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MAGNUS ico information


A cognitive and collaborative collective between Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Humans, Sensor Networks and distributed hardware built on the Ethereum smart contracts. Magnus starts a new era of business, technology, and, thinking.The Magnus Era brings with it a fundamental change in how intelligent systems are built and interact with each other. Magnus’s end goal is to
make people smarter, machines better, Robots cheaper and faster, and, AI better by ensuring a collaboration with other agents in the Magnus Collective network.

In addition Magnus will have its own independent agent bots called “Sentry Bots” which will ensure that rogue agents are out of the Magnus network.
Sentry Bots will use a whitelist and blacklist to maintain reputation and efficiency in the Magnus network.
Magnus will be able to negotiate and transact with other block chain or non-block chain based network that will come in the future using
gateways called Portals. Portals will ensure that even if Magnus does not obtain leadership in terms of the network - Magnus will never become
obsolete or outdated . Portals will translate the negotiation and requests between different networks and open up Magnus to all the external networks that are being created.


Note - The name Magnus Collective is inspired from Saint
Albertus Magnus is said to have created an android in
the 13th century - One of the first collective of intelligent
agents to behave as an Automaton .

With Magnus, companies, organizations, and individuals can empower their sensor networks, Robots, AI agents, hardware and human agents to participate in markets, buying and selling goods
and services. No longer must all these agents exist in isolation, only capable of operating within a specific company, vertical or domain. Agents can use Magnus markets to trade
information, sensor feeds, platforms, analytical capabilities that previously needed to be created from scratch. Agents can also use Magnus markets
to monetize their own assets, information,
skills and learning to create tremendous value from proprietary information, algorithms, and functionality. This is a major opportunity, and we’ve attracted the best of experts to work with us
on Magnus. We have globally respected experts in Robotics, Software, Entrepreneurship, Mechanics, and mathematics—not to mention our rich
experience in Robotics, Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Magnus creates significant network benefits.

Participants of our platform gain five major competitive advantages:

Access— AI Agents can work with Human actors , leverage distributed file systems and collaborate with otherActors for unprecedented access.

Efficiency— Actors can form Sub Collectives which can lead to substantial increases in efficiency .

Transparency —The combination of AI
tools will result in emergent intelligence and capabilities that no other platform can provide in a transparent manner to all actors

Collaboration —Information can be processed materially faster than the competition by actors working together for a common objective

Innovation— All the actors can innovate
within the collective as the Collective incentives innovation.
With these key problem points Magnus is
positioned to ride the 5 key growth drivers.

Magnus is the first truly decentralized network of intelligent AI agents, Robots, Sensors, hardware and humans creating a global market for knowledge, skills and processing power. Combined with flexible tools to aid developers in securely distributing and monetizing their
software, Magnus altogether changes the way Intelligent agents, human agents are organized and executed. By powering decentralized microservices
and asynchronous task execution, Magnus is set to become a key building block for future web of IOT-Devices, AI-Agents, Human Programmers
and Hardware. And, by substantially lowering the price of computations, complex applications such as object recognition path planning , and machine
learning based skills become more accessible to everyone on the Magnus network.

Magnus connects agents( AI programs, Humans, Hardware and Sensors) in a peer-to-peer network, enabling both application owners and individual users (“requestors”) to rent resources
of other users’ (“providers”). These resources can be thought of a Sensors-As-A-Service, AI￾Processing-As-A-Service, Information-As-A￾Service and Skills-As-A-Service .

Today, such resources are supplied by centralized Robots, AI programs which, are constrained by closed networks, proprietary payment systems, and hard-coded provisioning operations. Also
core to Magnus’s built-in feature set is a dedicated Ethereum-based transaction system, which enables direct payments between requestors, providers, and software developers.

The function of Magnus as the backbone of a decentralized market for power can be considered both Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), as well as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). However, Magnus
reveals its true potential by adding dedicated software integrations - The Magnus team have deep experience in Sensors , IOT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Any interested party is free to create and deploy software to the Magnus network by publishing it to the Agent Registry. Together with the Transaction Framework, developers can also extend and customize the payment mechanism
resulting in unique mechanisms for monetizing.

