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Tuesday, December 13, 2016



Age 13 Career Launched "Jayalalithaa" "Amma"
Age 16 starts career "Sachin Tendulkar"
Age 11 Career Launched "Warren Buffett"

Unless you are imprisoned in the four-walled world of school and home, you have not encountered real or real life. Suppose you are a child in the language of life, no matter how smart you are in book knowledge, at home and at school, it does not matter.

It is against nature's law to begin late in life. All the creatures created by nature are strengthened in the hands and wings of their children. They teach them to fill and protect their stomachs, but human beings emphasize the intellectual education of many and only four walls for many years, which is a natural energy for new learning. She dies in the four walls.

And upon completion of education, the condition of the students is that the tiger is kept in a cage for a lifetime, fed and fed without hunting, and suddenly left in the forest when he grows up. Then the next day the tiger was hunted by dogs and dogs.

There are many exceptions to this. They are ignored or ignored by you. While I was at school, my friend was working as a salesman at a company, at which point he had a car, a mobile bank account. Before completing his education, he had settled down with a house full of other things.

As Paul laid out in the outside world, there were many instances where he was struggling to make money from school. Some had a traditional or ancestral business, while some had established their own business. Some were earning money in the best way and some in the left. But they all seemed to have the same nature that no matter how much money they had, their feet were on the ground. Was the life of humanity. Willing to help. These same traits were found in very low or very poorly educated and highly educated people.

Warren Buffett started investing at age 11 and Jay Lalita at age 13. Today, as both are in the throes of fame, the information has reached the masses, but there are many young girls from all over the world who have started, are doing and will continue to make money in the millions and millions.

You can also take the example of Sachin Tendulkar. These people will only see you if you have a natural perspective or are in your life, otherwise the logical view will continue to show you what you want, even if these people have met you or come into your life you will not understand their potential.

People maintain a better relationship than the older ones do. Their outlook is outrageous. In the modeling field, there are many girls who have been competitive since the age of 12 and who have been competing with the older models for many times.

Here the boy and girl are not running the distinction, they have the experience of the situation and the needs and the actual experience that they do not even meet in the world renowned business management university. I myself have worked with boys and girls who are involved with my field of information technology.

Your degree is not checked in the school of life. It takes skill, courage and the ability to make decisions in the present. No one in the school of life is big and big, but all they need is one condition to survive.

The young girls who started life at an early age would have seen the darker side of the world and society, so they are better prepared. They know what real life is. They know that no one will ask if we are a failure and succeed if the world takes a head.

The world can never be enslaved to boys and girls who have begun to live their lives at an early age. They have the ability to change over time. They also get married early and are settled long before the wedding.

From where did Jai Lalita begin and reach the pinnacle of success? She ruled not the kingdom but the heart of the people there. Even so many parents do not have control over their children's hearts.

A rainy cloud cannot cover some sun. Also, your limited outlook cannot prevent humans from progressing. Extend your vision. There is an outside world that is waiting for you.

Thank you

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