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Bcharity have been developing the first unique international charity exchange based on the blockchain technologies with implementation of a cryptocurrency. 

On the one hand, this charity exchange will bring together charitable foundations, organizations and private benefactors from all over the world, on the other hand, all people who need help can share their problem with the whole World.

BCharity Overview

Symbol CHAR
Type ERC20
Country United-Kingdom
Start Date2018-04-01
End Date 2018-04-30
Payment Method
Total Supply 80000000
Sector Charity Smart Contracts
Health Platform
Platform Ethereum


01.12.2017 Study the charity market and preparatory work

29.01.2018 Birth of the idea of creating BCharity

01.03.2018 Launch of PR campaign, holding of Private Sale

01.04.2018 Pre-Sale conducting

01.06.2018 Main Sale, MVP presentation

01.09.2018 Presentation of the beta version and the beginning of development of a full version

21.10.2018 Placing a token on stock exchanges

20.12.2018 Presentation of the full version of the product

08.02.2019 Development of applications for mobile devices on all  operating systems

01.05.2019 Geographical expansion of the market expansion

BCharity Team

Vladislav Kolodistyy

CEO and Founder

BCharity Team Lead, a visionary of technology with the genuine desire to modernize charity.

Matthew Guignard


An entrepreneur with experience and desire to make a difference, he will be a communication point of contact and push BCharity forward.

Pramod Mendonca


A technology expert with more than 15 years of experience. Pramod holds multiple degrees across physics and computer sciences, A Full-Stack Developer with a passion for Blockchain, Pramod can find the answer to whatever is asked of him.

Robby Schwertner


Social media influencer and crypto advisor, focuses on building growth for blockchain ventures which provide #ReturnOnSociety - a clear added value for people and cultures across the globe.

Roman Prishchip

Head Developer and Co-Founder

A professional in the field of technical development of web resources with years of experience. Wide experience in Ruby, JavaScript and Erlang programming languages.

Dmitry Maslo


An active philanthropist with technical project management experience, actively advising on several IT ventures.

Carmelo Spano

Development in the UK

Hands-on Business Developer with a track record, partnering with 1.5 billion pounds startup (Deliveroo) and UK government-backed financial institution.

Max Pryvedennyi

Development in the USA

Specialist in international relations with many years of experience. Leader of volunteer programs in the United States.

Micah Mkombeza

Development in Africa

A professional enterprise development specialist with technical project management experience and an entrepreneur with experience and entrepreneurial desire to make a difference with evolving technology.

Mike Elnikov

Development in China

Expert in international relations field and running of international business projects. More than 15 years of experience in this area.

Timo Trippler

Development in Germany

Entrepreneur, focused on FinTech / InsurTech Industry! Financial Markets & Risk Management Expert with 12 years experience in Day Trading / Margin Trading. He is also active as ICO Advisor and had managed several Crypto Fund Portfolios.

Vsevolod Lukovsky

Blockchain technology and Smart-contracts

More that 8 years successful work in IT. Experience in world-known companies (BDO Group, Tinkoff). Also take part of projects in Gazprom, Unicredit Bank.

Anatolii Shovkovyi

Head Designer

Controls project Design system & website. Great experience of work in famous companies.

Gery Maes

International Business Development

A Ph.D. of Health Sciences and an international humanitarian. Gery is an international investor with a vast network of philanthropists while also operating a number of health-based businesses globally.

Krissy Smith

Humanitarian / Acclaimed Producer

A philanthropist that is actively addressing social issues within the US. An active blockchain investor who has entrenched herself as an equality activist.

Tony Sousa

US Legal Advisor

With in-depth experience surrounding ICO legislation and operating requirements, Tony will help ensure that all US market opportunities are realized and executed.

Reinhard Berger

Chief Executive Officer Pecunio Blockchain Technologies

FinTech veteran. Reinhard’s career began in global banking system for clients such as Credit Suisse, UBS and Invesco Credit Suisse, UBS and Invesco.

Tharwat Abdul-Malik

Blockchain technology

Over 20 years of technology and business experience. An independent consultant in Monsanto, Travelport, Delta Airlines, McKesson, Sharecare, Vodafone, Racetrac, Raytheon, and a host of startups in advisory.

Eliahu Gal-Or

Guru in non-profit organizations

Inventor, connector, social media guru, filmmaker, social artist/activist/entrepreneur, international trader for the last 45 years. Fully fluent in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and of course English, currently studying Hungarian and Japanese, and have always traveled extensively.

Sean Brizendine

Blockchain Expert

Has over 7 years experience researching Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. He ran an early Bitcoin Mining Blog. Volunteered as a CryptoCurrency Forum moderator in the early days.

Alesia Dubrovskaya

Business influencer

Conference speaker, business influencer, columnist for #rusbase. Digital marketer and an entrepreneur with 8 years of expirience. Owner of Fckmarketing. Marketing director of LeoCakeUAE and @GarillaBot.

Ihor Nikolenko

Sales Increaser

Sales Generator. TroubleShooter. Linkedin Expert. More than 10 years succesful work in international companies(Philip Morris, Kimberly-Clark, Roullier Group, etc).

Alex Saidani

Serial entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur and self taught, software developer. Founder of Xcelchain a blockchain education and development firm.

Alexandr Chevtaev


Successful entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in business development, innovation management & startups.

Robert Laguna

Head of Operations at Inspirotec

Over 10 years experience in operations, data analysis and project management. Leading processes and teams for corporate and startup companies.

Tyler Wayne

ICO marketer

Blockchain enthusiast. Crypto investor. Successful ICO marketer and advisor on 8 ICOs raising more than $130 million. Always searching for new and innovative ways to help businesses meet their goals.

Nikolay Shkilev

Crypto enthusiast and mentor

Has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. He has many awards and titles in the IT business. Self-Made Russia award. Tech guru. Super TOP award etc.

Vladimir Nikitin

Economics Advisor

Master of Law, Master of Economics. Has experience in the field of civil law, finance, IT for more than 10 years. Collaborated with different companies.

Wulf Kaal

Director of the Private Investment Fund Institute (PIFI)

Wulf is one of the leading voices at the intersection of crypto economics, blockchain and law. He teaches blockchain, innovation and coding for lawyers.

Nathan Christian

Fintech international speaker

Technical expert in Blockchain-based accounting and financial applications. Serial entrepreneur with over 35 start-ups in his portfolio.

Valentine Gandhi

Impact Metrics

Implementation Scientist, Policy Advisor, Evaluation Specialist and ICT4D Expert. Currently based between Jakarta and Nairobi, with over 15 years experience at both field and policy level with various UN, CGIAR and Donor agencies in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Vladislav Nikitenkov

Marketing Specialist

Has more than 5-year experience in promoting brands, launching marketing companies. He has been doing marketing in the promotion of ICO, TGE and ITO projects for over a year.

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