Janitor{JAN} icon information

Janitor{JAN} icon information

Total tokens supply: 100,000,000

Hard Cap: 7,500,000 USD

ICO Date: May 1st to May 31st

Token Price: 1 ETH = 3900 JAN

Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, USD and 40+ altcoins

No. of Coins by Trade Volume

Most coins that exist cannot be traded. Some were even abandoned, leaving users out of the market altogether.

Abandoned coinsCoins with $1M+ daily trade volumeCoins with less that $1M daily trade volumeCoins that are not listed

Market Cap

Wealth is concentrated mainly on coins with market caps of $1 billion USD or more, but there are thousands of users on coins that have market caps lower than $50,000 USD. We are looking to welcome all those users into the CoinJanitor community.

No. of coins by individual market capTotal market cap by segment


Q1 2018 CoinJanitor phase 2 TBA

Q4 2018

report on all coins

Q3 2018 Release of API into CoinJanitor market data

Q2 2018 First toke swaps

31 May 2018

ICO ends1 May 2018

ICO opensFeb 2018

ICO announcement 

Q1 2018 

Identification of preliminary candidate coins

Q4 2017 Development of proprietary profiling systems

Q3 2017

Criteria and methodology development and initial coin research


Marc Kenigsberg


Globally recognized as a bitcoin thought leader and advocate for positive change. 

Asaf Yosifov


I’m more than happy to be part of a great team that has a target to build the next crypto community….so Join the Janitor with us.

Tzahi Kanza

Biz Dev

Coin Janitor for me is a revolutionary ambitious idea with a great message to the growing crypto market. 

Tzvi Shishler


Been messing around with Bitcoin, now Ready to clean up Crypto!

Theo Morgan-Somers


I’m humbled to give back and help build the Crypto of the future! 

Steven Gleiser

Economic Architect

Cryptocurrency market analyst who knows that there are gems hidden in projects relegated by that invisible hand.

Website:- https://www.coinjanitor.io




Team member tokens will be frozen until 2019.

  • Founders & Team – 10%
  • Bounty Campaigns – 5%
  • Partners – 5%
  • Token to Buy Failed Coins – 30%
  • Public Sale – 50%


There are 4 main groups of people who will benefit from the CoinJanitor project. People may belong to more than one of these groups simultaneously, which means they will enjoy the benefits on every group they might be in. The following are the groups of people who will benefit from the CoinJanitor project and how they will benefit:

Users of Failed Coins: They will benefit from the opportunity to get value back from coins that cannot be sold. They will also benefit from joining a community that will grow exponentially as CoinJanitor continues to amalgamate communities of other failed coins that are otherwise cut-off from the markets.

CoinJanitor Users: They will benefit from the creation of a new economy that wouldn’t exist otherwise. This economy is based on unlocking value trapped in failed coins and achieving a network effect by amalgamating the communities of these failed coins into a single one.

The Market: Cryptocurrency markets will benefit from 2 positive externalities that the CoinJanitor project will produce: the reduction of dilution in the markets through the decommissioning of blockchains that trap value, and the ability of CoinJanitor to become a vehicle through which the trapped value can be transferred elsewhere in the market.

Project Creators: They will benefit from creating an unprecedented project in the space, opening a debate that cryptocurrency enthusiasts should have about the best way to deal with failed coins, and the privilege of leading a newly created community with the development of more tools that will be useful to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and markets across the board.

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