What is TYDO
TYDO is a modern multifunctional platform designed for efficient interaction with
cryptocurrency exchanges that includes Trading Terminal with fully customizable
interface and built-in technical analysis tools, sharing users’ trading strategies and
ideas, and features a unique automation solution for your trading strategies and

The dramatic growth of cryptocurrency markets in 2017 led to the emergence of
hundreds of new exchanges. This, in turn, has complicated the process of exchanging
one cryptocurrency for another, because a user must have accounts on all exchanges,
which are interesting for him/her, and log in separately to each exchange for trading.
In addition, not all exchanges have high-quality charts with the possibility of technical
analysis or allow setting complex trading orders (pending, conditional, based on
technical indicators, etc.). Trading terminal that allows working on several exchanges
at the same time, with high-quality charts and possibility of conducting technical
analysis, can significantly simplify this process.
At the moment, there are several trading terminals on the market that let you work
with cryptocurrencies. Existing trading solutions already allow simultaneous trading from several exchanges, however, the number of supported exchanges is severely limited. TYDO platform will enable trading, conducting technical analysis, and creating trading strategies and ideas for more than 50 major cryptocurrency exchanges.

TYDO Functionality
TYDO is a multifunctional trading platform focused on active traders. TYDO platform
includes the following products:
1. Trading Terminal with automation capabilities.
2. Marketplace for exchanging trading strategies and ideas.
3. Social Trading Platform.

TYDO fundamental priorities are security, reliability, and functionality.
TYDO will be hosted on Amazon servers that provide maximum security, flexible
scalability and enable the use of the product with maximum efficiency and minimum delay from anywhere in the world.
We are using the most advanced JavaScript technologies, which guarantee reliability, speed, and ability to withstand heavy loads 24/7.
API keys provided by you, which are necessary to fully use all the platform features, will be securely encrypted. It will be almost impossible to get an unauthorized access
to the API keys.

TYDO Trading Terminal
 Live market data and charts
Current market situation will be updated via the API and will include:
● Market chart
● Market depth
● Current opened trading orders
● Order history
● Trade history
● Available funds for trading

TYDO platform will include multifunctional charts from TradingView that cover all key
technical analysis indicators which will allow swift technical analysis of the market directly from TYDO Trading Terminal interface.
 Trading engine and order entry
TYDO Trading Terminal will allow to work with all types of traditional trading orders:
● Limit
● Market
● Stop-Limit
● Stop-Loss
 Automated services solutions

TYDO platform offers unique trading automation tools for trading strategies and
Tools for trading strategies automation include:
● Development of trading strategies with Pine Script compatible programming
language on TYDO platform.
● Automation of trading strategies developed with Pine Script with minimal
● Semi-automation option – make decisions on buying/selling from Telegram.
Tools for trading ideas automation include:
● Conduct technical analysis of the market on TYDO platform, including right
from the Trading Terminal interface.
● Set up a series of trading orders according to your trading idea –
delayed/conditional buy order, take-profit order when price reaches certain
level, stop-loss order to minimize losses and risk.
● Semi-automation option – make decisions on buying/selling from Telegram.

TYD token is a standard Ethereum-based ERC20 token that can be used by multiple
wallets. The token will be used as the only currency for interacting with TYDO

TYD Token Usage & Token-Holder Benefits
● TYD Token will be used to gain access to full version of TYDO products – Trading
Terminal, Marketplace and Social Trading Platform.
● TYDO users will be able to exchange trading strategies, ideas, indicators, and
automation solutions for TYD Token in TYDO Marketplace.
● Within Social Trading Platform TYD Token will give ability to view portfolios and trade history of TYDO users. Any platform user will be able to specify if an
access to his/her portfolio, trading orders, etc. requires TYD Tokens or not.

TYDO will take a small fee in TYD Token from every transaction in TYDO
Marketplace and Social Trading Platform.
● In the end of each month TYDO will distribute 25% of collected transaction fees among active token-holders. Bonus will be distributed in TYD Token to the
internal wallet on TYDO platform.
● Pre-Sale and Main Token Sale participants, as well as token-holders, will gain access to TYDO Statistics Portal, where TYDO will publish financial reports,
which guarantees full transparency.


