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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What Is Web Hosting? Types Of Hosting For Blog/Website – Beginner’s Guide

What Is Web Hosting? Types Of Hosting For Blog/Website – Beginner’s Guide
have you ever wondered what the hell is Website Hosting?
What is Domain name and what is hosting?
So, in this blog post, I will guide you what is hosting and how could you buy it and difference between hosting & Domain name.
What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is a service that allows any website to become visible on the internet. With the help of hosting you can save your data and coding of your website on the internet.
o now this question is popping in your mind ‘What is domain then?’, ‘Should we buy domain first or hosting?’
So dear first you search for the domain name on websites Like Click here, Godaddy, Bluehost, Bigrock etc.
these are the domain name registrars and hosting provider companies.
We will learn with an example:
Example: Buying a Land for house
If you have money and you are searching for Land to buy for your house. After getting you will start constructing your dream house on that land.
what is the general procedure to buy a land?
Search a land with a suitable location.
Register it with the registrar.
Pay the cost
Build your house on that land
Start Living
This is the very general steps you opt every time you purchase land. Likewise on the internet also when you purchase a domain name that is your Land and website is your house you build on your domain name.
After both steps, you have to host your website on the internet and these registrars i.e Bigrock, Godaddy , Bluehost, Hostgator will help you in building your dream website with hosting.
Types of web hosting.
Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Collocated Hosting
Shared Hosting:

This is the cheapest hosting anyone can buy, Shared hosting is affordable because it is shared with you and many other owners. This includes sharing the physical server and applications. One of the best hosting for everyone.

If you are planning to build a website from scratch then I will suggest you buy Shared hosting for WordPress. you will experience less performance
Dedicated Hosting:
This type of hosting is purchased by the website owner. Here you will feel expensive hosting as all the cost is bear by you only. Performance is very fast as compare to shared hosting as you will manage the whole server. Newbies, please do not go for this hosting as your website or blog grows then you can switch to this hosting.
This type of hosting is used for more safety and security of your website.
Collocated Hosting:
This is the type of premium hosting, which we common people do not afford. Collocated hosting is used by big e-commerce or web-based companies to handle huge traffic.
Are you running a huge business with lots of investment then you can go with collocated hosting, here you will get all functionality of hosting.
Her you can install any scripts or application according to your requirement. fully customization hosting you will get here.
Which web server Linux or Windows?
Now you will get confused in Linux and Windows web server.
What is Web-server?
Web server is a program which acts as the mediator between user’s request and result. It works on HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).
When any user type in any keyword or website name in browser search and hit enter, after that some results are displayed that result is displayed because the user has requested for that information and the information was bought by the web pages from the server.
The server is a computer who acts as an agent to serve data when requested.
If we compare both Linux and Windows both have the same functionality but differ in ease type and pricing. Linux hosting is cheaper than windows.
In Linux, it is little bit tuff to manage as it totally based on PHP, Python, and other Unix-originated languages. For this, you can hire a developer or web designer to make your work done. Windows is easier than Linux and runs on ASP scripts and .net technology.
So, I will recommend you to go with Linux hosting as that hosting does not need scripting support

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