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Zupply (ZUP) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Zupply (ZUP) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Most manufacturing companies today rely on legacy systems to bridge the gap between purchase offices and suppliers; although if they depend on outdated systems, this makes the gap even wider. The solution will be an ecosystem that’ll connect the suppliers with buyers while bringing down the costs, expanding businesses, and creating new opportunities.

In short, the manufacturing world needs Zupply—a robust platform that accelerates and also streamlines the manufacturing business processes. In this review, we’ll analyze this blockchain-based supply chain ecosystem to let you know whether its upcoming ICO sale is worth your investment and time. Let’s get started.

Zupply analysis 

In any supply chain, the purchasing departments have to consistently find new suppliers to reduce their costs. Likewise, the suppliers too need to expand their businesses. However, by relying on traditional supply chains, purchasing offices and suppliers can’t realize their respective goals.

The conventional supply chain model doesn’t allow purchasing departments to effectively reduce the costs associated with manufacturing processes and other related components. Even if they’re able to bring down the costs, the process is frustratingly slow. On the other hand, the suppliers are also unable to find new markets without allocating big budgets to marketing and sales.

So the presence of cost competitiveness in today’s supply chain network is evident. In today’s situation when economic growth is so sluggish, it becomes more important to contain costs and boost productivity. At such times, both parties need a supply chain that’ll have the edge of blockchain technology.

That’s where Zupply kicks in. Based on the revolutionary blockchain technology similar to CibusAmonAktie SocialAlttexTHEFANDOME , Zupply is set to change the whole manufacturing ecosystem for the better. This blockchain-enabled platform supports purchasing departments in reducing costs and discovering reliable suppliers; likewise, the system is effective enough to let suppliers push their market forward. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for suppliers and purchasing managers.

Zupply is creating a massive network of thousands of suppliers and customers. This ecosystem will therefore let a purchasing department publish its project requirements and then a supplier will be able to respond to them. The system looks pretty good and can solve some serious issues that plague today’s manufacturing landscape.

Zupply innovation 

Like many projects belonging to the already-burgeoning ICO listGuardiumCryptoLoansTernioBitCADCHERR.IO—Zupply is also designed to simplify lives. This crypto project is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, and especially its supply chain. Here are a few highlights that make this project innovative in every sense of the word. 

Streamlining the workflow for purchasers 

On this project, the purchasing departments of different companies can easily and quickly publish their requests for components. The network has some tools to let purchasers direct their research in different areas. With the help of these sophisticated tools and tech present on Zupply, the purchasers can search for specific suppliers on the basis of their dimensions. Also, the platform gives the purchasing departments the capability to restrict the searches to only those supplierswith specific evaluations from different customers. 

Simplifying the business of suppliers 

Zupply simplifies the ways through which suppliers can expand their markets. For instance, this ecosystem enables the suppliers to search for a lot of offers and specify the sector along with the research area. Furthermore, the project lets the suppliers search for those purchasers/customers with a sturdy economic evaluation. The network has a native economic rating system that can help suppliers connect with all the right purchasing departments within a couple of minutes.

The evolution of Supply BlockChain 

With Zupply, the company is bringing the power of smart contracts to the supply chain—the result is a solution that’s known as Supply BlockChain. Through smart contracts, it becomes simple to execute the supply agreements in a fair manner. By using smart contracts, the entire process can be guaranteed for its transparency, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. The team behind the project is even building new technology that’ll simplify the deployment of smart contracts.

A unique rating system in the making

Long before accepting an offer or evaluating a request, the buyers and suppliers can view all the ratings given to either of them by other Zupply users. Such a rating system lets the user give ratings on the basis of payment terms, quality, delivery, to name just a few.

Zupply ICO sale

The network has its own economy in the form of its native tokens. These tokens follow the ERC20 standards and will be present on the Ethereum blockchain. Since these tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain, they can be stored in any of the Ethereum wallets. In case the investors want to review the token’s smart contract code, they can find it at 

Other ICO details 

Ticker: ZUPPre–ICO saleDuration: February 24, 2018, to March 3, 2018Total number of available tokens: 100,000,000 ZUP tokensAccepted currency: ETHExchange rate: 1 ETH = 40,000 ZUP tokensMinimum transactions: 0.2 ETH Main ICO SaleDuration: March 10, 2018, to April 21, 2018Total number of available tokens: 500,000,000 ZUP tokensAccepted currency: ETHExchange rate: 1 ETH = 20,000 ZUP tokensMinimum transactions: None

Zupply team 

Behind this robust platform stands a team that’s committed to improving the manufacturing world. The team behind Zupply includes a range of experts belonging to diverse industrial backgrounds including manufacturing and blockchain. Whether it’s the platform’s ease of use or its searching mechanics, the team has thought of everything to ensure the success of this crypto project in improving the manufacturing ecosystem once and for all. 

Summarizing Zupply 

After reading the details, Zupply seems to have the potential to cover a great deal of the manufacturing market worldwide in the future. This blockchain-enabled network can help a lot of small- and mid-sized suppliers create new markets. Likewise, it can even help many big- and mid-sized purchasing departments find credible suppliers without hassles. This way, the project is all set to actually free the manufacturing sector from its inherent slowness. So if the project and its simplicity sound believable to you, then go ahead and join the ICO sale.

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Zupply (ZUP)

4.4 (36 votes)

Project TypeTokenPlatformEthereumWebsitezupply.netCategoryTrading & InvestingTotal Supply100,000,000WhitepaperViewBitcoin TalkOpen

Zupply (ZUP) Pre-ICO

Start DateFeb 24th 2018 00:00 UTC

End DateMar 3rd 2018 00:00 UTC



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