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Token: HUMA 
Platform: Ethereum 
Standard: ERC20 
Quantity: 3,055,000,000 HUMA 
Price: 1 HUMA = 0.01 

Soft cover: $ 6,000,000 
Hard cover: $ 


Quantity: 150 000 000 HUMA 
Beginning: 06/01/2018 
Completion: 15/09/2018 


Number: 2,905,000,000 HUMA 
Start: 15/09/2018 
Completion: 01/11/2018 
Phase 1 - 35% 
Stage 2 - 20% 
Stage 3 - 0%


It was found that a large number of people leave their changes on the streets and even make impulsive donations to charity regularly.

Charity is something that people do regularly, but the most surprising thing is that the advancement of technology has not been fully applied to charity, the only exceptional case is the role that monasteries spend two hundred years ago, and this method is now accepted by philanthropic foundations.

The associated p2p Internet platform and the intrusion of blockchain technology contribute to solving the main problems in the industry, and also give a powerful impetus to further development.
Here are some of the ways that a blockchain platform can offer help.

• Donors will be able to monitor transactions to ensure that their fund is spent properly, the way it was intended.

• Charitable organizations will also be able to demonstrate honesty, clearly showing how they use the funds provided.

• The payment system will become simplified, and the problems associated with the conversion of the crypto currency will be resolved.

• Transaction costs can be reduced through the automation of all processes.


There is no doubt that there is a great development in the way of donating, but even for this purpose the charitable branch could not overcome its main obstacle, which is a lack of trust.

Donors, who are mostly private firms, face the problem of trust, sacrificing, because there is no means to confirm whether the fund will receive a timely exit.

It was also found that most of the donated funds are kept as administrative expenses, which are usually used for charitable foundations.

Operating costs are also a big problem, as most individuals and businesses usually have to spend their good intentions ultimately to cover transaction costs for the transaction.


A long-term charity chain consisting of banks, NGOs, state bodies and law firms will be completed by distributed book technology. Using the blockchain platform can provide a digital mechanism that will be used to record and view any transaction.

This new technology on a larger scale will also facilitate the development of direct financing platforms. Philanthropists also benefit greatly from automated intellectual contracts, as this will allow grantees to use their funds after they have successfully coped with so many conditions.

The growth of the charitable industry will be significantly increased due to the great advantages that blockchain technology can offer.


In the charitable aspect, there are several blockbuster projects available, and some of them include, help, cleansing, bcharity, etc. These projects are only in niche or local endeavors that do not work outside the philanthropic industry.

The Humancoin Foundation will be able to integrate the charitable industry, the crypto currency market and e-commerce in one project.

This type of ecosystem will be able to provide new incentives for donors, offering them the opportunity to take advantage of the many available loyalty programs that exist around the world.


• Conversion of Humancoin tokens will be very easy to convert to any point, mile, bonus and coupon. Owners of these tokens will be encouraged to keep tokens for a long time, there will be a steady demand for a token.

• The popularity of the marker will grow as the number of partners and the amount of cooperation in the Humancoin network grow.

• Affordable evidence of charity, which is mining, will allow projects to scale hundreds and thousands of times.


• It will be the first block link that has ever been able to become an aggregator of the global e-commerce loyalty program.

• The sign will have a unique advantage in the development of loyalty programs with partners creating a strong emotional resonance due to its association with philanthropy.

• Instead of competing with other existing programs, the Humancoin token will be integrated effortlessly into an existing system, only an established conversion rate is required.

The main destructive advantage of a human coin is that the project blockchain will for the first time have a project that will have the potential to become a global aggregator of the many loyalty programs that will emerge in the field of e-commerce because of the support that will be received from the charitable industry.


• Humancoin will become an open platform for P2P, which will allow the benefactor to receive a direct point donation. The project will not be tied to any organization, since there are so many charitable organizations around the world.

• Artificial use of the received token will not be compulsory for charitable operations. Any project based on the platform will give a convenient specification for the type of fiat or crypto currency that he wants to use.

• The most popular crypto and currency currencies are easily managed by the Humancoin platform. Usually there are no restrictions for projects and even users when it comes to using currency.

• Priority of this project remains integration and compatibility with existing popular market solutions.

• There will be a limited fee of 5% for horticulture to raise funds, and this will be used for future platform support, but the commission charged by existing charitable funds may be up to 20-30%.

• The platform will be able to use the function of the most functional and user-friendly interface.

• If the donor wants, he can decide to leave his fund in the pool of people, the system will automatically allocate money for the projects with the highest rating from the platform community.

• The first platform for hiring professionals will become Humancoin.

• Additional options will also be available on the platform, so users can also pay for Humancoin tokens, in which case additional benefits will be highlighted.


The names of Humancoin are the ERC20 tokens, they are also lottery loyalty rewards, and they are part of the international loyalty program.


The humancoin icon that will be purchased during the sale of the marker will have the value of the loyalty award lottery, which means that they can be used to obtain discounts from Humancoin partners, and they can also be sold on crypto-exchanges.

At the end of the sale of the marker, the influenza marker will be available for purchase, and they can also be obtained or obtained at an equal share in any donation in half at the weighted average exchange rate.


This is an existing p2p platform and an ecosystem in which donors, recipients and e-commerce players will participate.

The interface of this platform allows participants to quickly send donations to any country with a popular currency, which will allow you to track transactions and design charity projects.

The Humancoin platform has been designed specifically to facilitate the interaction process, and this will largely be done between philanthropists and beneficiaries.


The pre-sale will be held from July 1 to August 15, 2018.

The sale of tokens will be from September 15 to November 1, 2018.

It is expected that the token will grow at $ 1 per minute.

Softcap will be $ 6 per minute.

Hardcap will be $ 26 per minute.

The available token for sale is 3 055 000 000.

The pre-sale will be 150,000,000 with a 50% bonus.

At the first stage of the sale of the token will be 945 000 000 with a bonus of 35%.

The second stage for the sale of tokens will be 960 000 000, and he will have 20% of the bonus.

The third stage for the sale of tokens will be 1,000,000,000 with a 0% bonus.

Every other token that remains unsold will be burned.

Tokens will be allocated to a personal user account, and distribution will be done after the sale of the token, and it will be listed in the list of popular crypto-exchangers.

2017 - Q1 2018 
development of the project idea creation of the main team and the early pool supporters of consultations with the charitable community and experts in the formation of the final team to promote loyalty 
Q2 2018 
to launch a campaign in social networks and PR, ready to sell tokens 
Q3 2018 
Sales of chips is a preliminary development of a development platform and a team of developers with partners in MVP software agreements with the benefit organizations korinami 
Q4 2018
completion of the sale of tokens and listing on crypto-exchange launch of the charity platform in the beta version of the conclusion of agreements with e-commerce partners completion of the legal framework 
Q1-Q2 2019 
platform includes fundraising for charitable organizations and distribution of tokens for benefactors, further development of 
Q3-Q4 platform 2019 
full platform functionality, expanding the list of e-commerce partners that expand the list of charitable foundations.


Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.

There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.

All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.


HUMAN COIN solves the costly and costly problem. The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success.

Here are the reviews I present to you all in finding information and knowing the HUMAN COIN project currently being run by their team, if there is any shortage in explaining this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you to get accurate information and of course You will be able to speak directly with their founder or team, at the link.

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