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Cube ICO information

Cube ICO information

A security platform for autonomous vehicles based on blockchain technology

Cube is the blockchain security platform for autonomous car. The key to Blockchain is that technology ensures trust. Cube uses block-chain technology to ensure the security of autonomous mobile networks. These days, the car is a mass of software with over a million lines of code. Cars started to use more networks, and autonomous cars should depend on the network heavily for self driving. It uses network navigation route, traffic information, vehicle to vehicle information, and remote ECU upgrade.

This means that autonomous vehicles have a greater risk of being hacked. Perhaps no one has ever suffered from a hacking virus once or twice. However, if a self-propelled vehicle is hacked, it can be a huge risk.

Cube creates a security system that protects these autonomous vehicles from hacking. Unlike past methods that did not prevent hacking, we use blockchain technology. Applying blockchain is not a hack at all, unless you hack hundreds of thousands of computers at the same time. Cube uses blockchains, artificial intelligence, and Quantum Hash Cryptography technology.

Token Symbol CUBE
Type Ethereum ERC-20 Token
Token Supply 72,000,000 CUBE
Purchase Rate 1 CUBE = 0.001 ETH Currency Accepted ETH

Token Sale 60%
Team 26.3%
Company Reserves 13.7%

Development 60%
Operation 10%
Marketing 10%
Security & Audit 10%
Legal 5%
Sales 5%

Road Map

1Apr 2018 Contract AnnouncementUnveil new automotive and blockchain contracts and partnerships.

2May 2018 OTA Ver 1.0AUTO device will be released 

3Jun 2018 Blockchain Layer Architecture Completion

4Jul 2018 CUBE Conference in SeoulAll contributors will be invited 

5Aug 2018 Release Study Reports 

6Sep 2018 Marketing ConferenceOnline Marketing Progress Report Conference

7Oct 2018 Initial Development of AI Architecture Complete

8Nov 2018 CUBE Conference in TokyoAll contributors will be invited

9Dec 2018 Annual Report 2018Real Time Online Broadcast

Automotive Market Trend

1.7Trillion USD

Target MarketCurrent Car MarketAutonomous or Connected Car Market

Markets of Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Vehicles

CUBE incorporates blockchain, endpoint and Cloud-based CheckBox to implement following business models.


Standing Adviser

Shin, Hun Cheol

SK Group total Vice Chairman (former) 
SK Ltd. CEO (former) 
Miso Microcredit Bank Chairman (former) 
Korea Fencing Association Chairman 
Seoul City Ochastra Chairman 
Shin had served as SK's vice chairman for more than 30 years and had significantly contributed to making SK company a global company. 
Shin, Hun Cheol is highly respected by many young people in Korea because of his efforts to contribute to society and his personality. He has also been selected at Forbes as one of the 48 best angel donors in Asia. Mr. Shin joined Cube Intelligence as a Standing Advisor through a solid relationship with Dr.Bong H. Lee started from Green Car business.


Richard Biggs (CEO) 

Richard Biggs graduated from London School of Economics, and worked at Ernst & Young as an analyst for Financial Advisory Group, Due diligence for multinational M&A transactio kins. He also worked at ABN-Amro as an associate equity researcher.

Bong H. Lee, Ph.D. 

Dr. Bong H. Lee received his Ph.D. from State University of New York with Stanford University AMP. After lecturing as a professor, he worked as an IT expert in the automotive field for 15 years. He has achieved sales of $300 million in telematics in Europe and North America, and established Green Car Carsharing. He is now CUBE's Chief Vision Officer (CVO) and in charge of CUBE's vision presentation.

Robert Cooke

    Robert studied Social and Cultural Studies and a Foundation Degree in Anthropology at Goldsmiths University, London. He’s well versed in business development, marketing, start-ups, and consulting for a large Korean corporations. He is now applying these skills with a keen interest focused on the potential of blockchain technology and machine learning, which he believes will revolutionise the way we live and interact with the world

    Dr. Jae Sung Lee 
    • mit
    • hyu

    Jae Sung Lee founded CUBE in 2017 and is currently head Director of the Seoul office. Jae Sung Lee is a medical doctor and has been working closely with the Cube team since the original Green Car project. He came to the Cube after working in the hospital. He majored in mechanical engineering at Hanyang University. After that, he graduated medical school of Kyung Hee University, and went on to to work at the University hospital.

    Kim Bo Seob

      Kim has been deeply engaged in the automotive information technology for 15 years. He has launched numerous services including; telematics, black box, and navigation. He is the general manager of the Lotte ‘Green Car’ platform, Korea's first car sharing service. He is an ideal general manager thanks to his abundant experience in initial platform construction and operation

      Geon H. Lee, Ph.D. 
      • kaist
      • samsung

      Lee received a Ph.D. in Physics from Yonsei University. Since then, he has worked as a researcher at the Brain Science Institute at KAIST. Dr. Lee worked as a researcher at ETRI, and for 15 years was part of the ‘next generation technology’ team at Samsung Electronics central research institute. Dr. Lee is currently in charge of CUBE's AI development.

      Cho, Sung woo
      • samsung

      Cho was part of the Samsung SDS Cloud Development Team as a developer. He is known as a big data transaction developer, with a deep expertise in the decentralized technologies. His specialties are performing system infrastructure of blockchain projects(CUBE), and designing blockchain application architectures.

      CUBE Community





      Website :-


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