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Monday, December 4, 2017

Reasons You Should Start Your E-commerce Business in 2018

5 Reasons You Should Start Your E-commerce Business in 2018

All brick 'n' mortar stores are moving online, if not completely then they are also starting their online stores to be able to capture the market well

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Welcome the year 2018 with a bang. Where everyone will be excited with New Year’s celebrations, it is time you should buckle up to start your own e-commerce business.

E-commerce has boomed since its inception and retail is almost dead now. However, shopping has not stopped, if at all it has picked new heights with online stores. Online stores like Flipkart and Amazon are live examples of the increase in online shopping. With New Year on the brink while you are taking your resolution, let us add a to-do-list and starting your e-commerce store should top the list.

There are several reasons for you to start your ecommerce business in 2018.

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E-Commerce is the New Business Trend

Every business today is moving online. According to eMarketer, the growth in e-commerce is going to rapid and will continue to grow in the future too. All brick ‘n’ mortar stores are moving online, if not completely then they are also starting their online stores to be able to capture the market well. The online market is bigger than the offline one. In 2016 the ecommerce industry peaked at $1.85 trillion and by 2018 it is expected to reach $2.77 trillion. By 2017 the retail ecommerce sales worldwide is expected to reach $2.290 Trillion and by 2021 it is expected to reach $4.479 trillion.

It is the Easiest mode to Set up a Business

Unlike other businesses, it does not have any overhead or operational cost involved. You definitely need a well-designed website that also has some excellent marketing tools. Having experts that will take care of the social media content and the website development will be an added advantage. You must add products in your catalog that will attract more customers and increase your sales. You can even contact some mobile e-commerce solution providers so that you can take your business on the phone too as everyone today prefers to use the phone to a laptop or a computer.

It is a Highly Prospective & Expandable Business Model

More than thousands of a customer already on the internet and e-commerce is a prospective business model today. This model will add wings to your offline business allowing you to do business with the world and expand across various domains in a very short span of time. You can attract more customers online than your offline store. This business model is something you cannot ignore this 2018.

It has Benefits in Abundance

There are countless benefits for starting your e-commerce store online. Along with providing flexibility to your customers to shop at their convenience, it also provides various payment options to them. If you are looking for long-term benefits then embrace the new technology, go for an online business, and spread your wings across the net globally.

No Middlemen Included

In an ecommerce store, the products that you put on sale are usually, the ones latest in trends or fresh stock form the manufacturers. There is no mediator included when an order placed. It is shipped directly to the customers. Nevertheless, in retail outlets many factors are included when the final price hits the store. This is one reason people prefer shopping online, therefore opting to open an online store will always be the best option in the New Year.

Closing Note

This is a digital perceptive arena and people are more stuck with their devices than with computers. It is a viable and intelligent idea to start your e-commerce store online where the competition is tough. Running brick & mortar stores is getting difficult. Hence opting for an online module will be the best decision for you and your business. Technology has taken over very fast in the past few years and this is going to continue. Giving your customers what they want will always be reason for your growth. Hence ecommerce store is the best option in the coming New Year 2018.

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