To maximize success, the Magnus Collective economic logic must enable buying and selling of all services, while making the discovery process as
useful as possible - And ensure that all actors have easy and frictionless access to the collective.
So the economic logic is tuned for the following
• Open, global, and permission-less access to the various actors.
• Services verification and discovery.
• Good will generation.
• Innovation in Robotics.
• Bridging and going across different networks ( and Blockchains )

The Magnus token is designed to achieve
these objectives. It guarantees free and non￾discriminatory access from the start, and concentrates value created by the collective . It has mechanism in place for inflationary incentives for verifying services, is backed 2 year lease
of popular and industry recognised Robotic platforms and for rewarding good intent on the network .
The Magnus token was brought to life after careful thinking and long deliberation on the benefits. We have thought through hard coding
economic logic versus designing an economic logic that drives rapid growth. If we cannot find a token that satisfies all the unique requirement of the Token - the collective may collapse - and fail
to achieve the stated objectives.
The conclusion of our careful analysis was that only a native token lets the Magnus Collective optimize for the desired objectives.
To create a market that makes transactions easy,
guarantees world wide access, and promotes growth we require a native token tuned for Robotics, AI and IOT market. And we have decided to back our token with a lease of the Robotics platform - Especially the Ingen Table Top Robot platform.

In more depth, some of the underlying reasoning
was as follows.
Magnus Collective requires:

a. Permission-less global exchange
Magnus Collective opens Robotics,AI and IOT
technology and development to the whole world
. Any fiat currency would create asymmetric
access to the Magnus collective - effectively
creating a barrier to actors not using the Fiat
Currency. To ensure fair access to all the
distributed actors, a single token economy is

b. Utility use support
Most of the available tokens do not have a utility
backing. Magnus tokens will be backed by leases
of popular Robotics platforms. In essence this
guarantees that the during market volatility there
is tangible benefit for exchanging the tokens for

c. Self governance and rapid scaling
To enable a Robotics, AI and IOT economy, a scalable design is required. Of the current popular models Ethereum is the closest match we have

However we need certain modifications to the manner the current ethereum network worksThis is enabled with specific smart contracts and adapters that will run over ethereum. As the number of transactions increase this can create a latency problem - This would be addressed in our
later releases. In addition we will allow for a large number of micro-transactors in large volumes.

d. Frictionless Inflationary Rewards
The various actors in the collective has an
incentive to participate in the various verification processes without an enforced penalty. The
Sentry can tax bad behavior which makes it more expensive for actors to engage in moral hazard. So the overall incentives are aligned to grow and expand the collective.
For these reasons and more, it’s clear that if we want to optimize the economic logic, native tokens are required.

The Magnus Token is Fungible and Transferable.
The Token flow model is circular, where they
exchange back and forth, as with currencies.

The payload will include 2 Year Lease of the Popular Robot platforms - Taken care by a smart contracts. This will ensure that the Token holds its value since it will be backed by a real tangible utility that can be provided.

18 Decimals.

Substrate Fork - Effects

Hardware Lease of the product defines utility. Chances of Substrate Forks very low with Ethereum as it is the most popular network currently.

Project Fork - Effects

A future project fork will not affect the intrinsic
value of the Token. Magnus fee prices are already
determined by the market. So the chances are low.
Even if a project fork happens. We have Token
transfer mechanism planned.

Magnus uses a Fixed number of Tokens - So it is an Inflationary Token. The number of tokens in the collective can decrease through

BurningLosing private KeyMistakes

Price Inflation can happen though

Market Demand : As market demand increases price inflation will go up.Monetary inflation : Number of coins goes down in circulation. We estimated that one percent of all Magnus tokens will be lost forever every year.

These are the Fiscal policy we have planned for the Token

Buying Back Token inventory - This
can push up price at a retail cost. The is not anticipated. A potential scenario would be when there is enough cash liquidity for the companywe might contemplate buying back token inventory.Market Making - We have a reserve amount set for market makingOther Policy - Please see the detailed
breakdown and plan shown at appendix.


Token Amount : The maximum token amount is 118.2 million MGSs. Tokens are minted during the crowd sale and the total supply is fixed at the end of the crowd sale so that the maximum token amount might not be reached. In case the
maximum number should be reached, the crowd sale allows a specfiic number of atoms to be created due to arithmetic imprecisions.

The price of one Magnus coin is $ 0.66 or 66 cents.

