Involve is the first crypto platform that is created for mobile apps which engages into relationship of all parties of the market of mobile apps such as the users, developers and investors. Involve is the project inspired by the modern trends such as: growth of mobile market, robotization and the crypto economy.

“INVOLVE” aims to show how mobile gaming industry should look like in the digital currency era bycombining the best taken from traditional mobile platforms with blockchain technology. Involve is the project inspired by modern trends such as: mobile market growth, robotization, cryptoeconomy.

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An Overview Of The Market

The reasons and matters which motivated the creation of involve can be understood well when full attention is paid to attention to some of the market’s statistics and forecasts.

These days, Robots and automatization are changing the job market and there concerns about robots taking over most of the jobs in near future. Automatized cars and retail stores without human workers has been seen so, the future is already here!. There are some of the forecasts and statistics about nowadays situation on the job market

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ICoin (IQO Coin): The ICoin is the cryptocurrency, which is mined by the gamers according to the Proof-of Time protocol. The total number of ICoinns is limited with 500 000 000 000

IToken (IQO Token): ITokens can be purchased during the Pre-ICO and ICO stages. Then it will be distributed among our investors to support the created platform. The supply of IToken is limited with 3 500 000 000.

The key task of this project is to give people the ability to employ themselves, providing them with the wide range of mobile apps, which will reward the users for every second spent in the app. The user is rewarded with coin, which is mined according to Proof-of-time protocol in the brand-new blockchain.

Involve mobile app platform is to be downloaded for free providing the user with unlimited access for all kind of applications. However, it is a developers’ choice to establish the pricing model. Moreover, mobile developers will gain access to the crowdfunding and the community will decide which projects gets a chance to raise funds. After all, the developers will have an opportunity to cut the marketing costs.

The idea of the Involve platform is to create an eco-system, where the mobile developers will add their mobile apps and all the users become members of the same universe. Every player, after creating a profile, gains access to all the games (or other type of apps) he/she wants to play (or use) it for free. Every hour of playing the game (or using the app) will be rewarded with ICoin, which is to be stored in the cryptowallet.

ICoin will be the currency for a virtual marketplace within this mobile platform.

This marketplace allows gamers to trade directly with each other using ICoins.

There are Four(4) key advantages of the involve platform in the view of developers. They are:

Ability for indie developers to survive and thrive. Major publishers overwhelm the mobile app market. The involve platform is here to stop it.

Developers do not need to spend fortunes on marketing in order to promote their apps or games.

Easy to stay independent and public.

Low commissions

Within the platform, developers will be free from continuous distraction by marketing processes, while developing apps. Developers will feel free to expose what they are working on and find the vital support and strong feedback, if needed.

Besides, there is a great possibility to increase the profits of developers by reducing their costs.

Involve’s ecosystem is unique as a unicorn, which never existed until the team came up with an idea of it. The team managed to combine all the best ideas and put it together in one project. Everyone will be involved in this ecosystem from the users to Investors. Users can become investors, investors can become users and so on. The Involve team managed to find the perfect balance when people can earn playing , investing, holding or developing. The Involve platform is designed in a way to make a long run and bring financial stability for every gamer. That is why every single token holder will be rewarded from the platform’s revenue. The Involve platform will also distribute profits for every token holder quarterly and it will start as soon as the platform runs.

The size of reward will depend on the size of the holder’s stake in ITokens. The Ethereum tokensale algorithm is used for ICO purposes.







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