BlockShipping Container Platform Token (CPT) Container Crypto Coin (CCC) ICO information

BlockShipping Container Platform Token (CPT) Container Crypto Coin (CCC) ICO

ICO Details

The public sale begins on 14th May 2018, with the pre-sale already underway. The key information for the ICO is as follows:

· Start date:14 May 2018

· End date: 14th June 2018

· Token: Container Crypto Coin (CCC)

· Platform: Ethereum ERC-20

· Price: Fixed at $0.62 per CCC throughout token sale

· Soft cap: n/a

· Hard cap: 40m tokens, $24.8m

· Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC

· Minimum investment: $100 equivalent

Token distribution

Tokens will be allocated as follows:

· Pre-sale: 10%

· Token sale: 70%

· Founders and employees: 5%

· Advisors and partners: 10%

· Bonus for pre- and public sales: 5%


The GSCP ICO for CCC tokens begins on April 15, 2018.

Blockshipping aims to transform the global container shipping industry using blockchain technology. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is BlockShipping Container Platform?

Blockshipping, found online at, is a blockchain-based Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP). The platform claims to be the world’s first freight container registry and the first global platform that allows all participants in the shipping industry to perform a wide range of container-related transactions.

Blockshipping has already received funding for its GSCP platform from private angel investors as well as the Danish Maritime Fund.

What Problems Does Blockshipping Seek To Solve?

The container shipping industry accounts for approximately 60% of the world’s maritime trading. However, this industry has been facing major problems for decades, including:

OvercapacityLow ratesSecurity threatsIncreasing environmental regulations

Blockshipping seeks to solve these problems by introducing a system for increased efficiency and improved processes.

How Does Blockshipping Work?

Blockshipping is a Global Shared Container Platform or GSCP.

It’s a neutral, global platform designed to connect all participants in the container shipping industry, including carriers, ports, terminals, transport companies, and more.

Today, there are 27 million metal freight containers worldwide. Blockshipping wants to create the world’s first blockchain-based registry that allows the industry to keep track of all containers in real-time.

The GSCP platform will also allow industry participants to efficiently manage all types of transactions related to container handling.

Blockshipping will have two tokens, including the external revenue sharing token (CCC) and the internal utility token called the Container Platform Token, or CPT.

Platform design and prototyping is taking place throughout Q1 2018. The developers will also design the Blockshipping smart contracts and blockchain. By Q2 2018, the company hopes to implement the platform and iPaaS. A soft launch of the platform is expected for Q3 2018.

Blockshipping Benefits

Blockshipping aims to offer the following benefits through its GSCP platform:

Cost Savings:

The platform claims to enable potential savings of $5.7 billion USD per year.

Global Adoption:

The platform is already funded by private angel investors as well as the Danish Maritime Fund. The ICO is seen as “a natural supplementary funding source” that will allow the company to further accelerate development of the platform.

Reduce Emissions:

Blockshipping aims to reduce global CO2 emissions by at least 4.6 million tons. Blockshipping will make freight shipping more efficient, which means fewer unnecessary trips and more optimized loads.

The Blockshipping CPT & CCC Token ICO Details

The Token Model — Two Tokens

As mentioned earlier, one of the most exciting aspects of the Blockshipping project is that they are offering a token with payout. However, there are in fact two tokens being provided by the Blockshipping project. These are:

Container Crypto Coin (CCC) — an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token with revenues from the project shared with token holders.Container Platform Token (CPT) — these are the tokens that will be used internally on the platform to pay transaction fees and will have a fixed value in US Dollar terms.

In terms of the CCC, here is how the revenue sharing model will work:

Initially, 20% of the gross revenue from transaction fees paid in CPT on the GSCP platform will be distributed to CCC token holders. The percentage will drop as revenue rises however, on the following basis:

$0 to $0.5m per month in revenue = 20% revenue share$0.5m to $1m per month in revenue = 15% revenue share$1m to $1.5m per month in revenue = 10% revenue share$1.5m to $2m per month in revenue = 5% revenue share$2m to $2.5m per month in revenue = 3% revenue share$2.5m and above = 1% revenue share

So they estimate that payouts could start out at a yearly ROI of around 1.42% in 2019, growing to over 10% p.a. by 2022. This all depends of course on how much revenue they generate, which remains to be seen but it is good to see they are offering a revenue-sharing model.

They plan to pay out the revenue in CCC tokens via a reverse Dutch auction model (once all the CCCs are used up).

Both the CCC and CPT tokens are based on the public Ethereum blockchain. Each CPT token is set at a value of $1 USD.

Blockshipping’s ICO is significant for two reasons. First, the ICO is the first ICO related to Nordic shipping. Second, the ICO will also be the first to implement Denmark’s landmark “ICO 2.0” regulations. The ICO will be built on something called the “ICO 2.0 Framework”. That framework is designed to increase quality standards for ICOs, ensure that future Danish ICOs are 100% compliant with Danish law, provide the highest standards in terms of security and quality of coding, promote openness and transparency, and follow a strict code of conduct. The ICO 2.0 Framework is being built by Denmark’s largest law firm in collaboration with a fintech advisory firm.

Who’s Behind Blockshipping?

Blockshipping is led by a team of experienced experts from the container shipping industry. Key members of the team include Peter Ludvigsen (CEO and Founder), who has 38 years of experience in the shipping industry.

Other key members of the team include Christian Gyntelberg (COO), an IT management consultant with senior management experience in several shipping companies, and Jesper Vedelsby (CTO), a technical architect with 20 years of experience in shipping, airlines, and energy.

The company is based in Hørsholm, Denmark.

BlockShipping Container Platform Conclusion

Blockshipping is one of several companies seeking to use blockchain to optimize efficiencyin the global shipping industry. It’s the world’s first blockchain-based global shipping container platform, or GSCP.

Blockshipping has already received investments from private investors and the Danish Maritime Fund. They’re also seeking to raise money during an ICO. Investors who purchase tokens during the ICO will be eligible to receive a portion of profits from the platform.

To learn more about Blockshipping and how it plans to disrupt the global container shipping industry, visit online today at


This is an impressive project from a genuine company with a great deal of experience in their field. The team looks strong and they have already secured backing from the Danish Maritime Foundation amongst others.

The shipping container industry does seem like an industry ripe for disruption and Blockshipping have identified some key areas where technology and blockchain could help address inefficiencies. From that point of view it is well-thought out and the Whitepaper is very comprehensive.

They have an ambitious goal to achieve 60% market penetration of 16 million containers being covered within 4 years. Whether this will be achieved remains to be seen, but apparently they already have strong interest from some of the world’s largest shipping container companies.

It is good to see a revenue sharing model included in the business plan, although it is a shame that the percentage shared with token holders will decrease as revenue increases. It would have been better to see this remain at 20%, or at least not drop so dramatically, but no doubt they have to factor in the revenue share in their business models to ensure they are still profitable.

In any event, this looks like one of the stronger ICOs there has been recently and I would not be surprised to see it sell out.

You can check out the Blockshipping ICO here,


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