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Usechain. ico and bounty information

Hello readers,

Today I am introduces you one new token information i. e. Usechain

Usechain To Grow to be World’s Initially-at any time Self-sovereign Identification Blockchain

I got some information about Usechain on his website

Firstly I give you more information about token

● Volume: 20,000,000,000 UST
● Finite amount of UST created
● No inflation
● Maximum token amount for sale: 45%
● Marketing & Partner Support: 5% (with bounty comprising 6%)
● Community Rewards: 20%
● Technical Community Rewards: 15% 
● Core Team: 15%
● Softcap: 1350 BTC
● Hardcap: 4500 BTC
● ETH(Ethereum), BTC(Bitcoin)

Usechain is committed to developing the first mirror identity blockchain ecosystem by shaping itself into a worldwide platform with a rich variety of application scenarios, the largest communities and the most advanced technologies. Usechin empowers identity and makes everyone on-chain with a very low barrier. Individuals can participate in the ecosystem by investing time, attention, asset, etc. to create value. Subsequently, participants will be rewarded fairly in the ecosystem, allowing value to be given back to the original users, thus eliminating monopoly and third-party giants in the current society.

I got more information about Usechain (from his site) are as fallows

Usechain is a Singapore-primarily based company committed to acquiring a self-sovereign id Blockchain local community substitute to the well-recognized Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains. Usechain incorporates numerous impressive systems these as RPOW (Randomized Proof of Do the job), a multi-tiered sharded network, integration with federal government identities, and a social network-based mostly credit rating making/lending/securitizing program on which many serious-everyday living apps may well be built. Opportunity purposes Include finance, IOT, supply chain, social community, and online games.

Progressive technologies, identity mapping, thorough governance construction and an application-centered style offers Usechain benefits about Bitcoin and Ethereum, the present-day best contenders in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Usechain also provide Bounty program for bounty hunters

To encourage everyone to better understand ,Usechain  would like to provide our supporters an opportunity to be rewarded for generating awareness with the introduction of a bounty program. The program starts from May 6,2018 date to June 16,2018(CST). Participants who take part in the bounty program will be rewarded with STAKES.

40,000,000 STAKES allocated to the bounty program and will not exceed the cap. If the total number of stakes earned during the campaign exceeds the cap, your reward will be calculated based on the formula:

(40,000,000 / total stakes earned by all participants) * your stake amount.

If not, 1 stake = 1UST

General Rules about bounty

•   Usechain bounty program starts from May 6,2018 date to June 16,2018 (CST).
•   Participants must be at least 18 years old.
•   To participate in the bounty program, join the Usechain telegram bounty group and fill and registration form.
•   Rewards for each campaign have a cap and once that cap is reached, rewards will no longer be processed or awarded.
•   All campaigns will be counted weekly. For any errors, please request for amendments within 7 days after the announcement, Late request will not be accepted.
•   All rewards for bounty activities will be STAKES tokens.
•   For any reason being disqualified, you will not receive any rewards.
•   The Usechain team will reserve the rightto change any rules, or make any changes, if necessary.
•   All tokens will be allocated to your Ethereum wallet after the Usechain bounty program has ended.

RoadMap always tell us latest activity about project and what is the future plan of project I got information about project from his site and I saw good project future  I will also inform you  about project roadmap

● Determine identity-based blockchain.
● Research on algorithm of identity-based blockchain.
● Put forward the concept of identity tokenization.

Q1&Q2 2017
● Determine design principles and objectives.
● Compile development plan.
● Officially launch the Usechain project.

Q3 2017
● Design system architecture and basic protocol.
● Integrated planning of ecosystem.

Q4 2017
● Develop underlying public blockchain.
● Cooperate with partners to explore application scenarios.

Q1 2018
● Develop fundamental functions of underlying public blockchain.
● Develop address-identity mapping system.
● Certification Authentication Center Service.

Q2 2018
● Develop privacy protection system.
● Form core community and achieve 50000+ people.

Q3 2018
● Develop software-based RPOW consensus algorithm.
● Develop enhanced smart contracts.
● Develop TPOS consensus algorithm.
● Launch beta version of main chain.
● Achieve 100000+ people in the community.
● Launch the first DApp.

Q4 2018
● Set up sub-chain structure.
● Develop cross sub-chain communication.
● Build Usechain eco-fund to accelerate ecosystem development.
● Develop multi-industry vertical community.

● AI system of address behavior analysis.
● Develop tokenized multi-node system.
● Develop hardware-based RPOW consensus algorithm.
● More multi-industry identity-based DApps.
● Launch decentralized exchange.

Project future depends upon team I think best team develop best project, I saw best and experience team behinds project. let me introduce you Usechain Empowers Identity

“Usechain, the self-sovereign id Blockchain, is aiming to remedy the have faith in situation in this modern society. Also, our Mirror Identity Technological innovation solves the problem of privateness and technological overall performance,” states Usechain CEO and Cheung Kong Graduate University of Business (CKGSB) Professor Huining Cao.

While 99% of Blockchain projects are anonymous, Usechain aims to produce a much more transparent Blockchain designed on serious identities. Authentic identification tends to make the revolutionary Identification consensus technological innovation appear accurate with high safety Usechain also uses Mirror Identity Technological know-how to defend privacy in Usechain community chain program. 

KYC is vital to the economical marketplace. We have occur up with a new concept that maps every single individual, each business enterprise and each and every asset to the Blockchain,” claims Professor Cao. “Every single human being and each individual organization will have a genuine account. We then transfer these assets via intelligent contracts to create further rely on.” By identification mapping, it will make it possible for Usechain to fulfill the important Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements of regular financial institutions, shifting the emphasis on “Who you are” to “What can you do”, generating it far more compliant to programs outdoors of its have ecosystem. It will enormously lessen the price tag of id assurance and reform fiscal market.

Engineered by a entire world-course technical team, Usechain will reach a equilibrium between scalability and stability by fusing their distinctive “Randomized Proof of Function” (RPOW) consensus-constructing system constructed on id with a multi-tiered, sharded network to make transactions safe and sound and productive. Real identity data will be encrypted for privacy, but mapped for legal assurance and only created out there to governments for investigations against felony steps.

What is actually worthy of mentioning is that Usechain’s founder-Professor Cao entered the nicely-recognised gifted class of Univ. Sci. Tech. China at the age of 13 as a gifted teen, experienced earned his PhDs at equally Yale and UCLA in Pathology and Finance, and now is a Finance Professor at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Company, member of the Finance Modern society of The united states.

In addition, Usechain also has the founder of PinFu Fund, Ex Taking care of Director of Morgan Stanley, Feng Zhang, Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia College, Ex Chief Economist of Asian Improvement Lender, Shang-Jin Wei, as effectively as founder of Cybermiles, Lucas Lu as Usechain’s advisors.

The strong tutorial qualifications tends to make Usechain arduous in creating and developing blockchain ecosystem, and the business faculty resources make a good prospective to totally utilize blockchain technologies in business enterprise scenes.

Usechain venture is at present at the alpha stage. The beta model will be released before long. Visit www.usechain.web.

Usechain also get media attention from well-known media like yahoo finance , seeking alpha, cision , market watch, naver, DAUM, BBNEWS, Albany business review, markets insider etc

Some useful links :-
Website :-

Author :- p_managave

(Source Usechain)


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