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BGX. Ico information

BGX. Ico informationBGX is a decentralized financial platform for the mobile games industry powered by artificiali ntelligence.Across the world, decentralization is disrupting economies. There is no market better for it than the mobile games industry, with 2bn technologically advanced, high-spending users relying on only afew centralized app markets, which charge exuberant fees from its developers while giving only thebasics in return.BGX empowers game developers, players, app markets, and all other participants to have a far greater share of the $60bn market by providing smarter gaming and financial solutions.About BGX The social economy that allows gamedevelopers and distributors to earnmore while paying less fees; playersearn from their playing time. Backed bypowerful financial processing.GAMESExtremely flexible monetizationchannels, more avenues for playerinteraction and greater engagement.FINANCEUnified multi-game stable coin distinctfrom high-return currency for investors.Advanc…


Shopiblock (SHB) is a new cryptocurrency that will be launched soon on the Ethereum main network.
We will enable every merchant to deploy their own merchant tokens, which can be exchanged for
other merchant tokens through the SHB decentralized Exchange, utilizing SHB.
Shopiblock aspire to be the No.1 decentralized SaaS provider and ecosystem based on Blockchain.
The goal is to make the platform that's user friendly for merchants to use and compatible with both
desktop and mobile browsers. The Shopiblock platform will consist of several key features:
• Fully-hosted Decentralized Online Website / Shop builder
• Create your own Currency / Token
• Escrow Service and ShopiPal payment processing service
• Customized Website templates for Merchants
• Multiple Stores Creation
• Fast & Secure Installation
Shopiblock will earn five major streams of income:
1. Merchant Fees, i.e. fees for issuing various types of Merchant Tokens
2. Brokerage Transaction …


What is XiWATT?A scalable platform that connects energy developers, consumers, and investors together. Making it possible for the crowdfunding, co-ownership and trading of renewable energy assets. Powered by blockchain technology.Breaking Down The BarriersConnects energy developers with investors to quickly fund renewable energy projectsOpens up higher ROI opportunities for individuals to invest in renewable energySimplifies logistics and incentivizes competition in the renewable energy market

Once the Sector raises enough funds, unique Tokens that represent the specific Sector are minted and distributed to the investors in proportion to the amount they invested. Sector Construction and Energy Production The energy developer uses the funds raised to construct the Sector. Once operational, the revenue produced by the Sector from the sale of energy is collected and managed by XiWATT. NRG Token Distribution The revenue collected from the sector is tokenized in the form of “NRG Tokens” (with e…