CHOZUN ICO information

CHOZUN ICO information


Chozun 途赞


TOKEN NAME: Chozun Token (CZN)

TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000 (100 million) tokens

Tokens will be available from our ICO website: To receive tokens transfer ether to the provided ICO contract address and the corresponding token amount will be distributed in July. The token sale will be broken down as follows:

Total tokens : 100 million

Sale (including pre-ICO) : 50%

Locked for sale in minimum 1 years time: 20% Kept within chozun : 20%

Distributed to community for usage incentivisation : 10%


Pre ICO Price: 50c (USD) Length: 1 month

ICO: Price: 60c (USD) Length: 1 month

ICO Bonuses:

30,000 tokens awards buyer with 10% extra and premium level loyalty 70,000 tokens awards buyer with 15% extra and premium level loyalty 140,000 tokens awards buyer with 20% extra and premium level loyalty.

T0ken Distribution

Sale – 50%

Locked-Sale – 20%

Team – 20%

Incentivisation – 10%


Chozun is the world’s first travel destination experience, services & lifestyle ecosystem powered by a cryptocurrency backed by blockchain & smart-contract technology.

The ecosystem exists to make sure travellers are matched to the best personalised local experiences & services using proprietary AI & Data Science and allows users to build loyalty across multiple verticals as well as globally. chozun 途赞 focuses on the millennial independent travel market and specifically serves China’s growing millennial out bound travellers, with a plan to target Asia’s wider middle-class millennial maket and will develop into aglobal player. Users can interact with other travellers similar to themselves and access special brand bounties. Our inventory of unique experiences from food to private drivers, members clubs to spas-lives on the blockchain which allows users to more efficiently and cheaply book their experiences and for our providers to gain greater benefits through lower fees and faster transaction chain.

Existing platforms and touch points make it hard to find contextual and personalised experiences regarding what to do and where to go on your travels. chozun 途 赞 employs the power of AI & Data Science to contextualise and personalise experiences and services – understanding users and others like them. chozun 途赞 creates’ user travel squads’ to make information & matching more relevant and allow peer-to-peer interactions that strengthen the chozun 途 赞 ecosystem.


Revolutionise the way we travel, connect and explore through a unique community led travel & loyalty ecosystem driven by crypto.


Relevance – Finding trusted and relevant lifestyle services & experiences on your travels requires trawling through a glut of irrelevant, often outdated and sometimes fake information on multiple touch-points. It’s time consuming and painful.

Loyalty – The traditional meaning of brand loyalty is outdated. Loyalty is an inherently centralised system locking users into one loyalty system/brand.

Authentication & Efficiency – Authentication of the quality of businesses and experiences are often hard to trust.


Relevance – chozun 途 赞 matches users to the best personalised local experiences & services powered by proprietary AI & Data Science and driven by crypto. It is frictionless – chozun 途 赞 cuts out the noise, enabling our users to discover & book immediate, high-quality, local services & experiences matched to their preferences, users can book or reserve directly through the platform.

Loyalty – Decentralising loyalty, chozun 途赞 is creating a robust business model that incentivies providers and industry leaders with existing customer bases, to join the chozun 途赞 network and drive traffic to the network.

Authentication & Efficiency – chozun 途赞 uses ‘genuine rating’, which means only those who transacted with providers or engaged in loyalty with them are able to provide feedback. This enables us to base reviews and feedback on real successful transactions – not assumptions, marketing information or paid reviews.

Why should we choose Chozun?

Because Chozun continues to build its database of experiences and services globally covering many interests (i.e sustainable, adventure) and niches (i.e halal, LGBTQ) the opportunity for third parties to utilise and build upon chozun ’s direct booking and information using APIs opens up. The authentication of businesses catering to a certain niche will be backed by the blockchain creating further trust between provider to consumer.

How can Chozun have a connection with Cryptocurrency?

Chozun is building a community of like minded travellers with similar tastes & interests — travel squads. We enable access to influential travellers & insiders with a similar style, trade travel tips, itineraries and underground secrets to unlock cities exclusively with the CZN token. Connect and engage with your travel squad, create exciting travel challenges and group travel pools — with CZN the driving force behind it. Brands can create bounties, pools, contests and unique limited assets that exist on the blockchain accessible to chozun members. Chozun has already received a small amount of seed capital from SOSV and took part on the Chinaccelerator program. chozun has released a beta product into the market, growing, listening to initial user feedback and is ready to take the product to the next level of its evolution. The basis from which the next evolution of chozun builds from has begun and the company is now looking to the massive potential for the future and further disrupting the market.

The release of the CZN token is a step in a global shift to change how the world connects and travels, better. chozun will become the peoples travel ecosystem unlocking the world and accessing experiences they will love. This is just the beginning.

How Chozun works

Currently the chozun platform is available on iOS & Android (booking available) with a very early version on web (booking not available). The current platform matches you based on your tastes and interests using AI & data science. Experience your world as you like it, as you want to see it, and at your convenience. Discover things that others haven’t, go places others don’t. Be the first to do something and build your own world wonders, from the best massage in Shanghai to the most amazing street food spot in Kuala Lumpur, all with just a few taps on your smartphone. The app (web and mobile) will continue to be the platform users interact and perform all Chozun activities with. The functions we add will be expanded from this solid foundation. The chozun application layer is the important user-facing

CZN tokens

Tokens can be exchanged for real-world experiences and services across many categories (from dining to unique tours, markets, massages and many more) in destinations around the world — ensuring you maintain your unique style when you travel. Take advantage of chozun’s growing network of providers and partners and pay seamlessly with the CZN token, without the need for local currency. And, of course, as the market demand increases the market value also increases, creating a real opportunity to make returns on your investment.

Meet The Founders

Zia & Teresa (2010)

The story begins in 2010, when Teresa & Zia met. They would often take elevenses (mini-breaks at 11am, just like Mr. Paddington Bear) to chat about how much they wanted to be their own bosses. All they needed was a killer concept & a dream big enough to match their potentials.

Co-founding CEO Teresa Truda, is Melbourne born & breed, with a background in Operations within global Ad agencies. With almost 10 years of tech experience, she’s shaken-up the Australian digital landscape. She also loves soy lattes.

Co-founding CEO Zia Word is an OG Londoner. She’s dominated tech for over 13 years, advised startups & had 2 successful exits — upscaling to even bigger & better things. She been introducing groundbreaking digital content to big name brands since back in 2008, including the BBC’s Upstaged!

Zia meets Wil, introduces Wil & Teresa (2011+)

Zia met Wil (enter the Hacker), now CTO of chozun 途赞 in 2011. Zia, Teresa & Wil collaborated on prominent projects for some Australian big guns, including Maybelline. They all bonded instantly.

Wil Pringle, Chief Tech Officer of chozun 途赞 is from Melbourne’s hip inner-north. A crazy good hacker, he’s worked for successful startup VenueMob in Australia as Lead Engineer, full-stack tech specialist using skills across both front & backend development. He is all over blockchain; fluent in many computing languages & tech stacks. He leads the teams in building great products & is always ahead of the curve with tech. He is passionate about building great products & new technologies.

Will, T & Z moved in together, while working for different agencies & collaborating on their own side hustles. Sometimes Wil wouldn’t sleep for 48 hours, as he would be engrossed in coding & gaming — which is paying off immensely now! The three of them work together, lived together for a while, play together, & cherish their 7 years of friendship.


Team :-
By my opinion, Best team develop best project . I saw here best team works behind this project.


Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

This one is good project for investment.

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