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CargoChain Solutions

Solving real world problems with the blockchain that Transport, and Logistics companies face today!

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Changing the way the supply chain does business.

CargoChain Solutions (CSS) aim to solve real world problems that transport and logistics companies face today.

Our B2B platform uses the blockchain to resolve issues of ownership and traceability between partners, utilises AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning algorithms to drive out inefficiencies in planning, greatly reduce dead mileage and empty running. and effecting instant payments for all job stake holders. Finally, and critically, our B2B platform effects instant payments for all job stakeholders, from production to delivery.

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Our Solution

CargoChain‘s platform, ‘CargoChain One’ CCO is a all-encompassing ecosystem for transport and/or logistics organisations, CCO incorporates a marketplace that enables trading of consignments to, or within private groups ( ex: large organisation ) or public networks utilising blockchain technology for traceability, visibility and payment settling.

This multibillion-dollar industry will continue to grow exponentially, driven by rampant demand, underscoring the inherent requirement for the highly scalable CCO.

Great inroads have already been made in product development. In fact, the core of our modules are in production today. This Token sale is the final push to launching the complete solution. You are not simply looking at a concept, but a solution, in production solving real world problems today"

Product Road Map

Following the project inception in February 2017, we have been running a closed beta programme with some partner companies to test the core systems (API, Mobile, Web Platform) with consistent evaluation of the overall viability of the project since the July 2017.

This has been a major success, we collated the feedback in December 2017 and implemented this into our development plan for 2018. Our next major milestone will be the launch of the Marketplace beta, due for June 2018


A place where carriers, shippers, customers and suppliers can post available jobs and notify each other of spare capacity. Not only that, our AI algorithms coupled with location services can find and offer work to partner companies in real time. No need to search for work; the system will find it for you and initiate the smart contracts required to complete the job and receive payment.


The glue that holds everything together. The CONNECT API integrates the application suite and enables carriers, shippers and suppliers, with legacy systems, to connect to the network and partner companies, taking advantage of the marketplace, smart contracts and payment systems.


The CCS GO (MOBILE) application allows drivers to have real-time notifications, communicate directly with the network and obtain customer signatures as proof of collection or delivery. If enabled, CCS GO (MOBILE) will also report geographical location information back to the network so that progress can be monitored and reported.


A no fuss responsive web-based interface that allows end users to manage consignments, create network channels with preferred partners, administer users for CCS-GO, monitor progress of active consignments on the network and view historical data. CCS-HUB is essentially a graphical user interface for CCS-CONNECT-API, the gateway for connecting multiple logistics partners together.


A Stellar Blockchain based payment system to streamline settling between partners on the network. This is either by escrowing the job with smart contract triggers to release payment on certain deliverables, triggering payments to each party involved in the job chain or direct payment from connected bank accounts using Stellar as the payment brigde.


A full featured cloud-based Transport Management system. CCS TMS is highly scalable, secure and powerful enough to run the largest transport operations, while being accessible enough for SME’s and owner driver operations; Job, Driver, Vehicle and partner management facilities. Powerful planning and scheduling capabilities with full reporting and accounting facilities are fully integrated with the CSS ecosystem. Drawing on our knowledge of transport systems this platform will take operators to the next level.

Token Sale

We have taken a different approach to most Token Sales / ICO’s to date, in that we have developed, built and tested our software in production before running the token sale.

Transit Tokens (TICS) are the platform currency, used to pay for transactions on the platform. Platform users will need to hold a “bank” of TICS to perform interactions with the API or Marketplace to list jobs, register availability or execute contracts between partners. TICS will also be needed to pay for subscriptions to the Mobile, CCS Web and TMS systems on a monthly cost per user basis, driving token demand. Any escrow services will be transacted in TICS, and the shipper will need to deposit TICS to cover agreed rates into escrow for payment to be triggered when deliverables have been met.

TICS are to be released on the Stellar Blockchain following the close of the token sale, and to be purchased directly from the Stellar Distributed Exchange (SDEX) for use on the platform. This allows us to take advantage of the SDEX to provide liquidity for our tokens in various crypto and fiat currencies from platform launch.

