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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Building A Web Hosting Company With Zero Investment

Building A Web Hosting Company With Zero Investment

How to build a business with zero investment ? Is that really possible? I know you will be having plenty of doubts and confusions regarding the topic. We will clear it one by one. But the answer is a big Yes! It is very much possible to build a web hosting business from zero. And I am doing it from last 2 years. You don’t even need to build a website. Technical knowledge is not much required. You will learn the process on the go. But it is an added advantage.

You will get a store front similar to what bigrock or godaddy have.You don’t have to purchase or rent any server. You don’t have to pay any money. You just have to signup for the reseller program run by resellerclub. Aren’t you excited? I Will explain you how to get started with Resllerclub Reseller Program For Free step by step in this blog post.

Signup And Set Pricing For Products You Want To Sell

visit the website and choose RESELLER PROGRAM from the top menu.

Once you login to your reseller program, you will be able to access you control panel. Where you get a top menu for easy navigation, dashboard to access billing summary and promotional offers, quick search boxes to search for your customers and orders and recent announcements to get you updated about the events happening in resellerclub. Now you can manage your product pricing from the products and pricing option in settings menu.
Here you can set pricing for various services like domain registration, website hosting, email hosting, website builder, Digital certificates etc. It will show you the cost of each services and you can set pricing accordingly after your profit. Sounds like a decent deal? You make profit for your marketing efforts. You have an option to set different pricing for your sub resellers. It’s a full fledged control panel.

Brand Your Storefront And Control Panel

You can change the url to your domain name, change your logo and customize the entire storefront to match your brand. The option called supersite and partnersite in the control panel helps you do all the customization for the store front. supersite refers to the control panel for your customers and partnersite refers to the control panel for your sub resellers. You get two different storefronts. One for your customer and one for your sub reseller. A detailed video on configuring the supersite and partnersite is shared at the end of this blog.Now you are done with branding aspects. You can even brand your control panel also to make it more personal or attached to you or your company. No doubt.It is an amazing Service.

Add Ways To Accept Payment

Paypal, payu, 2checkout, ccavenue and few other payment gateways are already embedded in resellerclub control panel. You just have to authorize them. You can also add any payment gateway of your choice which is not listed in the control panel if you are little bit geeky or you have a geeky friend to help you in the technical side. Resellerclub is also having an awesome team to assist you in the technical aspects. You find the payment gateway option in finance and billing option in the settings menu available on the top navigation bar.

Done! It is that simple. Watch the video below for reference while configuring the store.


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