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Akropolis: block for advanced retirees altcoin ico information


 block for advanced retirees

Hello readers,

  Today we will analyze the Akropolis project, firstly we discuss about ICO

 The company conducts ICO, in order to further finance the platform. There are no exact dates for the event either on the website or in the documentation. It is known only that the soft-cap presale was achieved last year, and since March 1 of this year private sales have been conducted. At the moment, preliminary sales continue, you can learn the plans of the team only by subscribing to the mailing list. 
Totally released tokens: 900 000 000   
There will be two main tokens on Akropolis platform. 
The Akropolis external token (AKT) and the Akropolis internal token (AIT).
The external Akropolis Token (AKT) is a fixed-emission token, the value of which depends on the market situation. It can be used to access the platform and questionnaires, purchase premium services on the platform, access the platform database and other enabling functions. 
The internal token of the Acropolis (AIT) is an independent token, which is a stable coin. The main function is to reduce the volatility of payment and incentive mechanisms for participants on the platform. AIT also serves as an accounting tool in the Akropolis system. 
ICO will sell tokens AKT = 0.0690 USD 
Hard drop   : 25,000,000 US dollars   
Maximum number of tokens allocated for sale:     
360,000,000 Token distribution: 
For sale - 40%
Advisers and early investors will receive - 10%. 
For marketing and ecosystem development - 10%. 
The team reserves - 20%. 
The reserve fund and partnership are allotted - 20%. 

Then the funds collected are planned to be distributed as follows: 
Technologies - 50%. 
Partnerships -15% 
Marketing -10% 
Legal and statutory costs - 12.5% 
Other operations -10% 
Contingencies - 2.5%. 

Also a company of bounty is held, the pool will be 1% of the total amount collected during sales. Distribution of tokens allocated to the bounty: 
35% - content share; 
25% - allocated to the signature company; 
15% - the share of program participants in Telegram;
12.5% ​​- the share of campaign participants on Twitter; 
12.5% ​​- will receive the participants of programs in Facebook.  

Token type: ERC20

ICO Token Price: 1 AKT = 0.0690 USD

Fundraising Goal: 25,000,000 USD

Total Tokens: 900,000,000

Hard Cap: $25,000,000

Maximum token amount for sale:360,000,000

Available for Token Sale: 40%


State pension funds are subject to inflation, savings can be lost or stolen by fraudsters. Any banking structure operates according to the requirements of local legislation, can go bankrupt or suffer from a crisis. What will happen to pensions in 20-30 years, where is it safe to hide the accumulations "for old age"?

Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the work of Akropolis: all participants receive a reward for activity using AKT tokens

The creators of the Akropolis project integrate the capabilities of blockhouses and standard pension funds. The application is built on flexible smart contracts, investment decisions are made by accredited investors.

What is Akropolis?

Platform Akropolis - a single system for storing and managing pension funds, built on the technology of blocking. Developers seek to reduce inflationary and economic risks, making pension savings more stable and profitable for users. The program includes functions for five categories of users.

Individual User - an individual who wishes to save and increase pension savings using Akropolis. Such users receive an individual system access key associated with public keys.

Pension Funds are state or commercial pension funds working through Akropolis. Such users create their own infrastructure, attract new members (Individual User) to allocate funds.

Fund Managers - managers of the placed assets. Individuals or organizations that manage placed assets on behalf of private investors or organizations (Pension Funds). The task of users is to maximize the profit of the other groups of participants.

Asset Tokenisers are intermediaries that ensure the "digitization" of real assets and confirm their authenticity upon request. For example, a pensioner places the fiat money on the account of a non-state pension fund registered in Akropolis. Asset Tokenisers confirms the total amount and "gives" the user a token.

Developers are individuals and companies that develop additional functions for Akropolis users. For example, financial analytics tools, services for the withdrawal of earned funds.

The Akropolis platform operates in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a document that guarantees the protection of personal data of citizens in the EU. Good news for investors: the product is aimed at a large European market.

Figure 2. Akropolis architecture: the system is based on smart contracts Ethereum, procedure KYC and adaptive services

How does Akropolis work?

At the heart of the system are smart contracts and a decentralized, transparent architecture of the blockbuster. Transactions, personal data of users and legal information are stored on servers. Work with Akropolis is built on three procedures:

Onboarding. Registration of new users and loading of documents is carried out once, the user receives a token for payment of Fund Managers services.

Reporting. Fund Managers provide a report on portfolios of assets, each user can select the desired manager. Akropolis is a more flexible platform than non-government pension funds, existing tokens can easily be "moved" between projects.

Ranking and Reputation. Each user of the platform receives a rating depending on the number of assets, compliance with legal requirements, feedback. For example, Asset Tokenisers receive points for fast document verification.

Before working with Akropolis, the user passes KYC (know your customer) procedure, all personal data is stored on separate servers (off-chain) in encrypted form. Information about transactions and storage of pension assets are stored in the on-chain.

How does the ICO go and what will happen to Akropolis next?

The developers released 900 million AKT tokens according to the ERC20 standard. Each coin is sold at a price of 6.9 cents, USD and ETH are accepted for payment.

The released tokens will be sold in the following proportion:

40% will be realized during the ICO. 
10% will be spent to support project advisers and early investors. 
10% will be invested in the marketing and development of the ecosystem. 
20% will be spent on maintaining the development team. 
20% will be a reserve fund and spending on project partners.

The team plans to collect 25 million dollars (hard cap), which are distributed in proportion: 
50% of the funds are planned to spend on improving technology and "finding talent" - new developers in the team. 
15% is planned to be invested in partnership with state organizations. 
10% will cover the costs of marketing the project. 
12% will be spent on legal registration of the international platform. 
13% will cover operating expenses and unforeseen expenses.

Figure 3. Using AKT token in the system: every action of four user groups is encouraged

According to Roadmap, work on the project began in the fall of 2017, the first version of Whitepaper was developed. Great news - the document was created as a draft agreement between the user and the platform, the legal norms are observed. MVP project was established in early 2018, the smart contracts Akropolis passed a third-party audit and thereafter was published a rough Whitepaper.

Launch of the beta version of the product for companies and private customers is scheduled for the end of 2018, followed by a mobile application. The developers expect free trial use of Akropolis.


Akropolis project is the result of joint work of developers, programmers, members of state regulating organizations. Project advisors are PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Kenetic Capital, Prime Block Capital.

What good is Akropolis for an investor? International target audience, competent legal design, elaborated MVP and abundance of technical information in Whitepaper. What are the chances of Akropolis to succeed? Pension reforms and economic crises worry the population of the whole world, therefore the platform will solve international problems with liquidity of savings.

Figure 4. Akropolis mission - to change the approach to pension savings in the world


Akropolis team is a good mix of experts from different fields.

There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.

All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.


Akropolis solves the costly and costly problem . The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success

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