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YouToken a Crowdfunding Platform ICO

YouToken a Crowdfunding Platform ICO

Many projects already in the blockchain technology that focus in crowdfunding platform, others are successful and others are not.  Another project occur right now and I can say this is worth it for your investments which focus in crowdfunding platform. I introduce to you the YouToken.

What is YouToken exactly?

YouToken is a unique platform that allows people to convert human intelligence into a financial asset or a token (). YouToken takes people’s creative concepts and turn them into tokens, that is why converting human intelligence into something of value. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to fund their ideas and get support from the YouToken
community and investors have the possibility to invest in talented entrepreneurs at their early stage of success are some of the benefits for following people. For further explanation  entrepreneurs can “Sell themeselves” and their ideas on Youtoken while investors can buy “human intellegence” on our marketplace.

YouToken team has a strong background in the Fintech, Digital Media and Crypto/Blockchain fields. The team e built the online trading firms FXclub and Libertex, created an online media resource in Investory, and designed over a hundred smart contracts for respected blockchain and ICO projects such as ICO bazaar and TargeAd. They are adhering the principles of sustainable growth, integrity and good governance which is why they sell a small share of tokens in order to have a strong incentive to develop the product and grow capitalization of YTN token.

Some are curious about what is the difference and advantages of YouToken to other crowdfunding platforms, to generalize some of main advantage of Youtoken to other platforms . Youtoken have no paperworks, no legal entity and 4 types of funding options that consists of donation, debt, revenue share and equity. Investors who believe in the potential of an entrepreneur have an opportunity to purchase creator tokens (YTN_creatorname). This type of smart contract is perfect for investors who want to capitalize on an entrepreneur’s long-term potential. Debt involves borrowing money to be repaid plus the interest.  A lender is entitled only to the repayment of the agreed-upon principal of the loan, plus interest and a  lender has no direct claim on future profits of the business.

Revenue share involves raising money by sharing revenues in a business. As an investor, you can contribute money to a specific entrepreneur’s project in exchange for creator tokens (YTN_creatorname) and  revenue share in the project. Once the project begins generating revenues, you, as the investor, receive your revenue share. Equity involves raising money by selling interests in a company. As an investor, you can contribute money to someone’s project that was built by using blockchain technology. As the project grows, you get paid simply for owning the business’s share. In addition, you participate in the core decision-making processes that define the future of the project.

Some plans of Youtoken are the following:

January 2018 – Development of YouToken marketplace prototype
February – March 2018 – Proof of Concept Crowdsale (100M tokens offered, min cap = $300k)
March 2018 – Establishment of hybrid legal structure (U.S., E.U., Global)
March 2018 – YouToken Marketplace Beta version is released
April 2018 – 100+ “tokenized” creators featured on YouToken platform
May – June 2018 – DAICO – Business Acceleration (min cap = $3M)
July – August 2018 – 1,000+ “tokenized” creators featured on YouToken platform
August – Sept 2018 -YTN is available on public crypto-exchanges

100,000,000​ total tokens supply
$300,000​ min cap
$0,10​ = 1 YTN Price will set in ETH when smart contract is published.
5%​ bonus tokens you will get if purchase tokens by referral link

YouToken TEAM

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