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GUARIUM - ICO information

What is Guar Coin? 
Imagine being the owner of a cryptocurrency that you can use in thousands of online stores around the world. Every day, Guar Coin is gaining value as it has been circulated from the beginning in a huge online distribution infrastructure.

During the official debut, Guar Coin will be a strong asset in the marketplace while providing a great solution for individual investors looking to benefit from the dynamic growth of their value.

Planned implementation of blockchain technologyA huge and powerful affiliate systemE-commerce infrastructuresales ecosystemGlobal token and cryptocurrency in the futurePrivate transactions

General system scheme

E-Commerce Automation - Fully Automated Online Sales 
System Using innovative solutions, manufacturers and wholesalers will be able to leverage the power of hundreds of thousands of scattered online stores run by individual entrepreneurs around the world. A solution that is suitable for both existing and new markets.

In each of these stores, you can do the purchasing for Guar Coin, which will give you a significant advantage over other online cryptocurrencies.

Common recommendation system in online shops 

We have created a system in which anyone who operates his online store can recommend products from other stores. Imagine a system of thousands of online stores, where a once-recommended customer is permanently assigned to the referrer. The use of Blockchain technology has allowed us to create a fully automated product and job management system. And the introduction of Guar Coin into the e-commerce network will make shopping a lot easier.

Here's your chance 
You can buy GUAR tokens before they're officially rolled out. We know very well that the future of shopping is on the Internet and, with the right e-commerce automation infrastructure we are building, we will have a significant impact on how people shop online.

5 BLN trillion dollars - value of the e-commerce market in Europe

0.01 value of GUAR tokens in presale

10% of the GUAR tokens are distributed in the pre-ICO phase

35 MLN Milion dollars - target for the pre-ICO phase

Price Guar Coin in advance sale 0.01 GUAR

Buy over 100,000 GUAR tokens: 100% FREE

Distribution of Tokens and Funds 

We recognize that many people are involved in building the entire e-commerce automation system. From the beginning, we planned and planned to distribute the tokens to specific groups of people who are involved in the implementation project and what amounts are involved.

Above all, we wanted to appreciate the great role played by the early investors who were the first GuarCoin tokens to buy in the pre-ICO phase. Therefore, apart from the extraordinary price, we have prepared bonus tokens for you. In addition, for the ICO phase and for investors buying tokens in this phase, we will offer their prices slightly higher than in the pre-ICO phase.

The only difference is that the price will be higher and higher, depending on which phase of the phase we are in. In the 3rd and 4th stages of ICO, another 30% of the tokens will be shared with the community and partners. Some of the tokens cover marketing costs and overall business planning. Another is available to the consultants of the whole project, the last part is intended for management and employees.

Road map

=> JANUARY 2016 - Planning Infrastructure 
=> MAY 2016 - Related Machine Creation 
=> APRIL 2017 - I STAGE - Database 
System => DECEMBER 2017 - Integration with Wholesalers 
=> JANUARY 2018 - The Visual Part of the Data Exchange System 
=> APRIL 2018 - ICO Phase Pre 
=> JUNE 2018 - System Integration and Payment 
Gateway => JULY 2018 - QUOTE OFFER 
=> AUGUST 2018 - Pre-Launch and Online Shop 
=> OCTOBER 2018 - The official launch of electronic commerce automation 
=> DECEMBER 2018 - Virtual Shopping Center - 3D View of Storage 
=> MARCH 2019 - Begins to work on the crypto currency market itself 
=> APRIL 2019 - International expansion
=> AUGUST 2019 - Hard Fork Guar Coin 

Legal conditions


Grzegorz Ciupek - Managing Director,


Rafał Gibas - Chief Technical Officer


Przemysław Zakrzewski - CIO, VP of PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT



Alicja Siuda - CFO

Karolina Juda - Brand Manager


Mateusz Kosiek - Chief Executive

Katarzyna Butrym - Head of Customer Service

Anna Prygiel - Head of the Accounting Department

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Author: Pradeep Managave


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