Why I'm going to invest in Suchapp

Why I'm going to invest in Suchapp

Hi friends today I am speaking about one of my favorite projects out there called Suchapp. After lot of research and thoughts, I have finally decided to invest in this awesome project. I am sure that a lot of you must be already aware of Suchapp, In case you are not already i will walk you through it. Suchapp is a blockchain enabled multi-channel messaging platform with lot of never before features. I can see them giving heavy competition and probably dominating the markets of other messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger, KIK etc.

Okay now coming back to Why I would invest in Suchapp. I happened to visit their website after a friend of mine told me about their unique roadmap and whitepaper. It was a surprise for to learn they are gonna create the world's first ever 5G messaging ecosphere. I am already in love with the technology of blockchain which is one reason I do write content here on Steemit. Since Suchapp is building the empire on blockchain which is the big thing already will have lot's of folks coming over to Suchapp. 

The team behind Suchapp are professionals who knows what they are doing. The suchapp tokens aka SP tokens will be distributed to ICO investers and to the bounty participants which provides a way for people without fiat money to get some shares too, which is awesome. Sucapp won't be another random ICO that creates an initial Hype and run away, instead they have a lot of potential. Apart from communication they are also giving tools to support and to promote businesses. So businesses have a lot to learn and earn with the help of Suchapp. 

Moreover it is gonna be an APP which is gonna be known as everyone's favorite cryptocurrency app. I am counting my days to the ICO which is set to happen on May 25th 2018. So I would really recommend you guys to Invest in Suchapp and get a share of the best Cryptocurrency app which is set to launch soon.

Don't forget to read their whitepaper which will give you more of insights to Suchapp, I am pretty sure the whitepaper itself will give you the confidence to invest in this project. I am a person who is very selective on ICO investings because I had some experiences which made me regret, since being careful with proper research I never had a problem eversince, so I am giving my green signal for Suchapp.

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