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Hi friends today I introduce you new ido Selfllery

 SELFLLERY is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive rewards in the crypto currency for social activities related to the publication and distribution of visual content. The SELFLLERY remuneration system uses ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum using Blockchain technology.  

SELFLLERY's mission

SELFLLERY's mission is to put digital content on the service of its authors and the world. The purpose of SELFLLERY is to create an ecosystem with the following functionality:  

Allow users in the gaming format to monetize their photos, videos and live streams. Support charitable organizations and provide users with conditions for charity. Provide companies with convenient and effective marketing tools for promotion with the participation of users' photographic content. Expand the market of photo and video materials for companies and news portals, as well as provide a convenient search for content. Integrate modern technologies and capabilities of the block into the ecosystem of digital photographs, increasing the transparency and security of transactions in this market.  

SELFLLERY provides a complete tool for monetizing user content: 

automatic rewarding YOU tokens for received likes the possibility of selling photos in a photobank rewarding for participation in advertising campaigns receiving prizes in photo quests participation in photo contests getting an increased ratio when getting into top-rankings or with high social activity.  


The economic model SELFLLERY is based on the local currency, YOU token. Token gives access to paid services on the SELFLLERY platform, allows you to purchase goods in the internal marketplace and photos in galleries, donate to charity, and also make internal translations and output tokens to any Efirium wallet. 

Tokens YOU are accrued when users receive the likes (Proof-of-Like). The platform uses a deflation mechanism, according to which the number of likes required to obtain one token increases every year, in proportion to the increase in the active user base.  

Monetization of social activity

Every user who actively participates in the SELFLLERY community makes a certain contribution to its development. Therefore SELFLLERY provides a mechanism for remuneration for social activity by charging YOU tokens  


Laik is one of the key elements of SELFLLERY, which performs the function of accounting, as well as stimulation of user activity. As the user receives the likes, YOU tokens are credited to his account. 

Token charging rate 

The YOU tokens are calculated automatically, taking into account the coefficient that is assigned individually to each user. The size of the coefficient depends on such indicators as the number of received likes, the number of comments written by the user, participation in photo contests, positions in the top rankings, etc.   

For well-known personalities and bloggers registering as SELFLLERY users, there is an increased accrual rate.  


Each user is a member of the overall rating. This is a kind of indicator of popularity that is displayed in the profile and affects the YOU's token charging rate. The rating is influenced by the following factors: the total number of received likes, the number of comments and views of the user's photos. 

In addition, SELFLLERY provides for top-ranked photos in different categories. Also the editorial office of SELFLLERY selects the best materials daily, which fall into the "Editor's Choice" section. Photos that fall into the section "Editor's Choice" and top-ratings raise the author's rating.  


Monthly, the SELFLLERY platform transfers 10% of its profits to various charities. In addition, an important element of SELFLLERY is a charity platform, where any user can determine the percentage of deductions from his income for charity. 

Participating in the charity programs of the project, the user receives special insignia. Thus, the most socially active participants are selected from the general list of users. Also, users can choose the category of charity. All charitable organizations receive deductions in YOU tokens, which they can deduce to their currency. The blocking technology that underlies the YOU token provides transparency and a high level of transaction security.  


SELFLLERY offers users to participate in photo quests - single and multiplayer games related to photos. Having started a photo quest, the user receives various tasks for shooting certain objects, animals or scenes in a certain period of time. Photoquest can consist of several tasks of different levels of complexity. After completing all the tasks, the player can receive a prize in the YOU tokens. In a multi-user photoquest, several players can participate simultaneously.  

Photo Contests 

SELFLLERY provides advertisers with a marketing tool in the form of games and contests. The owner of a brand or company can initiate a photo contest between users, pre-setting their conditions in order to attract additional audience attention. Blocking provides transparency in conducting contests: advertisers through a smart contract determine the terms of the competition and distribution of rewards. 

Participation in games and competitions gives users the opportunity to get additional likes, improve their photo rating, and get rewards in YOU tokens. Calculation of awards is as follows: the more participants in the competition, the more prize money.  

Marketplace of goods and services 

SELFLLERY users get access to the marketplace where they can purchase related products and services for YOU tokens or other crypto currency. Sale of goods will be carried out by authorized suppliers or entrepreneurs, who will have a rating, escrow and feedback. 


