Nexty Platform project token information

  Nexty Platform project token information

Details of the token:

Name of coin: Nexty 
Abbreviation: NTY 
Algorithm: POW / POS / POF 
Presale Date: December 12, 2017 
ICO Date: December 19, 2017 
Total amount of coins for ICO: 11,000,000 pNTY (110,000,000,000 NTY) 
Total POW : 4,000,000 pNTY 
Total POS: 4,000,000 pNTY 
Dev & Team: 2,000,000 pNTY 
Marketing: 1 000 000 pNTY 
Minimum age of service: 7 days 
Maximum age of bid: 360 days 
Line spacing: after 1 second

In total there will be only 220 000 000 000 NTY, which ensures that there will not be too many confused zero digits after the decimal point in the daily transaction.

Nexty Foundation Specification 
Coin name: Nexty Foundation 
Abbreviation: NTF 
Available for: April 12, 2018 
Available for: Only holders of the first 10 000 000 pNTY 
Original offering: 10 000 000 NTF 
Maximum quantity: 10 000 000 NTF 
Coin type: Rare

About Nexty:- 

Nexty is a Fintech ecosystem that helps e-commerce and startup companies to raise funds from the community. Nexty is a platform based on blockchain technology to help start-ups e-commerce companies raise money from the community. Entrepreneurs themselves will create ecosystems for Nexty.

The impetus that electronic money has given to the possibilities of commercial exchange in digital media is undeniable. However, it has been proven that when a particular electronic currency, as it grows empirically, encounters serious problems such as high transaction costs and delays in completing each transaction. , which makes it unusable for commercial digital operations immediately. With the vision of a free electronic money of these issues, Nexty emerged, and we will talk about it here.

Nexty does not charge a transaction fee, as well as transaction confirmation time. These procedures are a real obstacle to e-commerce in the process of micro-payment is no longer a problem with Nexty anymore. This is due to Nexty, Instant Transfer, and Zero Fee proprietary technologies.

Nexty has been developed by its developers to assist companies of all sizes and areas to overcome trade barriers. Nexty has three decisive factors: instant cash transfers, money transfer fees, and a price stabilization system.

Features of the Nexty platform:

Nexty itself has an electronic currency called NTY with different dominant features such as Instant Cash Transfer, Wire Transfer and Dual Electronic Money.

The dual currency verification system consists of two types of electronic money operating in parallel. Formerly known as NTY, is the main electronic money to use in daily transactions. The second is called NTF, which is for transaction confirmation systems.

The electronic money confirmation system Duo consists of two types of electronic money operating in parallel. Formerly known as NTY, is the main electronic money to use in daily transactions. Thelatter is called NTF, which is for transaction confirmation systems. Transactional authentication system built on the peer network with specific criteria to meet the operational requirements. The breakthrough here is that instead of charging for each transaction, people who own the second electronic money will be rewarded with a small amount of electronic money at a small discount at the end of each month. This will allow zero transaction fees while still ensuring benefits for those not distributing to the transaction confirmation system. This bonus is generated by the POF algorithm.

It is undoubtedly the media commentary regarding the blockchain activity that has increased in the Fintech initiative specifically for three reasons: there is a strategic contradiction between technology and finance because of market realities. Promote short-term thinking. However, a forex platform is imperative with the transactions taking place in a short time and the cost of transferring money is low. This can be done with the Dual Electronic Money Confirmation System (DCCS) invented by Nexty. With a dual electronic payment confirmation system, all transactions will be delivered almost immediately for free.

The amount of money generated is based on the POF algorithm to pay for machines and operators operating the transaction confirmation system, helping to ensure that two features of electronic money are higher for proper functioning. However, the NTF owner has no right to vote for NTY

Future currency decisions, such as block size upgrade, exploitation rate, transaction confirmation. Rights will be related to the NTY holder with a fair vote.

Compared to other electronic currencies

This system has many outstanding features compared to the current electronic money in circulation in the world, invite the viewer through the comparison table:

Shortly after the ICO, Nexty will launch RESTFUL API access on its site to work with other companies to build an ecosystem that Nexty can use as a currency or method. New payment. With this combination, users will soon have access to the Nexty ecosystem and will use Nexty as a real wallet for everyday transactions.

The Project Roadmap:


Presale & Web walletCrowdsale


Smart staking & Issue NTFInternal ExchangeBlock explorer launchWindows/ Mac OS/ Android/ iOS walletExternal exchangeE-commerce Integration DemoListing on CoinMarketCapOfficial mining poolMining Factory DemoStartup InvestmentE-commerce extensionsSystem upgrade. Mining factory launchAward programEcosystem enhancement campaignAnnual event

The Project Team:

Nexty has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

Ken Zeng – CEO, co-founder

Thanh Dao – CTO, co-founder

Haytham Khaled – Blockchain team leaderplus the Nexty team & advisers

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