There will only ever be 650 million TICS created. As the network and transaction volumes increase, so will the value of the tokens accelerate to the platform users

The TICS will be issued at varying prices depending on the sale stage, starting at $0.07 per TICS on day one of the Whitelist pre-sale. XLM & ETH will be accepted for contributions.

There will only be a total of 650 million tokens ever created with 65% released during the token sales

The TGE will be split into two stages: Whitelist pre-sale & Public Sale.

The Whitelist will be available to contributors that pre-register their interest up until and will run for 4 weeks or, until the hard cap is reached. Those contributors that take part in the Whitelist will receive a discounted price, mitigated by the week of contribution. Hence, the discount will be more favourable the earlier the contribution is made

Once the Whitelist sale has concluded, the Public Sale will commence and will run for six weeks. As in the Whitelist Sale, the contributors in the Public Sale will receive a discounted price mitigated by the week of contribution.

All contributors will receive their tokens to a Stellar Wallet accessed through the Cargo Chain One platform that will be locked until the Public Sale has concluded. Once the Public sale has finished and the token is live on the Stellar Exchange the users will be able to transfer their tokens to any other Stellar Wallet of their choosing or trade them on the exchange.

Sale Details

Whitelist Pre-Sale



White list



Our soft cap for the sale event is set at $500,000, if we do not hit this target across both sales all contributions will be refunded.

Tokens will be distributed into a Stellar Wallet following each transaction validation and will be locked for transfer until the full sale ends.

Funding – Token Distribution

* Founding Team Token will be locked for a total of 24 months in Smart Contracts from the close of the coin sale with 50% tranches being released at the end of months 12 and 24

Funding – Utilisation

Early Adopters / Beta Testers

Below are some of the companies who have been beta testing our systems in a live environment since last summer. The feedback from them has been invaluable in the development cycle and we can’t thank them enough. As well as being early adopters they will be the first to go live on the marketplace when the beta launches and the full system is tested in the real world.

We are working on more exciting partnerships and will announce these as we get closer to the live launch.

The CargoChain Team

John McCaffery

Chief Executive Officer

John has 20 years of experience developing software solutions for the transport and logistics industry. Starting out as a developer of back office and mobile solution using various technologies, over the years he progressed to running teams of developers delivering mission critical solutions for some of the largest UK logistics companies. He has integrated client systems with all the large carriers, shippers and ferry companies, DHL, FEDEX, TNT, Euro Tunnel, DFDS, Stena Line to name a few.

More recently as a co-founder of Intuitive Web Systems, John has been working daily with transport and logistics companies addressing the same issues over and over again with accountability, partner integrations and payment delays that the industry is facing today.

These are the real world issues that CargoChain One will solve for any stakeholder in the supply chain.

Kosten Metreweli

Chief Commercial Officer

Kosten is a serial entrepreneur and business strategist with extensive experience in driving high-growth, venture-backed technology companies from inception to exit, in marketing, sales, product and strategy roles. Notable successes include Orchestream (£1bn IPO), Tideway (Trade Sale to BMC) and Zeus ($140m trade sale to Riverbed). He has led market entry and expansion programmes in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Kosten is expert in the process of creating, marketing and selling great products, and believes in the primacy of the customer’s end-to-end experience. He is a passionate brand and product evangelist and thought leader – regularly quoted in the press. He advises a range of companies in sectors from arts to property on sales and marketing strategies and the application of technology to their businesses, as well as venture firms such as Firestartr and OpenOcean. Kosten has a MA in Engineering from Cambridge University

Robert Karssiens

Chief Revenue Officer

Robert is a sales-centric software/technology business leader with 25 years of multi-discipline experience who is particularly adept at working in startup/ early stage or turn-around environments. With extensive global experience working with multidisciplinary teams both remotely and locally, the last ten years of his career has been focused on building Cloud, SaaS, CDN and Managed Services businesses - mostly operating at board level solving go to market problems as a Director or trusted advisor. Robert’s background is eclectic with an early career in law enforcement, and a formal education in Criminal Justice and International Relations. An American who has lived in Europe for some 40 years in total, he speaks English & Dutch fluently and has a working knowledge of both German and French.

