along. *
(Ask for 3 to 5 repetitions per day.)
3 * Group - All students should sing in group together if order is received. *
3 * Poseidon - In the sitting posture, the backbone should be tightened, hands resting on your knees and sitting up straight.
4 * Silence - Keep your eyes peeled for 3 minutes in a quiet state. *
3 * Immersion - Keep your eyes open and calm. *

* _If your school name is unfamiliar with_ *
.................................................. ........
1 Attend school timely.
2 Go home from school on time.
3 Teach full time.
4 Check the quality of the student daily.
5 Keep the uniforms insistent.
6 Be consistent in teaching.
7 Stop making excuses.
8 Release water on the elements.
9 Ask for help from parents.
    Decide on the quality of the school.
10 Don't act just because you are employed.
11 Just think of the student.
12 Leave to say more.
13 As the system is collapsed
     You do not fall down.
14 Stop the Timepass.
15 Doesn't tell us everything.
     You improve it.
16 Don't be angry with someone who tells you to do wrong things.
17 Do not disturb the duty in the village.
18 Do not underestimate the duty of the village.
19 Do not forget that only you can brighten the school.
20 Improve your workforce around you.
21 One thing every day will be the quality, the quality of the school to others.
22. Encourage someone who is doing good work. Don't collaborate on names.
23. I'm sorry.

3 * School is a disgrace to the teachers and the school.

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