SELFLLERY provides a multifunctional photobank for downloading and selling digital photos on its platform. Financial calculations in the photobank are made using TOU tokens. All users of the photobank undergo a verification process.  

Marketplace of goods and services 

SELFLLERY users get access to the marketplace where they can purchase related products and services for YOU tokens or other crypto currency. Sale of goods will be carried out by authorized suppliers or entrepreneurs, who will have a rating, escrow and feedback. 

Reaching YOU tokens 

Tokens are a limited resource on the SELFLLERY platform. 

Every day, at a certain time, SELFLLERY distributes the daily fund of rewards among all users who have received the likes of the last day. YOU's tokens are distributed among all active users, since all of them, not just those on which the ads are shown, are SELFLLERY contributors. 

The more users in SELFLLERY, the more its value, so every user who receives a nickname deserves a reward. The number of likes that can be put by one user per day is limited to avoid cheating.

Accounting YOU-balances of users conducts the SELFLLERY service, which allows users to carry out instant off-line transactions in YOU tokens within the platform without commissions. Also, users can, by paying a transaction to the ministers of the Ethereum network, withdraw their YOU tokens from the SELFLLERY balance in their Ethereum-wallet. 

As one of the stages in the development of the SELFLLERY user reward system, it is planned to implement smart contracts that allow advertisers to use not only YOU tokens, but also ETH, as well as other ERC20 tokens to reward users.   

YOU token distribution scheme between users: 

Business model and monetization SELFLLERY

SELFLLERY is an advertising and technological (AdTech) platform for anyone who wants to effectively advertise their products and services to platform users, and also to buy photos for use for advertising purposes.

For advertisers, the following types of targeting ads in SELFLLERY are available:  

user feespay per clickpay-per-view

Advertisers and brands also have the functionality to conduct paid advertising campaigns, in which end users can participate. In the conditions of the advertising campaign, conditions from the advertiser can be prescribed: the number of participants, the amount of the fund of rewards, the minimum number of views and likes of the user's page, the requirements for photography, and so on. If the member user page matches all the requirements, the user automatically receives a reward in the YOU tokens. 

In addition, advertisers can hold photo contests, where several prize places are determined, and as a prize there can be not only payment in YOU, but also an advertiser's product from the MARKETPLACE SELFLLERY.  

SELFLLERY will deduct commission for the following services: 

sale of goods and services in the marketplacesale of photos in photobankcarrying out of advertising campaigns, paid competitions, gamespromotional smart contracts 

SELFLLERY road map

Q1 2016 - The idea. The original concept Q2 2016 - Alpha version of the website. Alpha version of android application Q3 2016- Closed testing of the website. Closed testing of the android application Q4 2016- Beta version of the android application. Custom Service Testing Q1 2017- Market research and analysis. Preparing for WHITEPAPER  Q2 2017 - Verification of the economic model. Consultations with project advisers Q3 2017 - Preparing to start the presail Q4 2017 - Pre-sale Round A. Pre-sale Round B Q1 2018 - Pre-sale round C - has already raised $ 1,014,728. Increase in staff. The release of the application for iOS. Issue of TOU tokens (TGE) Q2 2018 - Launch of a global marketing campaign. Growing user base. Running the module of photo contests. Running a charity module Q3 2018 - The first 500,000 users. Development of the tools of the advertiser. Development of a photobank module. Launching the advertising platform Q4 2018> FUTURE - Development of the marketplace module. Development of AdTech technology. Development of the module for verification of copyright on the blockbuster. Development of module for authentication of photos on the blockroom VIA 3 YEARS - 1 billion SELFLLERY users 

Token Generating Event SELFLLERY (TGE)

Name of the token: YOU 
Platform: Ethereum 
Price of the token YOU: 1 YOU = 0.001 ETH 
The minimum amount of fees: 10 000 ETH The 
maximum amount of fees: 55 000 ETH 
The minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH 
Pre-TGE: Finished ($ 1,014,728)  


INSTAGRAM: https: //www.instagram. com / selfllery /

Author: p_managave


Telegram channel :.  HTTPS://

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