BITLUMENS - a decentralized network of electricity-based build 1.2 billion people without access to electricity for a micro-block and banking.

BitLumens  solar  power in areas without electricity and distribute devices to connect to the network blockchain. By using the device for the people who build credit score. By using the data they can access their banks symbol can be used BitLumens BLS, there were micro-credit to those who really need it.


And these are the regions of non-Christian forms of existing infrastructure microgrid. Software developer collects a lot blockchain send to us. People can decide that information is available to banks and other financial services for micro-credit. There shall be a means of access to the banks of the more than a billion people, but for those who need a bank account.

power plant

These devices produce zero-emission electricity that is clean and has a direct impact on the quality of life. In the future, there can be interconnected to form a network, the micro electric places without electricity and allows people to trade energy in the city.


The device can be locked by the user gets back on their monthly payments. This is the need to provide security in the hands of microcredit said Abbot. On the other hand, users were given all the power. Unless you can make use of the approaches that have put her to decide.


We have developed the software as a Service (SaaS) platform which can be accessed through BitLumens. Banks, governments, utilities, and where no other is able to use them have access to a variety of data points collected in the structure of the solar power BitLumens, and we are the agent, the conception of KYC, the digital ID: record of credit score, very good to rise up, to the pure energy is produced and consumed and then the place of the device. A lot of personal data of the user safely be available to private individuals.

The conclusion is drawn from the given to be generated that is to say the name of the inventor of the power of the gospel is committed to be a loan, I will put the position of the transparent body and visualize in hardware, the amount of the effect in the passages shut up: and he was filled.

BITLUMENS advantages:

* It is safe access to affordable electricity, environmentally friendly and reliable message.

Access to Microloans and other financial services from the billions of people who do not have bank accounts.

* Avoid costly remittance fees are usually microloan attack.

Each token represents Microloans * guaranteed by our hardware portfolio.

* Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


To access and use the software BitLumens have received BLS required. More valid argument for paying the pensions of the villagers need for solar power devices to access their banks BitLumens SaaS (Software Engineering) is to send a signal to use the familiar behind.

Most of the solar with the villagers they do not make approach to the agent of the buyer shall gather the cash and Digital lorem the new design according to the number of individuals make use of money BLS BitLumens the open environment. And then the BLS and uniquely associated with solar power devices.

Token ERC20 token, according to the BLS blockchain ethereis. That does not represent equity in the company. A participant in the work of the ecosystem is the reason why every one of you to buy from the open market in the BLS BitLumens, and increases the demand for BLS there is no less than the real facts.


BLS data tokens required to access the credit score of the 1.2 billion people without access to electricity and bank accounts.

Villagers BLS standards and pay for electricity.

Token, BLS used to send them back to you.

IO and verified by the excuse himself and then be adopted.

Anyone who needs to buy a ticket to go to the BLS BitLumens it to the function from the open side of the market.


15/01/2018 Start of the first Pilot

01/03/2018 lorem on the Web, and the mobile app is in Beta

28/05/2018 Pre-Sale Bitlumens

30/05/2018 The end of the BLS Pre-Sale

01/06/2018 HIT start sale

28/06/2018 HIT end of sale

30/06/2018 Launch of the new Android app

01/07/2018 Start of Second Pilot

01/07/2018 begins trading BLS




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