Richard Crook

Chief Marketing Officer

Richard is a seasoned business professional who has been involved in the logistics sector for over 30 years. Originally a licensed aero space engineer he went on to own and operate his own logistics company within the aero space sector and with his bias towards technology driven results, he is well aware of the issues that Cargo Chain seeks to address. Having sold his company, he has consulted for a number of freight operators plus technology sectors including those within the tracking & telematics industry and went on to develop a data management system and mobile app to be used throughout the airfreight logistics sector. In the last 5 years he has been involved in digital media marketing and now runs an agency that provides media marketing strategy for start ups.

Srikanth Sundaram

Solutions Architect

Srikanth Sundaram is lead developer for CCS , a full stack developer with a decade of experience creating enterprise solutions for supply chain companies in the UK. As well as being very technical minded Srikanth also understands business processes and how to apply them to real world problems. He has been involved in deploying highly available REST APIs, Web and Mobile systems for companies such as Rico Logistics, Davies Turner Cargo Ltd, Circle Express and many more. 
Apart from solving real world problems, Srikanth has very good knowledge of Cloud based Infrastructures and has moved a lot of logistics providers to the cloud in the recent past. Srikanth has MSc degree in Machine Learning(Informatics) from University of Edinburgh.

Piyush Bajaj

Full Stack Developer/UX

Piyush is a Full Stack developer with expertise in developing enterprise projects. He has developed Saas based products for VC, PE & IT firms and also has expertise in Rest Api's integrating with various web and mobile app development platforms. With over 3 years of experience in web development and under good guidance Piyush is able to build a great user experience.

Rakshit Vyas

Full Stack Developer/Mobility

Rakshit is Full Stack Developer, experienced in Angular, C# and Xamarin. He is part of the front end and mobile team, a real team player who understands the vision and continuity of the Cargo Chain Solutions eco system. Being a hardcore programmer, Rakshit is able to simplify and implement a lot of hard conventional algorithms facing the supply chain industry.

Vidya B

Database Developer/Testing/QA

Vidya is responsible for QA testing of the core CSS products, a graduate with experience in DB Design and current web technologies. Her attention to detail is valuable in providing the detailed feedback on use case analysis that the development team require to keep pace with the development cycles. Vidya also makes sure Agile methodology is maintained througout the lifecyle of the project.

The CargoChain Advisors

Mark Whelan

Technical Advisor

Mark is the Co-Founder and CTO of Route Monkey, One of Europes largest fleet optimisation software providers with applications worldwide. Route Monkey was acquired by TrakM8 PLC in 2016. Mark has software development experience spanning two decades solely focused in the logistics space.

Doctor Will Madden

Technical Advisor

Will is the director of Analytics for Miralis Data, specialising in algorithm design and complex data modelling. Will has spent over fifteen years developing smart solutions to complex problems within the logistics industry, delivering software solutions for some of the largest names in the business through to owner operators.

Martin Rapos

Technical Advisor

Martin Rapos currently runs a startup in the Washington DC area and recently exited from the UK's optimization specialist Route Monkey, where he oversaw implementation of logistics optimization projects with global customers. Most of his career he spent at IBM where he led the development and sales of IBM’s e-mobility and DER platform in Europe and acted as global SME on e-mobility. His background is in finance and energy & environment.

Professor David Wolfe Corne

Technical Advisor

Prof David Corne is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, with extensive commercial experience at the interface of logistics and data science. He has worked with and advised leading players in oil/gas, telecommunications, and autonomous systems, and currently works closely with Trakm8 PLC and Route Monkey Ltd, developing new offerings across the road transport sector. His research has included: Evolutionary Computation, Data Mining, Bioalgorithmics, Bioinformatics, Directed Evolution, Neural Computation, Multi-Objective Algorithms and Theory, Scheduling and Web Intelligence.

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