There will be 2 rounds of TYDO Token Sale:
Pre-Sale round will allow us to determine a level of interest in the product and
provide an early opportunity to loyal contributors to join in prior to the Main
Token Sale. It will have a maximum duration of 2 weeks. If soft cap of 500 ETH
is not reached all contributed ETH will be refunded. Pre-Sale will close early if
hard-cap of 1,000 ETH is reached. All unsold TYD tokens will go into the Main
Token Sale stage. A total of 15,000,000 TYD will be offered during the Pre-Sale
(including 25% bonus).
Main Token Sale will happen approximately 3 weeks after Pre-Sale. Main Token
Sale will have a maximum duration of 4 weeks with hard cap of 10,000 ETH.
Token sale will close early if target amount is reached. A total of 125,000,000
TYD will be offered during the Main Token Sale.
Tokens will be distributed in a first-come-first-served basis. Unsold tokens in the Pre-
Sale round will go into the Main Token Sale.

● Currency accepted: ETH
● Fixed exchange rate: 12,000 TYD per 1 ETH
● Token Sale will close early if target amount is reached

Pre-Sale :

Coming in April - May 2018

Soft Cap

500 ETH

Hard Cap

1,000 ETH

Main Token Sale :

Information Coming Soon

Soft Cap

1,000 ETH

Hard Cap

10,000 ETH

Token Sale Duration 2 weeks 4 weeks

*Final Soft and Hard Cap values will be determined approx. 2 weeks before start of Pre-Sale due to
high volatility of ETH exchange rate

● Pre-Sale: 25% bonus tokens
● Main Token Sale Week 1: 15% bonus tokens
● Main Token Sale Week 2: 10% bonus tokens
● Main Token Sale Week 3: 5% bonus tokens
● Main Token Sale Week 4: 0% bonus tokens

Token Details
● Token Standard: ERC20
● Total Token Pool: 200,000,000 TYD
● At the end of the Token Sale all unsold tokens will be burned. No additional
TYD tokens will ever be issued.

Token Sale Dates
● Pre-Sale: late May-June 2018
● Main Token Sale Event: July 2018

Distribution of TYD Tokens
Expected allocation of the TYD Tokens:
● Main Token Sale – 63%
● Team and Founders – 15%
● Early Contributors – 7%
● Private Investors – 6%
● Marketing and Bounty – 9%
Expected TYD Tokens lock period:
● Team & founders – 12 months
● Private investor – 9 months

Post-Token Sale Allocation of Funds
Funds collected on Pre-Sale will be used for marketing purposes, as well as early MVP
A significant portion of post-Token Sale funds (approx. 50%) will be allocated to
product development, R&D, and personnel. Around 20% of the funds will be allocated
for marketing purposes.
Remaining amount will be dedicated to operational and administration expenses,
establishing new partnerships, legal fees, etc.
The following chart represents the current expected allocation and may be adjusted
as the project develops.
● Engineering and Development: Developing TYDO platform and its
components, hiring personnel and establishing infrastructure to support

● Marketing & Promotion: Developing relationships, marketing plan and
cooperation strategy with partners in order to expand support of the TYDO
platform and reach a wider audience of clients. Developing a marketing
campaign targeting increased adoption of the platform by traders.

Partners: Developing relationships with strategic partners. Engaging possible
joint ventures and incentives to drive platform adoption.

Legal & Regulation: Establishing legal entities, complying with the ongoing
regulatory framework, incorporation and other legal obligations.

Engineering & Development. 50%
Marketing & Promotion. 20%
Partners. 10%
Legal & Regulation 10%
Operational & Administration 10%

Allocation of Token Trading
TYD Token will be made transferrable approximately 1 week after Main Token Sale
finishes. After this TYD will be tradable on exchanges.

Bounty Structure
BOUNTY campaign includes 6 programs:
 Facebook Campaign – 15%
 Twitter Campaign – 15%
 Signature Campaign – 30%
 Translation Campaign – 15%
 Telegram Campaign – 5%
 Blogging/Media Campaign – 20%


TYDO core team is based in Kyiv, Ukraine at the moment. Furthermore, we have
established partnership with Digital Hanger software development company that will
handle most of TYDO platform development under our direct supervision. For more
information about Digital Hanger and its team please visit digitalhanger.com.

