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YOUTOKEN ico review

YOUTOKEN ico review

YouToken is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that converts human intelligence into a financial asset (token). help investors and entrepreneurs establish connection via crypto tokens. Entrepreneurs can “sell themselves” and their ideas on YouToken while investors can buy “human intelligence” on our marketplace. As a result, talented entrepreneurs can quickly get financial support for their project, and investors get the opportunity to invest in another “Steve Jobs” or “Elon Musk” at their early stage of success. The platform introduces users to a new financial asset — “Human Intelligence”. The platform allows any user to “sell themselves” in a form of a personal token (YTN_creatorname) in exchange for receiving financial support. Any user can convert his/her human intelligence into a financial asset (a creator token). Just like Apple or Amazon sell their stocks on the stock market, YouToken entrepreneurs sell their “Human Intelligence” depicted in the form of a financial asset on our marketplace. Smart investors contribute to individuals and not products; thus, we give people an opportunity to invest in another “Sergey Brin” or “Steve Jobs” at their early stage of success, and not another “Google” or “Apple” Fundraising stages and the Platform Launch February 1st, 2018 — March 15th, 2018 Pre-order March 16th, 2018 — April 1st, 2018 Proof of Concept Crowdsale (100M tokens offered, min cap = $300k) 16th of March 2018 Launch of the YouToken Platform (beta) May 2018 — June 2018 DAICO stage — Business Acceleration (1BLN tokens offered, min cap = $3M)
Mission to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, everywhere and trustable once again for investors.
Market Overview and Value Proposition YouToken is working at the intersection of three markets:
1. Rapidly growing crypto and blockchain market;
2. Growing crowdfunding market;
3. Online trading/investment market. Our main goal is to disrupt the crowdfunding industry using the opportunities of blockchain technology and the FinTech industry (online trading/investments).
We simplify the investing process and capitalize on entrepreneurs who are at the early stage of their success
1. Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs:​ we specifically plan to attract, and increase the number of creators at the early stage of their idea who don’t have access to other crowdfunding or investing opportunities (i.e. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, angel investors, etc.)
2. Investors/backers:​ we plan to attract and increase the number of investors/traders/backers who already have experience in the financial market and/or traditional crowdfunding but don’t have an access to “human intelligence” investment opportunities (investments in creators, not just in their projects). YouToken is going to leverage the growth of the crowdfunding industry via:
1. Focusing on the personalities of entrepreneurs, not just on their products, 2. Establishing a connection between traditional business initiatives and possibilities of blockchain.
3. Simplification of the crowdfunding process (no paperwork and legal entities are needed to start entrepreneurship). Online trading/investment Benefits: • Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to fund their ideas and get support from the YouToken community. • Investors have the possibility to invest in talented entrepreneurs at their early stage of success. YTN token The total value of the YouToken platform is represented by YTN tokens. YTN price The YTN token price depends on both the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs registered on the YouToken platform Minting of YTN and DAICO After our DAICO officially ends, more YTN tokens can not be minted. At that point, all, non-distributed tokens will be burned Roadmap 2017 October ● Initial development of YouToken’s core concept. December
● launch YouToken’s educational programs (“Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin,”Cryptocurrency Universum,”and “Blockchain for People, Not For Geeks.”) 2018
January ● Development of YouToken marketplace prototypeuary
February - March ● Proof of Concept Crowdsale (100M tokens offered, min cap = $300k)
March ● Establishment of hybrid legal structure (U.S., EU, Global)
● YouToken Marketplace Beta version is released
April ● Opening of head office in Silicon Valley
● YouToken reaches its goal of 100+ “tokenized” creators featured on the platform
● The development of sales and marketing, promotion
May – June ● YouToken begins our DAICO – Business Acceleration (min cap = $3M)
July – August ● YouToken reaches its goal of 1,000+ “tokenized” creators featured on platform
August – Sept ● YTN is available on public crypto-exchanges The Team The Advisor For more Information please visit link below: Website: Whitepaper:
Twitter: Facebook:
My Bitcointalk profile:;u=185277


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सॅन फ्रान्सिस्को - अमेरिकेच्या ३१ वर्षीय लिझा फॉलजोन ( ने तीन वर्षांपूर्वी स्वत:च कंपनी सुरू केली होती तेव्हा लोक तिची थट्टा करायचे. म्हणायचे, लकवा झालेली ही मुलगी काय करू शकेल? पण लिझाने आपली हेटाळणी करणाऱ्यांची तोंडे आज अत्युच्च कामगिरी करून बंद केली आहेत. आज ती सुमारे ३४०० कोटी रुपयांच्या कंपनीची मालकीण आहे. लिझा लवकरच एक अब्ज डॉलर्सचा आयपीओ आणणार आहे. असे झाल्यास इतक्या प्रचंड रकमेचा आयपीओ सुरू करणारी ती जगातील पहिलीच महिला ठरेल.लिझाने २०१३ मध्ये रिव्हेल सिस्टिम ( कंपनी सुरू केली होती. मणक्याचे हाड मोडल्यानंतर लकवा आल्याने ती अंथरुणाला खिळली होती. याच काळात तिला ही कल्पना सुचली. २०१० मध्ये लिझा स्टॅनफोर्ड विद्यापीठात व्यवस्थापनात पदवी घेत होती. ती विद्यापीठात जलतरणही करायची. एके दिवशी पोहण्यासाठी घराबाहेर निघाली असताना अचानक पायऱ्यांवरून कोसळली. पाठीचा कणाच मोडल्याचे डॉक्टरी निदानात स्पष्ट झाले. ऑपरेशनमुळे लिझा उठबस करू शकत नव्हती.…