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KAYOCREDITS. Ico information

Decentralized Ecosystem to reward GamersKAYOCREDITS is a Decentralized ecosystem designed for gamers to earn through their skills and monetize their in-game achievements. KAYOCREDITS addresses the issue of false credentials, fraud in game assets trade and lack of escrow service for every transaction. Join our white-list today and be a part of new age gaming revolution. TOKEN PRE-SALE START IN :COMING SOONREGISTER NOWJOIN US ON TELEGRAMWHAT IS KAYOPLATFORM?NEXT GENERATION GAMERS MONETIZATION PLATFORM
KAYO credits is a decentralized platform for gamers and users to earn money based on their skills. KAYO ecosystem is essential for Gamers to rent out their services, developers to use our tokens to gamify their websites or games and advertisers to target specific potential customers for their product or expand themselves in to gaming community through KAYO Credits.
Our ecosystem helps user in easy betting of e-sports outcomes, fair and fast in-game assets trade, monetize their ski…


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👇👇👇👇👇👇👇♦️ EOPT is the token of EasyOption, which is the first global cryptocurrencies binary options trading platform.♦️The team has won top VC's investment.♦️ Get EOPT, you have oppurtunity to get 100,000 EOS.Event Details:


Blocchain technology is everyday involved in an increasing momentum in new areas of our lives. Much more beautiful projects, more beautiful ideas color and simplify our lives. Now let's introduce a system that aims to integrate platforms that provide the use of intelligent robots in systems using the blockchain technology. The XchangeRate platform will make it easier for us.  XchangeRate Robot is a professional in the process of extracting and analyzing transaction data in the crypto money market. Platforms that contain vital information that can be read intelligently to estimate the amount of purchasing and selling price movements are the data. ERC20 Ethereum Based on Smart Contract technology, an XRR Coin targets the application as an auxiliary token for the operations in in two main models.
 To get access to the platform for the user in a short time, they must use the XRR medal to pay at least monthly subscription and generate a subscription fee to promote and a…


Exploiting the TUURNT App features as a Comedian

Official website:  White Paper: Community: It is well known that the majority of party goers are youths or persons within the age bracket of 18 to 40years. The older generations do attend parties but most are tied down by responsibilities and other things. These people are the ones Tuurnt is trying to target. They are the ones who spend time, money and energy in attending parties and events with the feel of "let me enjoy life till the end". Majority of persons in this age bracket are people who are also very much exposed to technology. Therefore Tuurnt is a necessity for them to continue enjoying that feel with the ability of being in control- decentralization. In this article I will be talking of a way Comedians can use Tuurnt to host their events and earned money from it. Firstly, Comedians are the reason why alot of people are still a…


Involve is the first crypto platform that is created for mobile apps which engages into relationship of all parties of the market of mobile apps such as the users, developers and investors. Involve is the project inspired by the modern trends such as: growth of mobile market, robotization and the crypto economy.“INVOLVE” aims to show how mobile gaming industry should look like in the digital currency era bycombining the best taken from traditional mobile platforms with blockchain technology. Involve is the project inspired by modern trends such as: mobile market growth, robotization, cryptoeconomy.Pre-ICO starts in 1 May. Don’t miss it!An Overview Of The MarketThe reasons and matters which motivated the creation of involve can be understood well when full attention is paid to attention to some of the market’s statistics and forecasts.These days, Robots and automatization are changing the job market and there concerns about robots taking over most of the jobs…

Ethic hub ico information

Ethic Hub is an investment platform that universalizes access to highly profitable positive impact projects, by
directly connecting investors to projects rated by risk level. Evaluation is carried out by people in contact with
borrowers, profiting only from on-time loan payments.
At the same time, Ethic Hub is a global crowdlending platform that enables access to groups of small
producers from developing countries to lower rate loans than the ones now available to them, benefiting
both parties from this exchange.
Regulatory barriers have so far hindered the development of transnational crowdlending platforms; a
decentralized system (DAO) operated through cryptocurrency, will facilitate global transactions between
investors and borrowers.
Crowdlending platforms grow over 100% annually thanks to their disintermediation of financial sector, directly
connecting savers and borrowers. Blockchain allows for a new level of crowdlending development,
improving its …

GUARIUM - ICO information

What is Guar Coin? 
Imagine being the owner of a cryptocurrency that you can use in thousands of online stores around the world. Every day, Guar Coin is gaining value as it has been circulated from the beginning in a huge online distribution infrastructure.During the official debut, Guar Coin will be a strong asset in the marketplace while providing a great solution for individual investors looking to benefit from the dynamic growth of their value.Planned implementation of blockchain technologyA huge and powerful affiliate systemE-commerce infrastructuresales ecosystemGlobal token and cryptocurrency in the futurePrivate transactionsGeneral system scheme
E-Commerce Automation - Fully Automated Online Sales 
System Using innovative solutions, manufacturers and wholesalers will be able to leverage the power of hundreds of thousands of scattered online stores run by individual entrepreneurs around the world. A solution that is suitable for both existing and new markets.In each of these sto…

Golden Currency [ICO]

Golden Currency [ICO]
Golden Currency is a project of the first fully functional private currency, convenient and efficient infrastructure with utilization of modern technologies, including blockchain. In other words, we are talking about creating a legal and independent private analogue of the Central Banks, which uses the accumulated experience and modern technologies to ensure reliable and convenient currency.The main goal of the project is to establish a monetary system of the new Golden currency, which includes the first fully functional global private currency issuance, both cash and non-cash, 100% backed by gold. Establishment and development of infrastructure for new currency operation, ensuring its efficient and convenient utilization and maximizing its use.Establishment of Golden currency and its infrastructure will be based on the key principles described below. When deciding on the elements of the system, key principles will be taken into consideration at first. In case of …

Weedo ico information

ASSET NAME :- weedo​TOTAL SUPPLY:- 17500000​CONVERSION RATE:- 1 weedo :- 2.30$​SOFT CAP:- 1000000 weedo​HARD CAP:- 7218750 weedo​PAYMENT METHODS:- btc, ethe, waves, ltc​