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Zitoken (ZCN) ico information

Zitoken (ZCN) fuels our ecosystem – everyone, who pays for Zichain services with ZCN gets 30% discount. 50% of payments in other cryptocurrencies are reserved and used to repurchase Zitoken on a weekly basis. an access to advanced analytics and forecasts, management of news sourcesBAMP: payment of fees for all services of the platformTheIndex.Fund: Fee payment for investing in the competitive exchange rates


32.2% Product Development
15.5% Personnel Expenditures
14.3% PR & Marketing
14.2% IT Support
11.4% Legal
5.6% Cybersecurity
3.1% Administrative Costs
2.0% IT Infrastructure
1.6% Other Costs


64% Token Sale
21% Management Team
10% Advisory Board
5% Bounty Program


Zichain ( takes a leading role in creating a cryptocurrency asset management industry for private and
institutional investors, combining best practices of traditional financial world with innovative technologies. Zichain is currently
focused on the development of four key products:
• The unique and convenient platform for asset managers who wish to launch their own white label funds;
• Index funds based on a family of our cryptocurrency indexes;
• The new infrastructure for the collection and analysis of industry news and market data;
• The exchange platform supporting fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions.

Each product works independently, but together they form a single entry point into the world of crypto asset management

2. Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP)
• The platform for creating customized investment funds in just one click, offering the fully automated infrastructure:
decentralized storage of assets, investment policy statement verification, fees accounting and withdrawal, and financial
reporting. An important feature is the ability to manage fund assets using convenient trading infrastructure that allows
to trade on most exchanges through one terminal.
• Aimed at cryptocurrency asset managers and investors.
• Was developed to address a number of current industry problems through one offering: to provide fully automated,
convenient, and reliable infrastructure for crypto investment and to offer a safe platform for alternative investment
• Current development status – minimum viable product (MVP).
Platform features for investors:
• Wide range of strategies
• Secure storage
• Minimized counterparty risk
• Transparent portfolio management
• Automated investment policy statement
2. TheIndex.Fund
• The first range of cryptocurrency index funds which offer simple and transparent access to a rapidly growing class
of digital assets.
• Relies upon five major indices, giving the investors an opportunity to choose the appropriate risk-return profile, sector
exposure and degree of diversification.
• Automated structure within each fund means that any investor can have an up-to-date portfolio of the most significant
cryptocurrencies, with minimal commission.
• Aimed at medium- and long-term investors.
• Current development status – launch of tokenized index funds in Q2 2018.
TheIndex.Fund Advantages:
• A single entrance point to the cryptocurrency market – one token represents the portfolio.
• Variety of customized index funds – from straightforward large-cap strategies to specific industry exposure.
• Lower expenses – cost effective operations, order execution, and rebalancing.
• Safe asset storage – custody and cybersecurity

The Index Family:
•Blue Coins index is the vanguard of the crypto economy, it includes the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
•Second Tier index index is a more aggressive bet on the market growth, it includes the 20 largest cryptocurrencies by
market capitalization, except for those included in the Blue Coins index.
•Currencies index includes only those of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization that primarily act as
a means of payment.
•Services index tracks the dynamics of only those of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization that power
different products and services in numerous sectors.
•Platforms index includes only those of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization that are necessary to
provide different infrastructure solutions.
3. CryptoEYE
• Multilingual news and market data provider and marketplace for BAMP and TheIndex.Fund.
• Features indexes, graphs, calculator, crypto-wiki and news aggregator.
• Gives investors an opportunity to obtain accessible, comprehensive and latest information on cryptocurrencies,
as well as on existing and forthcoming industry projects.
• The functionality and volume of the displayed information can be adapted for each user.
• Aimed at general public and users of BAMP and TheIndex.Fund products.
• Current development status – beta-version.
Key Features:
• Crypto-wiki – a clear description of popular cryptocurrencies (more than 100) and blockchain projects.
• Relevant news, based on which the user can make strategic investment decisions. The list of news and sources can
be filtered and tailored by the user.
• A marketplace for asset management companies, providing the description of their investment strategies and overview
of their competitiveness, and allowing for the purchase of an investment product with a single click.
• A convenient investment calculator, which allows the user to analyze and compare the results of investing in the
company’s indices or cryptocurrencies.
3. ZiChange
• Exchange platform offering the simple purchase of digital currency.
• Supports USD and EUR deposits and withdrawals.
• Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin
• Aimed at cryptocurrency traders, miners, and institutional investors.
• Current development status – launching beta in Q3 2018.
Key Features:
• Cutting edge technology to offer the best rates and provide asset security.
• Convenient user interface lets you buy cryptocurrency with no hassle.
• Variety of liquidity pools to exchange large transactions seamlessly.
• Wide choice of payment methods.

