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Korona. ICO and Bounty INFORMATION

Hi friends, today we discuss about new crypto currency ico Korona

As designed in the Korona Ecosystem, complete integrated service packages shall be provided jointly for private and business customers. Users shall be provided with easy-to-use, transparent
and licensed platforms that fulfill their complex needs: including among others wallet management, efficient payment technology, but also fiat exchange. Additionally, users will
receive supporting services like taxation information support, client protection, commercial guarantees, as well as marketing or even market access support. The platform shall also provide
marketable goods and services for purchases either online, or in real stores every day. Finally, it shall provide valuable financial benefits in form of cost and price reductions, and also in form of rewards after either spending or accepting tokens. These features shall make Korona tokens widely accepted and valuable.
With new technology developments which shall lower transaction times and costs, coupled with raising the number of active private and business users, a significant new proportion of the local and
global economies will adopt cryptocurrency based payment technologies. A new, far reaching token
economy will be established once local and regional trade and sales activities can be supported. In the newly established CRYPTO ECONOMY 2.0 therefore the focus is on new technology, and also
on new complex platforms and complete blockchain business models that make the most use of the technology.
Cambridge Judge Business School, Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study.

ICO Overview
Korona Team has been forged over the past 10 years by working together on several high-security, high
transaction, mission-critical systems. All of korona expertise is being put to use in our current project.
korona team members have been closely monitoring Bitcoin and all the major cryptocurrencies evolutions, from birth to current status. After analyzing a lot if ICO's in the past we have learned how
we can create more value to a token in a transparent and compliant way.The ICO is designed on three pillars: value creation, practicability and effectiveness.

Total number of tokens: 300.000.000

Total token number has been determined in a way to serve our existing and potential client base in the long run.

Korona token distribution:
The distribution of tokens will be the following:
Token distribution and activation during ICO:
Korona tokens will be distributed to each contributor’s Korona wallets after a contribution is received during ICO. The distributed tokens will be activated after successful KYC procedure. For proof of
concept some products and services in Central-Europe will be instantly available in exchange of these tokens - for more information please see updated information on the Korona website

Bonuses for contributors during the ICO phase:
Tokens will be distributed using the below bonus system:
The concept of the bonus system is formed in a way to give as much bonus as possible and not hurting the future business model and its operations. The ICO token distribution will have the
following stages:

Bounty Program
korona  appreciate the support in spreading information on the Korona framework and the future
Korona Ecosystem. As part of Korona’s marketing campaign, this special bonus reward is given to those that support korona in korona mission by sharing information and to those, who register preliminary for
the ICO. Specific details are provided in the separate Bounty Program on korona website with


ICO start: 23rd April 2018.

Duration of Token Sale: 60 days.

Price of Korona token: 0,0009 ETH.

Minimum token order during ICO (per each individual order): 0,15 ETH.

Option for early termination: Yes, upon reaching the hard cap.

Maximum token number: 300.000.000 (three hundred million) if hard cap is reached.

Duration of ICO stages: 12 days maximum each.

Distribution type: Unsold tokens will be “burned” at the end of the ICO.

Further distribution: No further distribution, just what is mentioned in the white paper.

Methods of purchase: Ethereum (ETH).

Soft cap: 3.500 ETH.

Hard cap - targeted: 96.224 ETH.

Token activation: Between each ICO stage after successful KYC.

Note: Hard cap is considered reached when all ICO tokens are sold.
Restrictions: Yes, US citizens and countries with legal restrictions.
Please read Token Sale Agreement -

Post ICO token Distribution
The remaining 90.000.000 Korona tokens will enter the market within 30 years on a regular yearly
basis (yearly 1% of the total token number of 300.000.000). Post ICO tokens that would exceed 2% of
the overall distributed tokens in a year will be held back till this 2% “maximum token inflation rule”
enables the distribution. The allocated post ICO tokens will partly serve as a special reward for
Korona token users (User Reward), who will simply receive additional Korona tokens for free, based
on their usage of the Korona framework and later the Ecosystem. Additionally, the yearly allocated
post ICO tokens will also serve self-sustainability goals, to cover development and operational costs
of the Korona framework and of the envisaged Korona Ecosystem.

Token Technical Data
The Korona Token is a currency token associated with utility token features in the future, that enables frictionless transactions of a wide range, while it functions also as a medium of exchange and a store of value. Korona tokens can be used to purchase goods and services. The Korona Blockchain Ecosystem Foundation is registered under the laws of Switzerland and is subject to audit under Swiss regulations, ensuring transparency and accountability. Korona tokens are not stocks, nor securities, or any of their equivalents. Holding Korona tokens do
not create any ownership or decision-making right in the Korona Blockchain Ecosystem Foundation, the Korona project or over any activities related to the Korona Ecosystem. The Korona token is based on the decentralized Ethereum market standard smart contract ERC20
token. The standardization of this interface provides streamlined acceptance into exchange houses
for other tokens of this type, and we expect no less.
The ERC20 interface will be extended to allow for the additional functionalities needed during and after the ICO so that Korona tokens can be bought, sold, or traded.
Korona token holders are able to keep track of their assets in multiple ways – another neat feature of
ERC20. These assets can be used across multiple platforms, this means that almost all of the wallets
which support the ether currency and ERC20 tokens also support Korona tokens by design: you are free to choose wallet like Mist, Jaxx or MyEtherWallet or even our own Korona wallet implementation.

Development team

1)Jean-Marc Stiegemeier
Head of Management
(Wall-street and other USA based CEO roles in financial and telecommunication sector)

2)Dr. Tuan Trinh
Associate Professor, Corvinus Business School
Head of Corvinus Fintech Center

3)Attila Bustya
Head of Technology Development

4) Istvan Lorincz
Systems Engineer and Quality Assurance Manager

5) Gabor Hajdu
Legal Consultant and Compliance Advisor

6) Zsolt Kolumban
Head of Software Development/Security

7) Robert Balazs
Head of Market Development

8) Felicia Flora Kovacs
Head of Marketing
(Argus Productions; Budapest - New York)

9) Roxana Ionescu
Program Coordinator

10) Laszlo Simon
Financial Adviser
(Management, International affairs, Investors (Europe).

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