Hello! Today I want to share with you another promising project! I think all of us play mobile games, but!) The mobile games industry has progressed very much lately, but no matter how strange it sounded, the existing technologies have almost exhausted their resource for the further development of mobile games. HTML5 technology will give the next push and bring new values. Modern Internet giants such as Google and Facebook have already tried and recognized the advantages of this technology, because in a very short time, that's for a day, the online game that Facebook developed with HTML5 was more than 1 BILLION ACTIVE users.

Let's move closer to the point:

This project - Egretia Lab - is an innovative platform, the first of its kind, the main purpose of which is the integration of HTML5 (a language for structuring and presenting the contents of the World Wide Web) with blockchain technology

What will this solution give?

The functioning of HTML5 on the basis of blockchain will solve the main shortcomings in the sphere of this programming language, as well as contribute to rapid development of the development of this branch of the industry.

Let's look at the most important problems in this area:
One of the main problems is the lack of mechanisms for observing copyrights to protect games and applications. There is also an equally important problem, namely the lack of unified and safe trading platforms for digital gaming assets.

I think now it became clear to you why there is blockchain technology, because it can provide security, openness, observance of copyrights .... in general, all that is needed for this area.

The project has many advantages, let's consider the most significant ones:
* Own-developed public chain mechanism of consensus high performance 
* Real-time settings Efficient and convenient development suite Egretia Platform Digital Token (Egret)

* Platform Egretia will provide a digital marker Egreten- this in turn will enable integration with games, as it will provide security in the exchange / sale of items in games.

In addition, do not forget about:

* Egretia integrates the world's first complete HTML5 workflow, which is being developed for 4 years. 

* The HTML5 workflow includes 14 products, covering a comprehensive set for developing HTML5 content. 

* 200,000 developers The HTML5 workflow has reached 200,000+ developers around the world. 1

* Billion device content HTML5, which runs the workflow, covers 1 billion mobile devices.


Road map:

2018 Q2 
Test development development tools, test chain and smart contract

2018 Q3 
Launch the first wave of games and applications Eggetia blockchain

2018 Q4 
Printer friendly version Printer friendly version Egretia Blockchain SDK alpha

2019 Q1 
Issue the user's digital wallet

2019 Q2 
Release platform game Egretia Blockchain

2019 Q3 
Trading platform trading platform Egretia

2019 Q4
Release of the advertising platform Egretia

2020 Q1 
Support for Ethereum, EOS and other public networks

2020 Q2 
Running stable Egretia Blockchain V1.0


I also want to note that this project is VERY (YES! I'm not afraid of this word) strong team, which besides experience and knowledge has a very great desire to succeed .. and she will do it, be sure.

Peter Huang

Founder of "Egretia", has extensive experience in entrepreneurial activities + was also a technical manager of Adobe Flash Platform, has over 18 years of experience in the development of Internet projects and games.


Dirk Meyer


Senior program manager in Adobe, behind which more than twenty years of experience in the field of global project management. I did a lot in the strategic development of Adobe's business plan, as well as in the development of the program.

 Yin Ma

A compiler and expert on tools, has extensive experience in the field of business, a senior specialist at Qualcomm. It counts more than two decades of experience developing the operating system platform compiler. They created fast Fortran compilers for Intel AMD. Used to work in Microsoft, Absoft, etc.

Ross Przybylski

The founder of D20Studios, also a former producer of Electronic Arts. Over the course of more than fifteen years of experience in the field of software development, as well as a huge experience in the development of games (namely 10 years), focusing on the development of excellent games.

This team has behind its back influential partners and powerful funds this already says a lot, has anyone seen a major investor who invests in a project with a bad concept? I'm sure that no!) Therefore, this is another plus in favor of the project:

Conclusion: The team really has a good idea, I can say with certainty that nobody has ever realized such a thing! As I said a little bit above - this project has very strong and reliable partners and big investors ... personally for me, as an investor - this is a very big plus, for show me at least one investor who will invest without understanding ?!) . In addition, a really strong team whose members have a lot of experience. Growth of a token is provided by its demand, after all it will not have analogues. What am I leading to? This project really should pay attention and follow it, as practice shows - such unique ideas / projects quickly attract investments for the realization of the idea! My rating: 10/10.

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Author: Pradeep Managave

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