ZEON.NETWORK  token ico information

ZEON.NETWORK - New DAO Blockchain platform


Soft Cap (Pre-ICO) ~ 2 000 000 USD. 

Hard Сap (ICO) ~ 15 000 000 USD. 

Price of 1 ZNC: 0,0005 USD. 

Minimum purchase on the ICO: 50$.

Minimum purchase on the closed Pre-ICO (whitelist): 2000$


* 5% for frontend development

* 30% ZEON services

* 31% for blockchain development

* 15% for marketing, community, adoption, education projects

* 5% for operations and services

* 5% research & development

* 8% for cyber security, bounties, Proof of Care

* 1% legal

Hello readers, Today I will introduce about new ERC20 BASED TOKEN Project Zeon and to know the Benefits of Project Zeon, Read my article till the end!

Zeon is a new DAO Blockchain platform that serves to minimize user complexity and risk from issues such as: transaction-level scaling, fraud in crypto & ICO projects, security and mass adoption.

Why does ZEON differ from hundreds of ICOs and crypto projects? Our community will exercise a decentralized control of them by innovative blockchain, the oracle system and user-friendly infrastructure.


ZEON blockchain prodives creating PoS 3.0 token with an annual return. ZEON's design allows its transaction rates to roughly increase with every few hundred nodes added to its network.


Fast, free, secure, truly anonymous or public [you choose] transactions. Holding ZNC and making exchanges with coins/alts by Mediator. Cross-chain trading provides our users the ability to sell and buy crypto on exchanges in milliseconds.


The world's 1st token with oracle system. Participation in ICOs/Crypto projects in current day are risky. Till now you control project by voting and decide to increase or decrease a tap of funding. DAO.

ZEON non-profit organization, will create technologies for the future of secure participation in crowdfunding of crypto projects. The cornerstone in ZEON's design is the idea of sharding - dividing the network into smaller shards. ZNC is the world's first token using oracle for project monitoring. Proof of stake 3.0: masternode Erebus which has 7 levels and staking which would allow us a theoretical Tx/s speed of 31000.

This can happen to anyone. This is our story. " Cryptsy Exchange was hacked and I lost all my money (approximately 4.62 BTC). When MTGox fell all of my friend's BTC was gone with it. I lost my password on Bittrex and I have one hundred of emails with their support. It was a very nervous experience."

ZEON will also solve the problem of "Mass Adoption" in crypto in the lives of everyday users. The solution to the problem: sharding - dividing the network into smaller shards each capable of processing transactions in parallel, minimization of complexity and users' risk. Using a cutting edge UI design and only the most innovative UX in our products.

The ZNC coin is a product of the combined skills and abilities of a growing community of coders, developers and business professionals.

Once you've entered into ZEON ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in this crypto revolution. It is the most user-friendly crypto wallet ever with innovative functions.

ZEON Wallet is a secure wallet that allows to make deposits, exchange any crypto, make P2P transactions (via Mediator interface), as well as the opportunity to safe participation in crypto/ICO projects. Trading on decentralized and centralized exchanges is possible too (ZEON Trading Interface).

Recording not only transaction numbers, but names and metadata (identifies the person, displays his photo or logo, other information).The ability to connect a public wallet to a unique name of your choice.Calculator with a conversion rate of coins and altcoins to ZNC.Create multiple addresses with different levels of anonymity (when registering for a choice: public or anonymous wallet).Conversation inside the wallet - encrypted communication with a friend, partner or participant in the transaction Mediator.Quick exchange for other currencies on the crypto exchange using API exchanges for the most current exchange rate.


ZEON Token (ZNC) will be released on the basis of Bitcoin core and a custom Zerocash protocol.

Distribution of ZNC

Use of proceeds


The Timeline With help from our team and advisors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Team :-
By my opinion, Best team develop best project . I saw here best team works behind this project.

This one is good project for investment.

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