PIXEL ico information

PIXEL - (Let's Spread Good By Donating) ICO INFORMATION

Token information

Soft cap: $1 million
Token: PXLT
Project protocol: ERC20
Payment method:- BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC

Token distribution:-

75% Distributed to Community
12% Reserved Funding
9% Founders and Team
4% "Bounty" campaign

Hi friends , Today we will discuss about new altcoin Pixel. The rise of crypto development after bitcoin emerges so many altcoins are willing to follow the success of its predecessor. Cryptocurrency has modified the global financial system, but most of these methods are still unclear and noisy. The sudden and unexpected exchange rate swings, converting the cryptocurrency of the method of payment into a tool which are used by speculators for their own benefit. In addition, the complex and unreliable exchange system of cryptocurrency into paper money, inhibits potential users, prevents its growth and distribution.

One of the charitable programs to those in need using the currency crypto.Pixel is a stable charity based project eg. crypto currency supported by paper money and has a stable exchange rate. The easy and fast method of cryptocurrency redirection allows them to gain popularity The pixel will use this popularity for the greater good or the assets that stoke any PXL released or Pixel network units will be placed into bank deposits with public access to the state of the account. All profits from interest earned on deposits will be transferred in a automatically to the charity fund.Thus, allow any Pixel network users to participate in charity without spending their money.

Pixel is a real cryptocurrency program that provides a new payment tool that is modern, fast, secret, stable, simple and easy to understand by everyone. Pixel ensures you will never lose your money because of the fall of exchange rates, then you will never again have difficulty when transferring money back to fiat money.Pixel is a payment mechanism, without all the weaknesses of traditional cryptocurrency.And most importantly, anyone can contribute in charity, without spending their money, https://pixelcharity.com/

It is undeniable every month that many new tokens / coins emerge with all the platforms offered and enliven the cryptocurrency market. The popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. The trading volume of the Top 25 crypto assets reaches $ 2.3 trillion only in the first quarter of 2018. Development and the development of ICO projects and the speculative nature of most cryptocurrencies affect this index, but stable coins, such as PXL can also have positive dynamics, indicating that not only can they be used as an investment tool but also as a payment instrument.

The advantages and benefits that PIXEL offers in the development of investments for the wider community are: 
- Pixel Networks will apply a 0.05% transaction fee * without limitation on the number of PXL transactions. This will be used to support networks, private mining clusters, third party application development support and marketing campaigns to promote the Pixel Network. 
-The PXLT holders will own 10% of the network transaction fee as ICO's investor dividend.After the year-end report all holders of PXLT tokens will receive dividends as ETH or equivalent PXL. 
-If ICO will not reach softcap, all investor funds will be returned back to investors within 24 days.

If you are interested and interested in participating in the purchase of tokens please visit LINK https://pixelcharity.com/cabinet/and fill out the FORM that has been provided correctly and you are registered in the whitelist of the token purchase participant.


From March 2018 Pixel team working on Pixel network and wallet apps for Pixel. 
Pixel network will be launched on any result of ICO, cause we already made half of the work and don’t want to stop it. 
ICO investments needed for marketing and rapid growth of the Pixel. Pixel want launch as soon as possible and start to help people in need.

Start development of Pixel NetworkMobile Wallet Apps Concept

MARCH 2018

Pre-sale will start1 million PXLT will be supplied to pre-sale

APRIL 2018

Start of the Token Sale14 millions PXLT will be supplied to token sale.

MAY 2018

Alpha test of Pixel NetworkNetwork private test and bank accounts integration.

JUNE 2018

Beta test of Pixel NetworkNetwork test between PXLT holders and advisors.

JULY 2018

API v1Integration interfaces and documentation for third parity app developers.

JULY 2018

Mobile wallet apps for Android and IOSPublishing of Pixel Wallet working on test-net.


Integration for popular e-commerce enginesMagento, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart etc. integrations.


Pixel Network production releaseOfficial launch of Pixel Network.


Pixel Network production releaseOfficial launch of Pixel Network

Team :-
By my opinion, Best team develop best project . I saw here best team works behind this project.

This one is good project for investment.


Reg. № 168,620 
314xel Inc.

2118 Guava Street, Belama Phase 1 
Belize, Central America

Head Office:

Kazakhstan, Almaty 
Orbita-3, 5/8

Contact :


+7 708 762 3767


+1 800 213 0835


Useful links:- 

Whitepaper: https://pixelcharity.com/public/documents/pixelcharity.pdf
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/pixelcharity/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixelcharityico
Telegram: https: // telegram. me / pixelcharity
Instagram: https://instagram.com/pixelcharity
Ann Threads BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3804961.0

My BTT Account: p_managave




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