Hi friends , today's we explore a new altcoin token i.e. Qilimanjaro.  

Qilimanjaro is not only a token but Qilimanjaro is a platform that enables its users to explore the power of quantum computing in an easy and practical way. It aims at creating an ecosystem of a decentralized quantum computation to everyone, both for individuals and corporations without necessarily having to own a quantum computer.

It also aims at building a quantum-computing platform that will be available to most of its users thus providing them with the access to quantum computing concepts that are not costly. Qilimanjaro uses tokens known as QBITs, which are ERC20-compliant. Users of the QBIT have the following advantages:

They will be able to receive assistance in translating real world problems to the logic of quantum algorithm They will also be able to run algorithms on a coherent quantum annealing machine Tokens will allow corporations or individuals to be able to solve complex real-life problems, both at the level of quantum software and quantum devices.For quantum algorithms, developers whose algorithms will be added into the platform, they will receive incentives after they are proved effective by Qilimanjaro’s team.

A total quantity of 300 million QBIT tokens will be available on offer during the Initial Coin Offering.

Ecosystem Composition

The Qilimanjaro ecosystem is composed of:

Qilimanjaro Computing Service: This is the quantum computer and it provides access through to everyone through a user-friendly cloud platform.

Qilimanjaro Software Services (QSS): It offers consultation services to individuals or companies. It also assists users in moving their problems to quantum logic and algorithms that runs on quantum machines. The QSS optimizes the quantum algorithms to any existing quantum hardware. It is used in the running and analyzing experiments on the quantum computer.

Open QL: This is a Universal Quantum Open Source Language, which is able to work over any quantum-programming environment. Besides, the key tool is used in boosting the progress of quantum technologies.

Qilimanjaro Platform: This Open Quantum Community creates an ecosystem for decentralized quantum computation. It is the meeting point for scientific community and developers, where developers can research and explore new and existing quantum algorithms

Quantum Computing Applications

Quantum computing could be applied in the real world in the following ways:

Finance: Quantum computing can isolate risk factors in finance. This works through the use quantum annealers, which solve problems in finance and thus allowing finding of new ways to perform financial data modeling.

Quantum chemistry: Quantum computing can be used in chemistry to help in better understanding of molecules. It could help in the designing of new drugs, fertilizers and gases for capturing atmospheric carbon.

Training of neural networks: An advantage may be obtained by using a quantum processor to train a neural network of a certain size, making it learn from its mistakes and self-correcting more quickly and efficiently.

Optimization problems: Through the use to quantum algorithms, coming up with solutions to problems has been made easier as it studies all the possible solutions to a problem at the same time and presents the solution in shorter amount of time.

Cryptography and security: Sometimes quantum computers might put at risk cryptographic algorithms such as RSA, DSA and EEC. To ensure that security is improved and such attacks are prevented, quantum cryptography is used.

I got more information about this project from its website.

Token information

Circulating supply 135.000.000 QBIT

Maximum supply 300.000.000 QBIT

Price per QBIT token 0.185 $

Softcap 9.900.000 $

Hardcap 25.000.000 $

Private Pre-sale Participate Date Ongoing

Total tokens sold 20.250.000 QBIT

Bonus Maximum 25% bonus

Public Pre-sale : Date To be announced soon

Total tokens sold : 33.750.000 QBIT

Bonus : Maximum 15% bonus

Minimum contribution : 20.000 $

Date To be announced soon

Total tokens sold 81.000.000 QBIT

Bonus No bonus

Minimum contribution 50 $


Although the objectives of the QCS department are longer term (since the construction of a full-fledged quantum computer is laborious and long), the objectives of QSS team are much more immediate. 

Q platform will be rolled out during Q3-Q4 2018. By that time the consulting service will already be operating at full capacity

Q3 2016 - Q4 2017

Trek In

Qilimanjaro Team publishes the first paper ever that exploits a remote cloud quantum computerThe first qubits arrive at the Qilimanjaro Computation Services for testing

Q1 2018

Base Camp

Whitepaper releaseContacts with a number of strategic partners

Q2 2018

Acclimatation Climbs

Pre-saleDeals with a number of strategic partnersToken sale

Q4 2018

Progressive Climbs

QSS portal releaseQilimanjaro Software Services starts giving consultancy services through our access to the quantum computers of other companiesOpenQ releaseEstablishment of QCS laboratory. Delivery of dilution refrigerators and other large equipment

Q2 2019

First Camp

First experiments with flux qubits by the Qilimanjaro Computing ServicesDevelopment of own qubit fabricationOpenQ is being developed and tested with actual experimental setup

Q4 2019

High Camp

Qilimanjaro Community developmentCorporate client accounts provide a continuous influx of problems to solveLaunch of first-ever small-sized cloud quantum annealer (5 qubits)

Q2 2020

Glacier Camp

First 10-qubit coherent quantum annealer assembled and testedQSS develop new algorithms for quantum annealer

Q4 2021

Attacking the Summit

Qilimanjaro Software Services operates at full blast offering own quantum computerFirst coherent quantum annealer assembled and tested

Q4 2022

Exploring the Cone

50-qubit, large-scale coherent quantum annealer attempts to reach quantum supremacy

Q4 2023

The Summit

>100-qubit coherent quantum annealer

Team :- By my opinion, Best team develop best project . I saw here best team works behind this project. 

Conclusion:- This one is good project for investment. 

Useful links :-
Website: https://qilimanjaro.io
Whitepaper: https://qilimanjaro.io/static/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/qilimanjaro
Telegram Group: https://t.me/ qilimanjaro
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3738302

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