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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to react with people

How to react with people

You will meet 9 types of people in the world

1) Rich with billions of rupees
2) Generationally rich
3) The second generation and the next rich
4) New rich
5) Upper middle class
6) Middle class
7) Junior middle class
8) Poor
9) Extremely poor

It's not just a matter of money, when you experience them closely you will realize that the decline is due to their mentality. I get to know the people in the above 2 to 5 numbers every day, we catch about 90% of them and the rest come in 10%.

As the order goes up, so do the thoughts, the stability of emotions, and the positive thoughts. They live in every part of life. And as the order goes down, thoughts, emotional instability and negative thoughts increase.

The same is true of the wealth of health, people in the 1st to 5th ranks do not spend much for the treatment of this disease, their maximum spending is more on maintaining mental and physical health.
The following 6 to 9 people spend more on medical treatment and much less on health.

People in numbers 1 to 5 always give priority to mental health over physical health, people in numbers 6 to 9 do not look at mental health from the point of view of self-development, "Am I crazy?" By saying so, they avoid or completely ignore it.

Talk to people in numbers 1 to 5 with selfish or selfless feelings, but there is a lot of gathering of relatives and close relatives and they come to work as much as possible from time to time. People in numbers 6 to 9 show maximum quarrels and jealousy of each other. The amount of help is also very low.

Children from 1st to 5th have been raised in the company of experts since childhood, so when they start living life, they get married, have children and settle down early in life. On the other hand, numbers 6 to 9 have to work very hard, they take time for marriage and children or they have a lot of trouble while taking this responsibility.

Each of these has a mental boundary line that allows him to live life as well, until someone in his generation breaks that boundary. There is movement in human society but it does not happen in a few moments, it takes a period of a few generations or hundreds of years.

It is shaped like a pyramid, the population will decrease very little as you go up and the population will increase tremendously as you go down. The rate of descent from the upper floors is very low and the rate of descent from the lower floors is negligible.

People in numbers 1 to 5 just want to maintain their lifestyle, while people in numbers 6 to 9 want to create a lifestyle and then maintain it. The children of those who are in the top 1 to 5 numbers are successful and are constantly appearing in the media. The following 6 to 9 are also successful, but here success is less in the form of finances and is not conducive to capitalism, so they do not appear in the media, and even if they do, it is by mistake.

These pyramids are built solely and exclusively on mentality. Once you change your mindset, it changes attitudes and then man succeeds in his own generation by seizing every opportunity.

The man with the awakened mind is well aware of this, the problem is with the normal minded people. They get so carried away emotionally that they don't value money and then they start living in negativity, mental, physical poverty.

People with an awakened mindset take care of their physical and mental needs with this money. Prior to this, they make themselves strong, capable and literate mentally and physically every day or from time to time through self-development.

People with normal mentality are just constantly flowing from one place to another full of emotions. And here, in place of mental and physical fitness, illnesses and accidents are experienced. They have no time for hobbies or other hobbies as their daily diet is somehow broken.
People with an awakened mindset are committed to this goal. They focus on the goal first and then on other things. They know that we have a responsibility to manage crores of rupees, as well as to feed many workers and their families directly and indirectly. They can't even give time to their family for this.

People with normal mindset just look at their lifestyle and spend the rest of the time talking about it

Becoming an entrepreneur, entrepreneur and investor, living a rich and prosperous life is not a big deal, the most important quality required for this is courage, followed by a series of qualities. After that, the most important quality is the perseverance of not going back while breaking the limits.

Along with this, a positive attitude, a calm, calm and cool mindset, a good language style, cunning (this is very important, if not you will give your dream or goal to others comfortably. The world will hear the same cunning, not honest like you). At the same time, there must be major qualities like use of money, price, penalty or distinction, tremendous concentration and control over emotions, then those people are different according to the animal and the situation and seek the help of experts to know the qualities.
It takes.

There is no substitute for these qualities. You must have it. There is a big difference between cinema and real life.

Some beginners do not succeed in the beginning and even if they do, their proportions are very low, usually most people fail at the beginning. With the help of experts, they somehow reach the shore and the same experience makes them entrepreneurs, business people and investors, the rest sinks, that is, they go back to their old ways of working, or work with less risk.

You ask most entrepreneurs, business people and investors about the secret of success, they don't just say the same thing all over the place in a book or in a speech, they just say I don't know, I had fun doing it, I didn't have to do anything special, I thought and I kept doing it and got here today. He who works from the heart can never express himself and he cannot lie because his life and the business he is doing and most importantly his voice and his body language speak it all. No one can put a person's life and his intuition down on paper.

Start taking one step at a time. Only when you reach the top of the mountain will you know that it is a peak and not sitting at the foot or leaving it halfway. It is very easy to climb Everest but it is very difficult to prepare the mind for it, the test of mental ability starts till the very last breath and the one who passes this test reaches the peak.

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