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Showing posts from May, 2018 EXON TOKEN AND ICO INFORMATION

10:00 UTC 20.05.18 - 23:59  UTC 31.05.18Soft cap - 550 000 USD
Hard cap - 5 000 000 USD
1 EXON = 0,80 USD
Permanent bonus 44% to the price
of the ICO!ICO
10:00 UTC 01.06.18 - 23:59  UTC 01.07.18
Soft cap - 5 000 000 USD
Hard cap - 20 000 000 USD
1 EXON = 1 USD
Bonus up to 25% for the first day investor!
In the unlikely event that not all tokens
are sold, the remaining ones will be
destroyed.PRE SALE1 MAY 2018 - 31 MAY 2018 (0.56 USD = 1.0 EXON)PUBLIC SALE1 JUN 2018 - 1 JUL 2018 (1.0 USD = 1.0 EXON)Overview:-
The international trading platform Export.Online is created to solve the existing problems and difficulties of
exporters associated with the start and conduct of activities in international trade.
The project combines disparate tools and databases in one-stop-shop mode, allowing clients to reduce
their time for preparation and execution of an …

Capital Technologies & Research ICO INFORMATION

Capital Technologies & Research ICO INFORMATION
Name: Capital Technologies & Research
Token symbol: CALL
Hard cap: $151,557,656.25
Soft Cap: $4,239,375.00
ERC20 token: YesPrivate SaleMinimum investment: $5000CALL Supply: 3,123,750CALLG Supply: 624,750,000$0.35 (1 CALL & 200 CALLG)Pre-ICO SaleMinimum investment: 0.01 ETHCALL Supply: 7,586,250CALLG Supply: 1,517,250,000$0.5 (1 CALL & 200 CALLG)First Decentralized Private Communication SolutionCROWDSALE STAGESPrivate sale
0.35 $Pre-sale
0.5 $Main sale
0.7 $Last week 1 $VISION of projectAfter years and years of evolution, the Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before, we became capable to interact with anyone despite the long distance between us. It's true that this made our way of life easier, but with what cost?Privacy in your Handsvalue our users by providing them with an All-in-One solutionCross-Platformmodular design creates no scalabilities issues, leading way to multi-p…

AdvisoryNetwork. Ico information

Dear friends today's we discuss new token ADVISORY NETWORK (ADN)
Then let's go...ICO Start 20th May, 2018 End of ICO 17th July, 2018Budget5% of the tokens which provides about 45,000,000 ADNwith a sum of $1,350,000The bounty campaign :
Content posts (25%) – 1.125.000 stake
Youtube (20%) – 900.000 stake
Signature (15%) – 675.000 stake
Translation (10%) – 450.000 stake
Facebook (15%) – 675.000 stake
Twitter (15%) – 675.000 stake
Service providers provide information on services, experience, advisors, and consulting rates per minute on call. The end users easily find the right service provider, and know the service rate for every minute of consulting before consulting. Consultation can be done by voice call or video call.

Whitepaper includes 33 pages.Launch platfom promised in Q4-2018
Tokens will be listed on Upbit, Hitbtc, Binance, Okex,, HuobiINVEST PLANS:-
Pls read as Name        Amount            allocation       Start Date         End DatePre-sale    180,000,000    35…

VEXANIUM ico information

Hello reader,
Today I introduce you one upcoming ico. VEXANIUM
Vexanium enables merchants to tokenize and promote product efficiently.ICO INFORMATION INITIAL SALE 2 - UP TO 7% BONUS1ETH = 20,000 VEX , 1 BTC = 235,000 VEX , 1ACT = 10 VEX , 1TEN = 8.5 VEX

120,332,111 VEX SOLD400,000,000 VEX TOTALPRE ICOICO 1ICO 2 - LIVEICO 3 - COMING SOONWhat is VEXANIUM ?VEXANIUM is a decentralized marketing ecosystem. Utilizing blockchain technology, it builds an online marketplace that allows merchants to tokenize their rewards and promote their products efficiently. Vexanium as Digital Currency: A digital currency for VEX Platform that built for connectivity between Retail world to crypto world VEX Platform,Platform that Aims to help Business to create their own Marketing campaign or Distribute their services through Decentralized platform
SOME OF COMMUNITY MEETUP THEY CONDUCTEDBali EventDubai Event BoothVexanium PresentationDubai World Blockchain Forum…