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Friday, November 3, 2017

Start a  Hairextension Business

Start a  Hairextension Business




We love to help you to start your own hair business. You chose the right business because the business is still growing and you can talk with a lot of people about hair all day long! And of course earn some nice money in the meantime.


What are hair extensions?


Artificial hair integration's, more commonly known as hair extensions, add length to human hair. Hair extensions are methods of lengthening one's hair by incorporating artificial hair or natural hair collected from other individuals. ...



Also called hair weaves, hair extensions are a form of real or synthetic hair that is closely attached to your scalp, adding length, thickness or colour to your natural hair. Some are long-lasting, some are not; some extensions even last up to a full year before they need to be removed. Well-matched in colour and texture, hair extensions mix with your hair, making it difficult to tell you're wearing them. You can wash, condition, dry and colour them just like your own hair. They also provide a great deal of styling freedom.

Types of Extensions

Both human and synthetic hair extensions are available, and both come in a variety of colors, textures, styles, and lengths. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Natural or human hair extensions are usually significantly more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, though they are typically considered to be of higher quality. Synthetic hair is made from chemically processed fibers; although more affordable, it may not look as real and can be more difficult to style.

Application Techniques

Hair extensions can be attached in a number of different ways, depending on the type of hair, the amount being added, the budget of the consumer, and his or her lifestyle. When significant amounts of hair are to be attached, or the hair is expected to last for a long time, a professional stylist typically should be consulted.

Clip-on Extensions

Smaller, temporary extensions usually don't require the services of a professional. The most basic type of extensions simply clip onto existing hair, a process that can usually be done at home without much effort, although a stylist may help attach them or dye the hair to better match the wearer's natural color. Hair attached this way usually only lasts for a day or a night, although they can be reused repeatedly.

Micro Links and Shrink Links

Longer-lasting extensions can be added to natural hair with metal rings or keratin tubing. In this process, the hair is attached to a small ring or tube, which is clamped onto pieces of real hair. This is a popular method, as damage to the natural hair is minimal, and no adhesives or solvents are used that could potentially irritate sensitive skin. They can, however, be difficult to remove, add additional weight to the hair, and can loosen after a few washings, releasing some of the strands. Experts don't usually recommend this method for fine hair.


Bonding or gluing usually involves longer wefts of hair, tracks that can be up to 6 inches (15.24 cm) long. An adhesive is applied to the roots of the hair before the extension is applied. This method is usually relatively quick to do, but does not last as long as others.


A special adhesive can also be used to fuse extensions into real hair. Small pieces of hair can be attached with this method. Hot fusion may involve braiding the extension into the natural hair and bonding them together with a wax adhesive. Less commonly, cold fusion methods may be used to attach the extensions.

Fusing usually takes several hours to apply, and will usually require a similar amount of time to remove, although it depends on the exact technique and adhesives used. There are products that allow fusion to be done at home but professionally fused extensions tend to last longer and cost more.


Hair extensions can also be sewn into the hair. The person's natural hair is usually braided tight and close to the scalp in cornrows, and the weft sewn into the braid. The process can take a long time, as the person's own hair must be braided first, and some people find the entire procedure to be very painful. This method may also be quite expensive, although it usually lasts for a long time.

Choosing a Stylist



Making the decision to get hair extensions can represent a substantial financial and time commitment. The initial cost will be increased with professional products designed to keep the extensions, as well as the natural hair, healthy; extensions also typically require frequent trips to the salon for maintenance as existing hair grows out. An inexperienced stylist can make poor choices resulting in hair damage, so anyone considering hair extensions should choose one who has had the proper training and experience to maximize the investment required.


How to increase your online hair extensions sales in 10 steps!

Did you, after all your friends bought your extensions, also open a Facebook page as the first step to put your hair extensions for sale? But how are you going to reach your audience, how are you going to improve your sales?If you are online with your sales, sales do not come to you, you need to attract traffic to your Facebook page or newly installed web shop. You can start to use paid advertisements and pay for every person who clicks on it. But you need to be sure the advertisement attracts only people from your target group. If not, they just click away, or bounce as the experts call it, if they see your site and decide this is not what they were looking for. In that case you do not only loose the money for the advertisement, you also loose a potential client. So it’s very important to have the right advertisement visible for the people who are searching for your hair products.

So what else you can do to attract more traffic (people) to your Facebook page or website? Here are 10 steps that will boost your online hair extensions sales

1. If you have any business card or flyer put a free shipping coupon code on it. If you distribute your card or flyer while at a party or just in the shopping mall to girls interested in extensions, you know you get in contact with the right audience of hair loving women and even more important., you give them an extra good reason to visit your online shop! People do not like to pay for shipping, so they will be interested in your offer. Make sure you include in your selling price a margin for shipping; this will allow you to sell without the need to add that extra charge. And your sales will increase because you sell free of shipping, which seems to be cheaper.


2. If you offer a discount, make sure there is a time frame of two or three weeks before the offer expires. After all you do not want your clients to keep on postponing their visit to your shop, you want them to come and visit your shop while they are still hot


3. Make sure you keep on putting fresh pictures on your web shop. If your new shipment with new inventory arrived, share it with your audience and by doing so make them your clients. Make sure you post, tweet or shout the next two weeks about your new shipment with a direct link to your website


4. As people often use various social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus etc.) just post every day one message. Surveys shows specially women have a preference for Pinterest, so make sure you are present on this platform


5. If people order online or if they ask you questions make sure you record their email address. With the email address of people who bought from you before, you have a marketing treasure. First because these people already know your shop and the products you sell and you know exactly where to find them, in their own inbox! Tell them first about special offers, give them a coupon code as present, or just give them an update of what’s going on in your shop and the big hair extensions business. This will make sure they will not forget you if they are again interested to buy hair. Make sure it is easy for them to get unlisted from your mailing list, this is law but you do not want to irritate people with your products


6. Communicate to your clients in simple words. Everybody should understand for example your return policy. Do not try to make it a legal document, because that will only attract lawyers while you are looking for women that want to buy your hair


7. Once a potential client arrives on your web shop the selling should begin, so let them go to your offers right away. Let them first fall in love with your hair wefts and then start to register them


8. And the deal should be closed right away, if you use a payment provider, your clients can close the deal in one click instead of performing multiple tasks with the risk theyloose interest.


9. Make sure your website is hosted with a specialist and not a cheap company without service. If you start losing clients because the site is offline your will never see them back, but you still have to pay the monthly payments for the hosting company. We recommend providers like Bluehost.Register with BLUEHOST to benefit from the low price and excellent service.


10. Keep on checking our website for any news and tips on how to boost your sales, or ask for our free eNews service.




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