Pre-ICO : 60% Bonus
Main ICO 0: 40% Bonus
Main ICO 1: 30% Bonus
Main ICO 2: 20% Bonus
Main ICO 3: 10% Bonus
Main ICO 4: 5% Bonus

Please watch our website for the Pre-ICO open dates and the Main ICO dates.

This goes through the following phases:

Pre-ICO : Phase with 60% Bonus. 2 Weeks.Main-ICO 0 : Phase with 40% bonus. 48 Hours.Main-ICO 1 : Phase with 30% bonus. 1 Week.Main-ICO 2 : Phase with 20% bonus. 1 Week.Main-ICO 3 : Phase with 10% bonus. 1 Week.Main-ICO 4 : Phase with 5% bonus. 1 Week.The unsold tokens will be burnt after the ICO

85% of total raise goes to Magnus Public
community which is planned to be used in the
following manner.

15% - Magnus Angel Investors30% - Magnus Support program15% - Magnus Community Fund10% - Magnus Innovation Accelerator8% - Magnus Development Fund5% - Magnus Bounty Program17% - Magnus Market Making Reserve
15% of total Raise goes to the Magnus Internal Team10% - Co-Founders10% - Consultants for Law, Finance, Research, Business Development e.t.c80% - Magnus Foundation Budget

In the early phases of network development, the Collective key management will make some of the
governance decisions, which then will be migrated over to a purely democratic governance as the collective evolves.
Changes to the Syntagma are called Amendments. Major changes are called primary amendments and minor changes are called secondary amendments.
The following is the timeline for the Syntagma evolution
Years 2017-2019 :
Magnus Vulcan, Romulus , Klingon,
and, Talaxiana. The first two years preceding the token sale, primary and secondary amendments are to be
determined by Magnus Collective Leadership, in accordance with the by-laws of the Collective installed at time of network inception.
Years 2020-2021 :
Magnus Kazon and Ocampa
a. For primary amendments in the operation of Magnus Collective : Agreement of the Magnus
Collective Leadership, plus 51% majority of MGS token holder votes.
b. For secondary amendments in the operation of Magnus Collective: 51% majority of MGS token
Years 2022 Onwards :
Magnus Axanar
a. For primary amendments in the operation of Magnus Collective : 71% supermajority of MGS token votes.
b. For minor changes in the operation of Magnus Collective : 51% majority of AGI token votes.

Magnus Collective is a complex framework attempting to confront four complex and critically important goals concurrently

The first goal is to create a highly useful hub of Robotics, AI, IOT, Humans and cloud systems.The second goal is to accelerate the
development and use of Robotics, leading to service economy where individuals and organizations can lease robotic services using the Magnus Token.The third goal is to create and bridge an open exchange between different entities that are developing at a rapid pace in the last decade in BlockChain, Ai, Robotics and cloud computing.
Currently most of the new players are operating in silos or islands - And Magnus is attempting to change this.The fourth is to create a network effect of good will and progress within the collective which will lead to accelerated technological progress and economic development as the Magnus Collective
reaches its milestones.
We realize that this is a very complex undertakingHowever we have layered the risks on the project
and have a strong team of partners who is willing to work with us in navigating the complexities and have modularized the development plan with clear
milestones in place.
The Magnus Era brings with it a fundamental change in how intelligent systems are built and interact with each other. Magnus’s end goal is to
make people smarter, machines better, Robots cheaper and faster, and, AI better by ensuring a collaboration with other agents in the Magnus
Collective network. Through effective execution on the business
side as well as on the technology side. Magnus is poised to become a leading network for Robotics, AI and IOT hubs in the near future . The unique
portal based design ensures that - Even if other networks comes to life in the coming years -
Magnus will always be forward compatible. The effects of the Magnus Collective will not only
felt in Robotics, AI and IOT where it will have a prominent place - But also in the day to day interactions we take for granted today.
As a collective with humans in the loop - Magnus is poised to ride the next wave of revolutionary disruptive
innovations in technology, economic and business.


Arshad Hisham

Founder / CEO

Eric Egnet

Executive Advisor and Investor

Mark Koops

Executive Advisor and Investor

Michael Messele

ICO Advisor

Rajeev Krishnan


Anant Patil


Author :-


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