All stocks ico information

All stocks ico information
Hi friends I am back with new ico information. i.e. All stock {AST} altcoin 


First we discuss about sale

Total tokens supply: 50,000,000 AST tokens. 

In the current sale, AllStocks will allocate 25,000,000 AST tokens. The sale is split into three stages, each 

with reduced exchange rate that represents an early investment bonus.

AST Token prices: 

April 15 – April 30, Stage one: 625 AST = 1.00 ETH (25% Bonus) 

May 1 – June 15, Stage two: 550 AST = 1.00 ETH (10% Bonus) 

June 16 – June 30, Stage three: 500 AST = 1.00 ETH (No Bonus)

Fundraising Goal: $20M Hardcap

Token Sale Timeline:

 Announcement

March 1

 Public Presale Start (Stage 1)

April 15

 Public Presale End

April 30

 Public Crowdsale Start (Stages 2 & 3)

May 1

 Public Crowdsale End

June 30

 Finish Token Distribution

July 15 

 Start Trading

July 31

Use of Funds:

 30% - Research & Development

 30% - Marketing 

 30% - Global Operations & Brokerage interface

 10% - Advisory, Management & Other

Sale Stages:

Stage 1: April 15 – April 30 (25% BONUS)

Stage 2: May 1 – June 15 (10% BONUS)

Stage 3: June 16 – June 30 (No BONUS)





Minimum purchase is 50 AST tokens. Get a bonus from 10% to 25% on every token purchase

Stage Two: May 01 – June 15

625 AST tokens = 1.00 ETH (25% BONUS UNTIL May 06)

Additional 10% BONUS for purchasing 20 ETH and above.

HARD CAP: 25,000,000 AST
SOFT CAP: 2,500,000 AST


A New Way to Trade in the Global Markets

*Buy Backed Tokens that Represent Real Assets

A token is issued for a real financial asset that you buy, which will be held in a trusted, transparent, and regulated escrow account. The token’s value will always correlate the real asset’s value, and can be liquefied at any given time.

*Trade Your Backed Tokens Anywhere

All issued tokens are ERC-20 compliant, which means that you can trade it anywhere and anytime in all crypto-exchanges; this cuts down drastically the fees and commissions of the banks and brokers.

*Liquefy Your Tokens

At any given moment, you can liquefy your tokens on the AllStocks exchange platform and receive their real asset’s value to your account.

ALLSTOCKS infrastructure:-

ALLSTOCKS infrastructure will be structured in a way that critical data will be stored on the 

Blockchain. The data to be stored are user balances and transactions. While the data is 

maintained on the Blockchain, all other data will be stored on the server. To enable speedy 

adoption of CTT, tools, framework, and development, technological environments were already 

designed. Also, several smart contracts will be required for the system to perform optimally.

Users of the platform will require to store and use Ethereum wallets. To facilitate the

widespread adoption of CTT transactions, hedging tools and investments, user-friendly libraries 

and code will be needed. All CTT smart contracts will be ERC-20 compliant, which means that 

they will work properly on Ethereum Blockchain. A dedicated ALLSTOCKS smart contract (also 

called cryptocontracts) will be created to regulate the work of CTT smart contracts.

On-chain Infrastructure: ALLSTOCKS Network smart contracts will be needed for it to work 


CTT Smart Contracts: Each real financial asset registered with ALLSTOCKS Decentral Stock 

Exchange will have CTT issued in the form of smart contracts. CTT smart contracts, on the other 

hand, will be ERC20-compliant. Forwarding CTTs between accounts will be the same as 

transferring ERC20 tokens between users’ wallets.

ALLSTOCKS Decentral Stock Exchange: In order to regulate the work of CTT

Cryptocontracts, a dedicated Decentral Stock Exchange for Cryptocontracts will be tasked with 

such responsibility. 

Buffers: Also known as Auxiliary Smart Contracts, the buffers will help perform auxiliary 

functions such as switching between cryptocontracts running different versions and enabling 

extra API functions. 

Off-chain Infrastructure: To facilitate the speedy adoption of CTT as a hedging tool, 

transaction and investment, certain libraries and code templates for app developers will be

made available. 

Toolkits: These are tools created for the sole purpose of interfacing the internal CTT Limited’s 

IT infrastructure with Ethereum Blockchain. In summary, it helps to organize the interaction as

well as monitor the state of the ALLSTOCKS system. 

CTT Explorers: CTT Explorers will be created to allow users view CTT data and manually verify 

the right ownership of underlying real financial assets of ALLSTOCKS Decentral Stock Exchange.


AllStocks is led by a team of experts with backgrounds in finance, trading, blockchain, investment banking, AI, big-data, and fintech.

Shaul Aharon

Chairman of the Board

Elad Aharon

CEO (Co-founder)

Oren Nataf

CTO (Co-founder)

Kobi Aharon

CFO (Co-founder)

Omri Shabath


Sandra Lopez


Michal Mizrachi

HR Manager

G.M Al Imran

Team Leader of Infrastructure

Oz Shabat

iOS App Development

Zvi Yamin

Android OS Developer

Sushil Pandey

Marketing Advisor

Amit Lavy

Public Relations Advisor

There are also over a dozen developers, designers, UX experts and more who are working tirelessly on the AllStocks exchange platform to bring to you the best product as soon as possible.

Contact details:-


Ramat-Gan (Tel-Aviv Area), Israel
33th Jabotinsky St,
1st Twins Tower, 11th floor
Tel: +972-737880501

Facebook :-




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