Andrew Burmitskii
Co-Founder & CTO
Andrew Burmitskii is an entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor. He has an
extensive experience in providing automated services solutions and is knowledgeable
in all aspects of product development. He is also an expert software developer with
years of experience as a Full-Stack Developer.
Andrew successfully founded and managed several B2C and B2B ventures. He is the
CEO and founder of Digital Hanger - a professional full service IT company that
specializes in web solutions and custom application development. Andrew is a
Blockchain enthusiast and crypto-business researcher. With the background in IT and
Software Development, he is passionate about the innovation and functionality of
trading technologies.
Anton Sokolovskyy
Co-Founder & CЕO
Anton Sokolovskyy is an experienced Business Analyst and Business Consultant with
strong Project Management skills and natural interest in technology and innovation.
He is also skilled in Market Research, Forecasting, Strategy Development, and Data
Analysis. Anton is an accomplished business development professional with MSc in Business Administration (International Management focus) from the University of
Agder (Kristiansand, Norway).
Anton is an investor, cryptocurrency trader, and researcher. He spends most of his
time experimenting with cryptocurrency trading and blockchain platforms and
continues to discover new opportunities with cryptocurrency.

Anastasiya Romanovska
Head of Marketing / HR
Anastasiya Romanovska is an accomplished support professional with focuses in Law
from the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. She is a person with interest
in Social Media, Communications, Analytics, and the ability to be a key player for the
successful BPM Implementation.
Anastasiya is a Marketing specialist experienced in the development,
implementation, and execution of strategic marketing plans, coordinating marketing
campaigns and managing the day to day marketing activities of the organization.
Moreover, she has been working in the field of personnel management for more than
5 years, and is knowledgeable in all areas of PM and HRM, such as: high-quality
selection of specialists at different levels, team mentoring, and organization of events,
campaigns and other initiatives designed to assist in the achievement of the
company’s aims.

Kateryna Sokol
Product Manager
Kateryna Sokol has more than 10 years of experience related to Management,
Financial Analysis, Budgeting Processes, Strategy and Organization Development. She
has hands-on knowledge of business development, process optimization, planning
and project management. Kateryna is a skilled professional able to analyze figures and
implement recommendations based on the findings, with the most profitable
outcomes. She studied Economics at the City University of New York.
Kateryna has a keen interest in the latest developments across the cryptocurrency
landscape. Currently, she is focused on global cryptocurrency market evaluation,
cryptocurrency trading, and technical analysis.

TYDO Development Roadmap
Date Description

2017 Q3
● TYDO Founded

2017 Q3-Q4
● Market Research
● ICO Preparation

2018 Q1
● Whitepaper Launched
● Website Launched
● Demo Roll Out

2018 Q2
● TYDO Pre-Sale
● Main Token Sale Event
● MVP Roll Out:
o 1 exchange
o Basic trading orders
o Advanced charts

2018 Q3
● Listing of TYD on exchanges
● New functionality:
o Trading signals
o Price alerts
o Notifications that enable semi-automatic order
execution (with Telegram)
● Private Alpha Test

2018 Q4
● Integration of more exchanges
● Public Alpha Test
● New functionality:
o Trading ideas automation kit
o Basic customization options
o Advanced account management
● Public Beta Test 1

2019 Q1
● Launch of TYDO Statistics platform that will enable
investors monitor TYDO progress
● New functionality:
Date Description
o Development and integration of toolkit that will
enable trading ideas & strategies creation
o Newsfeed
o Advanced customization options
● Public Beta Test 2

2019 Q2
● TYDO Wallet Release
● Start of iOS/Android app development
● TYDO Public Release
● New functionality:
o Trading strategies automation kit (historical
strategy backtesting, ability to create and import
trading strategies from TradingView)

2019 Q3
● Mobile app public beta release
● Launch of TYDO Marketplace
● Launch of TYDO Social Trading Platform

2019 Q4
● Mobile app final release.


Website:- http://tydo.io/

White paper:- http://tydo.io/WhitepaperEN.pdf

 - Official TYDO Bounty thread on Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3555572
        - Official TYDO Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/tydo.io/
        - Official TYDO Twitter - https://twitter.com/TYDO18
        - TYDO Telegram group - https://t.me/tydocommunity


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