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Monday, October 2, 2017



October 1, 2017

The future of the solar industry is brighter than the hereafter, you have imagined for yourself.




If you are not aware of the current situation of solar industry than let me explain you the same or you can skip the same and just read the highlights and read what suits best to you.

As per the market movement, India will become third biggest solar market in the world and as the industry grows opportunities will grow too. Every year the power requirement of big cities with negligible power cuts, increase by 20 percent. Thus in my opinion solar industry should not face a downward trend for next 10 years.
Also in coming years we will witness a new market of electric cars in India, and this will also increase in power requirement and increase in power requirement will increase in opportunities in India solar industry.

Hence here are Five business models for Startup in the solar industry.

1. Solar EPC contractor.
Requirement: Strong technical team, Marketing team, Experience in solar installation (upto 200kW)
Software required: PVsyst & AUTOCAD

This model required a good technical team of two peoples with experience in solar designing, project execution and procurement. These experts should have knowledge of solar PVsyst (for shadow mapping) and AutoCAD (for detail drawings of projects) Also you will need 3 to 4 technicians for different project site. You can also use this team along with yourself for marketing. In the beginning you have to satisfy yourself with small projects and investment of 10 lakh to 15 lakh (depend upon the salary packages of engineers). But as the market start knowing your name and work you will get more projects with high profit.

2. O&M (Operation & Maintenance)
Requirement: Strong technical team, Experience in solar installation (upto 200kW)
Software required: NONE

This model required 1-2 engineers with knowledge of the solar sting inverter. To maintain the solar issues of solar inverters also you will need 3-4 labor for cleaning of solar panels. This model required a very marketing strategy. With lower investment of 2 to 5 lakh in this model. The profit is also not so high but if you can take O&M contract of 5MW or above you can easily make profits. But here is an advice never O&M of plant capacity lower than 500kW. For more information, contact us at or

3. Distributorship
Requirement: Marketing team
Software required: NONE

Since the solar market is increasing day by day the distributorship of solar panels, inveters, DC cables, solar light, solar heater, solar lalten etc can be a big opportunity for those who are masters in selling. The minimum investment is 10 lakh for distributorship only. You should have space of storage too.

Please contact us at or for any information.


4. Structure supplier

Requirement: Structure engineer,  Marketing team
Software required: STAAD PRO & AutoCAD.

This business model is basically a structure based model. You will required good structure design engineers with knowledge of STAAD PRO and AutoCAD. Also you will need a storage place with some tools like electric hacksaw, drill machine, measuring tape etc. Now rest of things are depend upon your marketing strategies. Since there hundreds of solar EPC contractors you can easily get work order. The initial investment is about 10 lakh for structure only. Where as price of storage place and tools need to be added in it.

If you think that this model is for you then simply drop a mail to us and we will avail to each and everything to you.

5. BOM/BOS (Bill of material/Bill of spare) supplier.
Requirement: Procurement team, Marketing team
Software required: NONE

Since there are hundreds of solar EPC contractors in market, procurement become main headache to them. BOS or BOM of a solar project contains each and everything beside solar panels, inveter and structure. You can also quote with solar structure.

Following are the items include in solar BOS
1. Earthing kit.
2. Lightning arrestor.
3. G.I strip.
4. DC cable.
5. Cable connector (MC4 connectors)
6. Cable ties.
7. Junction Box.
8. AC distribution box/panel
9.Structure (optional)

Your investment could be 2 lakh to 5 lakh 

Now the bonus model

6. Solar promoter.
Requirement: Marketing team (you can do it yourself)
Software required: NONE

This model required only basic knowledge of solar, i.e. type of solar power plant and how they work. And your investment is only your time and contacts.

So if you can promote solar, we will give you commission on every referral you give to us.
Let me explain you how it works,

First copy the following price list of ON-Grid solar power plants for your ready.

Now promote solar in your society and friends. If you have a social media page or blogs with a good amount of traffic than simply contact us at or .

Now we will give you 2 rs per watt (solar capacity) as your commission . So if you can sell 50 kW (i.e. 50000 Watt) of ON-Grid solar power plant in a month than your commission will be 1 lakh.


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