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Qompass (QPS) ico information

Qompass (QPS): Block-chain Financial Services and Apps

QOMPASS is a block chain platform that aims to offer entree to financial marketers. The net uses its native token QPS, a toke sale for QPS starts in April 2018. Consumers will interact with QOMPASS's payment system via the mobile app and the QOMPASS card. The platform will have a hardware wallet and hybrid card system, where your application features as a wallet which permits you to load your card every time.

How does platform Work?

The goal of QOMPASS to harness the power of AI, natural networks, and lively leverage while offering a deep system of applications and API protocol. Through entire of these product and services, the platform will drive capital and financial market on a worldwide scale. The site and white paper are covered with vague, flowery info like this:

The long-run goal of QOMPASS, according to whitepaper is too completely block-chain connects the 294 Trillion USD worldwide financial marketers, restoring faith and eradicating corruption and manipulation. That is an ambitious aim, to say the least. So how does the QOMPASS idea to accomplish those aims?

• Faster than ETH or BTC
• Supports over 30,000 transactions/sec
• Entirety decentralization and anonymity
• Low transaction fees
• A self-aware block chain supported by AI
• Completely customizable & scalable
• A safe and sound explorer that prevents everyone from spying on your assets, allowing you to practice true anonymity & privacy
• Cross-chain smart-contract support (smart-contracts which work on many block chains)
• Built to support financial transactions & top frequency trading
• Zero bloat

QOMPASS also trusts on feature named POS (Proof of State). The major purpose of QOMPASS's nodes is to identify the state of contracts & determine of POS. in its place following usual methods of mining fresh block and wasting clock cycles without a case, this platform needs just licensed nodes to identify the making of fresh blocks. Here is how the white paper describes in details:

"Rather than considering for fresh blocks to be mined, state adjustments can happen at every time, which is identified actors and a common consensus accept in less than 10 Milliseconds, even a wide scale. Every contract can do actions synchronously with no affecting and block all other contracts, which hold to the fact that each contact keeps its own divide chain of state. The communal changes of the state shape a directed cyclical sketch which makes-up the block-chain."

There're many trusted actors in this procedure, including nodes when combined make something named the QOMPASS C-Chain ledger and Notary Cloud clients.

The platform will also support smart-contracts and smart algorithm. The block-chain will save executable info scripts, in a tree system. A tree consisting smart-contract sorts a smartcontract chain representing a bundle of smart-contracts that verify reference each other.

Platform's smart algorithms, meanwhile apply neural systems and AI to forecast cost movements even before they truly happen.

Qompass Services and Products

The QOMPASS block-chain will lead to the making of a wide number of services and products, including:

Crypto P2P Exchange: QOMPASS platform claims to have partnered with over 20 financial institutions all around the world to make its P2P exchange. You can “cash out” your virtual earnings via these financial institutions.

Qompass Trader: platform Trader is an AI-powered system that'll research & analyze trade signals 24/7, then suggest trades for max profit.

Open API Platform: Platform's API allows financial institutions, banks, and investors to connect straight to the platform.

Crypto Payment Cards: Platform will offer crypto money payment cards which are a hybrid debit-card & smart hardware wallet, allowing immediate access to the block-chain.

Block-chain Based Financing: The QPS can be applied as collateral for loans in other virtual currencies or fiat money.

Investment Packages

Platform will provide a number of diff investment packages:

Alpha Package ($1-10,000): Earn up to 100 percent ROI each month, 40:1 leverage, and pay 25 percent performance charges to the QOMPASS

Delta Package ($10,001-$100,000): Earn-up to 200 percent ROI each month, 60:1 leverage, and pay 20 percent performance charges to the QOMPASS

Omega Package ($100,001 & Up): Earn-up to 300 percent ROI each month, 100:1 leverage, and pay 15 percent performance charges to the QOMPASS

QPS Token Sale

The platform is selling its QPS-tokens during a token sale starting on April 6, 2018. There is an entire supply of 33 million QPS-tokens, with over 20 million avails during the token sale. Over 60 percent of the complete supply of tokens is going to the crowd sale, with remaining allocated for development and research (20 percent), advisor 5%, marketing 10% and legal costs 5%.

QOMPASS platforms to have previously made collaboration with KuCoin, Cryptopia, Binance, OKEX, HitBTC, and Huobi because entire of these are listed as expected crypto exchanges on the official site of QOMPASS. Even though, we cannot find any proof that these crypto currency exchanges will list QPS at any point in the next.

• Token: QPS
• Price: 1 QPS = 0.0013 ETH
• Accepting: BTC, ETH
• Bonus: Available
• Platform: ETH
• Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
• Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD
• Whitelist/KYC: None
• Country: Hong Kong

Who is Behind Qompass platform?

QOMPASS is led by Emmanuel Lim, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in crypto graphy and information encryption. He is the CEO of Qompass platform. A few Other listed members of the QOMPASS team include CFO (Selena Neskovic) and CTO (Vladimir Okhrimenko).

Emmanuel Lim, the CEO, has limited info available on the internet. On His LinkedIn page has only 2 entries prior to making Qompass platform. He worked in Cyber Security system at SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) among 2005 to 2015, for instance, and got a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Singapore Institute of Technology among 1987 &1992. It is hard to find further information about some other members of the QOMPASS team online. The CTO, for instance, has no working knowledge of his LinkedIn account aside from his CTO place at Qompass platform.

Qompass Blockchain

For further info, visit:

• Official website:
• ANN:
• Whitepaper:
• Facebook:
• Telegram:
• Twitter:

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