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Greetings to you, dear readers of my blog! In this review I present to you an  ICO-project Gamestatix
I will tell about everything in detail in this article.

Gamestatix is a social platform for the co-creation of PC games that recognises, encourages and rewards user contribution, whilst giving game developers access to a global pool of talent to efficiently generate, curate and promote their content, well before a game is released.  At launch, multiple DApps will allow users to earn for doing what they love; playing games, sharing content, and shaping the future!

Token Sale Overview
Trading Symbol:
Initial Total Supply:
260,000,000 GSX
Hard Cap:
Amount to Raise in Crowdsale:
$13M for
130,000,000 GSX tokens
Token Price
1 GSX = $0.10
Pre-sale for accredited investors:
26,000,000 GSX minimum
contribution 10 ETH
Maximum Pre-sale cap:
Funds Accepted:

A Fair and Transparent Platform
Gamestatix uses blockchain technology to encourage
and reward loyalty and positive engagement by utilising
its own ERC-20 standard Ethereum token.

It is this token that will be used to reward users
within the platform.

Platform activity will include:
• Sending playtest invites to a pre-defined audience
• Running open and closed playtests
• Selling games
• Earning cryptocurrency for contributing ideas
and feedback to developers
• Earning cryptocurrency for creating, curating
and sharing social content.

Gamestatix Points (GSP):
GSP are not cryptocurrency tokens, they’re used to keep
track of user activity and help prevent manipulation
of the GSX reward system. At the end of each 10‐day
period, we’ll tally up the new GSP each user has earned
and airdrop what GSX is owed to them.
GSP can be earned in several ways:
•Buying games
•Contributing ideas or feedback to developers
that are upvoted by other users
•Creating and sharing social content
that is upvoted by other users
•Referring friends to the platform
To help protect Gamestatix from Sybil attacks, users will
need to earn a minimum threshold of GSP by one or
more of the above methods before they qualify for the
GSX airdrops.
All users have a certain amount of voting power
available per day. This is limited to reflect the maximum
a human could reasonably read and absorb in a single
day. Keeping this limit in place reduces the opportunity
of abuse by bots or fake accounts. A user’s voting power
(votes that cause GSP to be rewarded) is multiplied by
the amount of GSP that a user holds. So if a user holds
no GSP, they can vote, but their votes won’t cause the
vote receiver to earn rewards.

This vote rate limiting allows for user votes to decrease
in voting power the more that they vote. Every vote
that’s cast, reduces a percentage of the remaining
voting power. GSP holders are free to vote up to their
limit, but each vote makes them worth less, and require
more time to regenerate full voting power. Voting power
is programmed to recharge at a fixed linear rate of 20%
per day.



Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.

There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.

All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.

Dean Anderson
A blockchain evangelist with deep working
knowledge of the UK and European Games
Industries. Dean was previously tasked with driving
commercial growth at NJLive; an agency responsible
for the UK launch of AAA franchises such as Halo,
Call of Duty, Overwatch and Destiny to name a
few. After years of working agency side with AAA
game publishers, Dean’s focus has now shifted to
empowering indie developers and studios.
Visar Statovci
Having previously co‑founded Waste‑Creative 12 years ago,
Visar has been marketing iconic PC games for some of the
biggest companies in the world for many years now. He’s
had a direct involvement in marketing titles such as the
Total War series, Sonic The Hedgehog, Assassins Creed,
Football Manager, Batman Arkham series and many more.
Passionate about games and armed with a thorough
understanding of what works when marketing games,
Visar brings a wealth of creative and business knowledge
to the team.
Valon Statovci
MD of GC Covert Security and Founder of GoPlanr; a
dedicated platform solution for workforce agencies
who need to deploy employees to multiple client
sites. A passionate gamer and crypto investor,
Valon’s technical and business knowledge spans
multiple industries.

The bulk of the alpha development has been completed, as a result
Gamestatix is now running a skeleton team to keep our burn rate
as low as possible through the initial token sale period, allowing
us to allocate more funds to PR and Marketing. Once we complete
the private pre-sale, we will grow the team to achieve milestones
set out in  roadmap.

Other team members are

Brett Meyer
Head of Development
Justin Wu
Blockchain Strategist
Rui Vaz
Blockchain Developer
Mateusz Tarnaski
Full Stack Developer
Dariusz Górak
Full Stack Developer

Gamestatix is currently in talks with various developers
to populate the platform with content and users. Watch
this space for announcements!
Gamestatix has been bootstrapped by the founders to date.

Detailed roadmaps will be openly available
to our community post launch. Below is an
overview of the various phases we will move
through to achieve maturity.

Q3 2015 - Q4 2017
Market research
Platform development
Q1 2018
Initial advisors and partners confirmed
indentified Platform macroeconomic objectives
Desktop app and platform development
Startup Phase
Q2 2018
Private pre-sale
Marketing and communications kick off
Platform development
Q3 2018–Q4 2018
Hire executives
on community feedback and ideas
player features based
Refine and implement new developer and
Launch closed alpha
Public pre-sale and crowdsale
Grow the core team
Growth Phase
Q1 2019 and beyond
Beta Launch.
Scaling improvements on the backend
Growth and expansion into additional
industry sectors
Global growth & expansion into new geographical markets

Token Distribution

Crowd sale 50%
Pre- sale 10%
Retained for Gamestatix
Development and Operations: 30%
Respawn Pool Periodic Vesting 10%

Use of Token Sale Funds
ETH funds will be made available immediately upon
completion of the token sale to the founders, a certain
amount of ETH, depending on the market rate, will be
converted to fiat currencies to give a 3 year runway. The
rest will be held in Ether and secured with hardware
wallets in geographically dispersed areas.

Development of the Gamestatix Platform: 40%
The majority of ETH gathered from the token sale
will go into the development and maintenance of
the Gamestatix platform and the execution of its
development roadmap.
Marketing & Partnerships: 27%
Gamestatix is allocating up to 25% of funds to marketing
and partnerships with strategic entities that can help
Gamestatix achieve its vision. The Gamestatix team
will actively use this fund to get GSX listed on popular
cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms.
In addition, Gamestatix will commit to periodic blog
posts, press releases, and articles that will help drive
awareness and buzz around the platform.
Operations & Business: 26%
Gamestatix will use 20% of the budget to fund
operational and business costs in a way that is
sustainable, while laying the groundwork for growth and
rapid expansion.
Gamestatix Lab: 5%
A research/ innovation budget has been allocated to
allow for Gamestatix to stay ahead of the competition
in the fast evolving video games industry. These funds
will be used to look to the future to actively develop and
disrupt ourselves.
Legal: 2%
To ensure that Gamestatix’s business, platform, products,
and services are all compliant with any relevant legal
and regulatory requirements we will be setting aside 5%
of funds generated across the token sales.

Project holding a private pre-sale shortly for accredited investors, you can participate in the 'SAFT' by contacting

Otherwise, please sign up on the website to receive more details on the whitelist as soon as its available.

For any press enquiries, please contact
Useful links
Medium Blog:

The games industry is ripe for disruption, and it is blockchain technology that will facilitate this revolution. The games industry deserves a new type of platform that’s both fair and transparent. With Gamestatix, any developer, no matter how small, can put their games
on a level playing field, while every user’s meaningful contribution to the platform will be recognised and rewarded for the value it adds; extending the market far
beyond what it is today.We invite you join us on what is only the very start of the
Gamestatix journey.
solves the costly and costly problem. The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success

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