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Friday, March 2, 2018

OTPPAY airdrop

OTPPAY is a new modern platform that lets you pay for your purchases with any crypto currency. Platforms convert funds and pay for items already in the currency indicated by the seller. 

OTPPAY Plans to win the world's foremost in the conversion of all possible crypto-currency, as well as the sale of exchanges and payments for services and goods. 

Artificial intelligence that continually learns helps increase the speed of turning each round into an OTPPAY token platform that will be tied to the market and will be adjusted depending on its growth and fall.

You can instantly turn all your crypto codes into tokens in platforms, protecting them from volatility in the crypto currency market. The OTPPAY platoframe security system will work well on standard security patches used in fiat media, as well as on new blocking technologies. 

That makes OTPPAY unique from other Cryptobranks!

Users can directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a minimalist approach. Each time a customer submits a request for the services mentioned above, the Otppay project will directly match a specific request with another request on our platform and redirect it so that the increased service will be met without the physical transition of the asset. Through this, we can charge a relatively low cost within a negligible time frame. If the asset does not match, the system will take the specified result from the Otppay buffer dome (cryptocurrency / fiat currency) and fulfill the order on time. 

Buy and Sell:

The Otppay project offers the best in class, user registration process where eKYC from customers will be verified directly and user can start trading instantaneously. The buy & sell feature Otppay has an auto-trading facility so that once the user assigns a predetermined value, they can sit back and relax while the Otppay app does the rest. All transaction details are recorded and available on Otppay mobile apps. 


The OtppayProject offers a flexible crypto / fiat exchange option within the mobile wallet, where one can switched primary payment mode or exchange from crypto - crypto, crypto - fiat, fiat - crypto and fiat - fiat directly, one can enjoy the benefits of crypto in the market rises or falls below the shield mode when asset values ​​go down. Its architecture is solid and built with a combination of traditional security standards (PCI-DSS) and crypto securities. With an easy or simple user interface with fast access features, and make our Otppay Exchange stand out from all the other crypto exchanges in the market. 

OTPPAY Debit Card:

Otppay's main objective is to replace or bridge existing traditional banking systems using Otppay Crypto Bank with payments, transfers, currency exchange and Blockchain lending options. To achieve goals and deliver sophisticated liquidity solutions to customers by providing innovative mobile applications along with contactless debit cards that can be used around the world. 

Our powerful AI & ML smart engine will automatically process conversion / exchange requests on time. Consider if you are traveling from the UK to the United States, and if you withdraw cash from an ATM, our assisted GPS GPS application instructs the Otppay server to change the requested value from crypto to fiat or fiat to meet the demand and provide the card. with the amount of withdrawals requested. Hence eradicate the time and money spent on Forex transactions. Otppay offers unmatched advantages of "no upper / lower limit * on transaction volume on crypto & fiat options, cash back options & loyalty points for card users. 

Pre ICO companies will start March 5 and April 3 Pre ICO will end. 

1 goal to collect 3750 ETH 

1 token OTP = 0.0000625 ETH 

1 ETH = 16000 

Bonus OO Pre ICO 20% 

ICO Phase 1 will start on April 4 and May 3 will end. 

Target 37500 ETH 

1 Token OTP = 0.000125 ETH 

1 ETH = 8000 


ICO The second phase will start on May 4 and end on June 2nd. 

Target 30000 ETH 

1 OTP = 0.000125 ETH 

1 ETH = 8000 OTP

ICO bonus 10% 

Roadmap and OTTPAY progress

more information please click link below:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | ANN Thread | LinkedIn | Youtube | Medium | Reddit

Bitcointalk Profile LInk 

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