Khachatur is an established investment management professional with more than 10 years’ experience in asset management
and private banking. During the course of his career, he has worked with the leading banks and hedge funds from Switzerland,
Russia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Lichtenstein. Khachatur was the Partner and Managing Director of ATON, Russia’s
oldest independent investment group. He was responsible for the development of ATON’s Swiss operations, ATON WM Suisse,
from a start-up in 2014 to one of the leading independent asset managers in Switzerland with assets under management over
USD 250m. Khachatur possesses strong expertise in brokerage, asset restructuring and financial advisory, and is a frequent
lecturer on alternative investments. He is a qualified asset manager and financial markets specialist and has a degree in political
SERGE GELLER, Co-Founder and COO:
Serge is an experienced finance and business restructuring specialist with more than 15 year’s international experiences in the
technology, energy and construction industries, particularly the USA, Austria and Russia. Serge specialises in corporate finance,
business process organisation, procurement consulting, cost optimisation, and business administration. He holds an MBA with
specialisation in Finance.
Stepan is an award-winning software engineer with more than 15 years’ experience in software systems development using an
array of breakthrough technologies. He is a technical visionary with a proven ability to implement complex and innovative
projects with service-oriented architecture and technology. Over the years, Stepan has led numerous IT teams and projects
internationally, and most recently acted as CEO of Apollo Bytes, a company focusing on software development for the digital
future. His expertise lies in enterprise software design, service-oriented architectures and technologies, software defined
infrastructures, Big Data, Cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence. Stepan is an author of 12 scientific publications and
holds a PhD in Computer Science.


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कणा मोडला, तरी स्थापली ३४०० कोटींची कंपनी

कणा मोडला, तरी स्थापली ३४०० कोटींची कंपनी
सॅन फ्रान्सिस्को - अमेरिकेच्या ३१ वर्षीय लिझा फॉलजोन ( ने तीन वर्षांपूर्वी स्वत:च कंपनी सुरू केली होती तेव्हा लोक तिची थट्टा करायचे. म्हणायचे, लकवा झालेली ही मुलगी काय करू शकेल? पण लिझाने आपली हेटाळणी करणाऱ्यांची तोंडे आज अत्युच्च कामगिरी करून बंद केली आहेत. आज ती सुमारे ३४०० कोटी रुपयांच्या कंपनीची मालकीण आहे. लिझा लवकरच एक अब्ज डॉलर्सचा आयपीओ आणणार आहे. असे झाल्यास इतक्या प्रचंड रकमेचा आयपीओ सुरू करणारी ती जगातील पहिलीच महिला ठरेल.लिझाने २०१३ मध्ये रिव्हेल सिस्टिम ( कंपनी सुरू केली होती. मणक्याचे हाड मोडल्यानंतर लकवा आल्याने ती अंथरुणाला खिळली होती. याच काळात तिला ही कल्पना सुचली. २०१० मध्ये लिझा स्टॅनफोर्ड विद्यापीठात व्यवस्थापनात पदवी घेत होती. ती विद्यापीठात जलतरणही करायची. एके दिवशी पोहण्यासाठी घराबाहेर निघाली असताना अचानक पायऱ्यांवरून कोसळली. पाठीचा कणाच मोडल्याचे डॉक्टरी निदानात स्पष्ट झाले. ऑपरेशनमुळे लिझा उठबस करू शकत नव्हती.…