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What makes NKOR so special and different from its competitors

What makes NKOR so special and different from its competitorsNKOR will establish a full marketplace, with advanced functions for users, including content analysis and robust self sustaining economy, based on a Worker Nodes system that will facilitate the decentralized the different markets within the platform.The synergy between NKOR’s and blockchain technologies will revolutionize and help democratize the existing structure of digital data distribution, IP and copyright management, by creating a seamless solution for registering, distributing and tracking digital data. By Anchoring data on the NKOR platform and adding it on the blockchain, content creators can verify authenticity of their work, in a method which is inalterable and will last for posterity. In addition, since the NKOR marketplace enables participants to directly transact and trade data between themselves, the need for and the power of market intermediaries, such as agents, record companies and media sharing platforms, …

South Korea’s Second Largest Bank Supports Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Traders Relieved

South Korea’s Second Largest Bank Supports Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Traders Relieved

Bithumb and Korbit, two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the South Korean market, have announced that Kookmin Bank deposits and withdrawals will be disabled by the end of January.Shinhan Bank Will Support Cryptocurrency ExchangesKookmin Bank, the biggest financial institution in South Korea, has decided not to support cryptocurrency exchanges and provide virtual bank accounts to cryptocurrency investors. On South Korean trading platforms, each investor is provided with a virtual bank account with which they can withdraw and deposit Korean won, without having to directly move funds from and to actual bank accounts.Over the past few weeks, local investors were concerned with the abrupt decision of Kookmin Bank to close down virtual bank accounts launched on South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. Many traders feared that other banks would follow the decision of Kookmin Bank and simply cut finan…

Google's certificate course for IT beginners in 8 months!

Google's certificate course for IT beginners in 8 months!Dreaming of working with Google, Microsoft and other IT giants but no experience? No worries. Google is now bringing an exciting opportunity.It has teamed up with online education leader Coursera to offer a certificate course that will make you ready for entry-level IT support jobs in just 8-12 months, without any prior experience.Here's all about Google's IT Support Professional Certificate.All you need to know about the courseThe program will involve 64 hours of lessons, labs and evaluation in troubleshooting, customer service, automation, security and more.With 8-10 hours a week, you can get it done in eight months. You can skip content you already know.You can also choose only one of the six courses, or all.Afterwards, you'll get the chance to share your information with top companies.Why is Google training rivals' prospective employees?According to Google's Sundar Pichai, "There are 150,000 open…

CCRB Is Reforming E-Commerce With It’s ‘Proof of Spending Protocol (POSp)’

CCRB Is Reforming E-Commerce With It’s ‘Proof of Spending Protocol (POSp)’
CCRB is all about innovation and forward-thinking in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, which is exactly why it’s written on the dynamics of the ‘Proof of Spending Protocol (POSp)’, a patented protocol that validates transactions and the parties carrying out those transactions, to create new value to all parties involved (Patent App No: GB1719487.9).The POSp protocol covers all validated spending between various parties including public-sector spending, private-sector spending, trade spending, charity spending, and indeed any other sort of transaction that can be processed between two or more parties.E-commerce Market ExpansionCCRB has developed this concept in response to the continued growth and expansion of the e-commerce market, which is currently valued at about 2.5 trillion USD.This market value continues to increase rapidly and is predicted to reach nearly 5 trillion USD by the end of 2021.With the…

Telegram Followers – The New Metric for Cryptocurrency Success

Cryptocurrencies are gauged by the size of their market cap. It’s a crude reckoner, but it’s good enough for most purposes. But what about projects that have yet to issue their coins or host their token sale? Increasingly, investors are turning to one metric that’s hard to fake and indicative of widespread support – Telegram followers.
Telegram has long been the playground of crypto traders and enthusiasts. The great migration began sometime last summer, after ICO teams tired of running Slack channels that were filled with spam and spoofing. As a side effect of The Grammening, Telegram channel numbers became a useful metric for gauging a project’s support. Twitter followers can be bought, and no one in crypto uses Facebook, creating the perfect storm for Telegram to rise to the top.Gone are the days when researching new coins and tokens was an esoteric art limited to a handful of crypto traders. Now everyone’s trying to catch the next Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Raiblocks, and that means get…

Reliance Jio planning its own cryptocurrency called JioCoin

Reliance Jio planning its own cryptocurrency called JioCoinReliance Jio plans to build a 50-member team of young professionals to work on blockchain technology for JioCoin, its own cryptocurrencyMukesh Ambani’s elder son Akash Ambani is expected to lead Reliance Jio’s JioCoin project. Photo: PTIHTTPS:// Delhi: After disrupting the telecom sector with its free offers and hyper-competitive tariffs, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd plans to create its own cyptocurrency, JioCoin.With Mukesh Ambani’s elder son Akash Ambani leading the JioCoin project, Reliance Jio plans to build a 50-member team of young professionals to work on blockchain technology, which can also be used to develop applications such as smart contracts and supply chain management logistics.“The company plans to hire 50 young professionals with average age of 25 years for Akash Ambani to lead. There are multiple applications of blockchain (for the company). The team would work on various blockchain p…

CCRB High Internal Value – redefining the global loyalty and cashback model with Cryptocurrency

CCRB High Internal Value – redefining the global loyalty and cashback model with CryptocurrencyWant more CCRB? 
Share this post and receive $10 worth of CCRB for every free referral signup who clicks through from your post share. (Make sure you are signed in and your unique referral code will automatically be linked to the shared post and tracked).
The CCRB High Internal Value concept is covered by our Patent App No: GB1719487.9CCRB is full of innovation, thought-leadership and dynamic, forward-thinking concepts and initiatives, but perhaps none of the features and functionality built into the entire CCRB Ecosystem are quite as functional and valuable to such a wide range of cryptocurrency stakeholders as the High Internal Value concept.For those of you new to our High Internal Value , it can be a little tricky to get your head around, by way of just how innovative and groundbreaking it is!Which is exactly why we have created this blog post for you, to fully explain exactly how it work…

Fintech Coin ICO Details

Fintech Coin ICO DetailsFintechFans is Building a Decentralized Marketplace for one-off tasks and short-term positions.
The Marketplace is a completely novel, decentralized application. As it consists, at its core, as a set of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, interference by any party, including the FintechFans Company itself is impossible.
Our dream is:
– Cutting out the middleman, lowering costs
– Offering a decentralized review system, leading to honest and unbiased insights
– Enabling peer to peer payment without the possibility for disputeFor more detailed information about Fintech Coin